Dreams and Nightmares

I don’t like scary things. I will not watch scary movies or TV shows. So, having nightmares is the worst. I dream in vivid color, so whether my dreams are pleasant or horrible they are in living color.

The other night I had a nightmare. All of it felt very real, yet surreal. As mentioned above I don’t do scary so how I got blood dripping zombies in my dream is beyond me. However, there they were. In my dream, “we” were winning against the zombies. Trust me when it feels real it doesn’t matter who is winning it is very disturbing. Then the dream took a turn for the worst and “we” were overrun. I knew I was going to die but I wanted to reason with the zombies. I pleaded for them to kill me quick;  and not to eat me. Ugh, I didn’t want to go slowly. I wanted to compromise with monsters. I wanted to reason with them. Believe me I tried (I don’t like that word, remind me to tell you about that some other time.) I even offered myself as a kind of slave if they would just spare me my life. It was at that moment that I noticed that my protector, the one who had been keeping me safe up until that point was gone.

You see there was so much that disturbed me about this dream. It plagued my mind all day. However, when I had time to sit down and analyze it, I realized it was not really about zombies. It was about my life and how I feel and relate to others. See, I have been comparing myself to others recently (I know not a good thing to do), and feeling that I am behind them in my level of success. Yet, my ministry is not about worldly success it is about God. The other important point to the dream was when I started to compromise, to sell out; it was then that my protector left me.

Dear ones we are with you and want to keep you safe from many evils and harms. We stand with you and before you we tread. We have a light that outshines the sun. We have a knowledge of the path. We have that ability to uphold you before the throne of grace. Now loves do not be afraid for WE are with you and hold you dear. Go, walk your path. Go!

The Angels


What I learned from my dream is that I have to follow the path that God has set before me and stay true to my ministry and myself. If I don’t I will be eaten alive, because I will fall away from his protection and the protection of the angels that are always with me.

We each have our own path. We walk it with God’s assistance and protection. When we stay true to that path, he keeps us safe and protected.

I want to have a pleasant life and restful sleep. Therefore, I am going to stay on my path and let God’s holy angels stay with me and protect my ministry and me. 🙂


Left-handed Scribe

Impossible to Believe?

Most everything about this blog is about believing in impossible things. How else could you explain a perfectly, well almost, perfectly sane person believing in angels and knowing they speak to her? I hope you can hear my playfulness in that sentence~ just keeping it light.

Last week was a very trying week; especially for my faith. Usually, when that happens I turn to God and the angels for answers through the angelic writing that I scribe. However, the past week’s events happened at such a pace I didn’t have time to sit and write. Yet, I did spend a lot of time in pray.

From this trying time, all I can say is I am thankful for my many blessings; especially the blessing of family.

Then last night…

I had an unusual experience while writing in the angelic language. I have had these experiences before and each time they are unsettling. As I have shared, many times I have struggled with my ministry and have hidden the gift of scribing for God. There has been and continues to be much uncertainty about this ministry. However, there has never been one called to ministry that has not had some doubts about it, and others who didn’t realize they were being called in the mist of their calling.

Corrie Ten Boom, comes to mind. In her book, The Hiding Place, she shares her story of surviving a Nazi concentration camp. Many things happened to her that she couldn’t explain, as the angels intervened time and again to assist her in extraordinary ways. Her stories are nothing short of miraculous.

Last night there was heavy doubt and confusion, as part of what I heard and felt was not the good and benevolent angels but a dark and sinister voice trying to overshadow my time with the angels and make me believe that my ministry was worthless, that it is not full of love and the healing power of God. I kept writing and praying to hear the good and kind voices of the loving angels. Those are always the ones I pray will guide and assist me in my time of writing.

I came away shaken. It is very unsettling to be visited by such. Yet, with faith, I pushed on and around the ones that wanted to make me doubt and give up. These unkind spirits wanted to stop my pen and end the love that was flowing from it to assist in healing and helping the world. However, the vibrational pitch of love was stronger and eventually won out. Praise God!

All love

All love

Be ye of good cheer

Assurance we bring to you

Light for your path

Health for your home

Love for your heart

All love

All love

Abides with thee

Stays with thee

 Angel Signature

I have been asked to share the Angelic writing with you:


Page 2


It is interesting that when I was writing this last night I thought it looked harsh and jagged. Yet, it is very rounded and soft. Fear clouded my head but faith and love prevailed. You can see how each page of the writing bleeds through; offering you a double blessing. Let it speak to your heart and soul.

Listening to love,


Left-handed Scribe

Share a Cup of Tea


I wish to invite each of you to come and share a cup of tea with me; I’m sure you would accept my invitation. We would sit and sip our favorite blend. I would refill our cups to make sure that the tea stayed warm so that the conversation could linger. We would talk about our lives; our ordinary trials and tribulations; our joys and pains. As we got to know each other more, we would allow our conversation to delve deeper, into our personal likes and dislikes; our hopes and dreams. This is how we build relationships; slowly.

Yet, with our fast-paced, wide-webbed world, we seldom get these slow brewed friendships. We put our thoughts, feelings, and opinions out in the open so quickly and just as quickly, others ping back and before we know it…

This is both a curse and a blessing, as we share interests and information with a wider scope of people. It has also allowed perfect strangers to feel that they “know” us and demand an intimacy that we would never have in person.

I am an open person; I often utter the phrase, I am not living under a rock. However, I like my privacy and my sense of space. This type of forum can distort those lines, literally leech out and cause harm and damage. Especially, for those of us that are not as tech savvy.

Yet, I have been directed to this ministry and so I must open myself and share the messages and the love of the holy angels. Therefore, each time that I write for them I offer an invitation to you to come and share an intimate time where we can get to know one another better.

This is a real and lasting invitation to you, our readers, to ask or to share what is on your heart. It is a challenge to live with an open heart yet it is one I am willing to take.




So, on this happy heart day I send to you my heartfelt wishes for love and joy from me and the holy angels.


There are no one days set aside for love. All days are for love and for loving. For sharing the taste, the feel, the smell of love. The happy hearts. The joyous ways. The every love expression given and displayed. These are all marked and noted today and every day. Love is the reason for love. A puzzle where every clue and every answer is LOVE!

You look for signs of love. You seek them. You say you are alone. You say you have need of love. Love is the gentle breeze that just blew past you. Love is the song of the bird. Love is the smell of sweet flowers blooming. Love is all around you.

Feel this love and do not allow your heart to lead you astray to thinking there is no love in your life. There is great love for you. In all. In every moment.

There is one that wants to dance but feels they need new shoes. Dance now! Do not wait for special equipment or location. Dance!

The smell of burning embers. Something smoldering, lingering. Whether harsh or sweet this small fire needs to be banked and built. It needs to tower again. Feed it good burning materials and it will grow to keep you warm and fuel the passion you thought you forgot.

Something feels stuck; physically. Difficult to breath or hard on heart. You are troubled by this. Blood and thyroid test. Where you just touched, this is a clue.

 Dear ones we send our love from above to you. The love of God is reaching out to you today to assist you and comfort you. You will know this love and feel this love as you are open to this love.

Be love. Feel love.

The Angels

 Please know that no matter the time that may have passed since this was written the messages are fresh and new to the ones who come here. The angels speak to you and your needs today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be open to the love that is out there and let it in your heart.

With love and an open heart,




With all of the gun debate lately, it would seem that guns are the most dangerous weapon one can possess. However, I beg to differ; I think the most dangerous weapon one can possess is a big, sharp, pointy pin.

We all have these wonderful, iridescent bubbles. They shine with color and beauty. We form them, chase them and protect them. They dance, they fly, they float…

Then all the sudden someone comes along… POP!

They strike fast and swift with a sharp, pointy weapon and all of our hopes and dreams are shattered in an instant.


What a simple and inexpensive delight, making soap bubbles. It is a joy for all ages. It doesn’t require much skill or stamina; just blow. Now, you do need a good mixture to create good bubbles. However, no matter how good the mixture the bubbles are fragile and don’t last very long.

I love the brand Miracle Bubbles. I keep a few bottles on hand. I give them out because I have found that people are in need of a miracle or two. In addition, I need to be reminded that miracles happen every day; they just may be tiny and as fleeting as soap bubbles.

Like soap bubbles, we too can make more. We can mold new hopes and dreams to lift us up. Yet, the scars remain from the pinpricks. They leave us battered and bruised. They make us doubt, and doubt creates fear. Then one day we might find ourselves too afraid to mix together our hopes, dreams and prayers. This is a horrible state to find one’s self in.

Although, our hopes and dreams are fragile, ready to burst like a soap bubble, and too often there are those out there running around with sharp, pointy pins ready to burst our bubbles; God made each of us for something special. You and you alone have the perfect mixture for this thing you were made to do. Your hopes and dreams, the ones deep down in your heart are mixed and stirred by the hand of God.

So remember this:

Your special mixture was blended in you to give your gifts to the world. So keep making those fragile bubbles; they are making a difference.

A note to those of you that have been running around with pins bursting bubbles you need to stop. You need to take those weapons and turn them into something useful; like a sewing needle. Then you can stitch up something constructive such as a banner that says: “Hopes and Dreams Welcome!” You need to be mindful that those around you are fragile; they need you to nourish and support their dreams. We know you meant well, you were just pointing out the obvious. However, you need to remember this; God takes the impossible and makes it possible. Therefore, unless someone is causing harm to themselves or others let their bubbles soar.

Who’s to say which one will be their miracle bubble; one that might change everything for the better for them and the world.

Dear angels do you want to add anything?

Dear one, dear sweet ones we know how fragile you and your dreams are. We wish to nurture and nourish all of your dreams. We remind you of your dreams. We hum as you sing your heart song. We dance and flit and fly right along with those bubbles encouraging them to soar.

Beauty and grace we see in your dreams. Love and heart we feel for your dreams. Let them glide up to be embraced and kissed by the sun.

You only missed one thing; like other shattered things your dreams can be repaired and still fly. They sometimes shatter and the tiny pieces create the seeds for new dreams. And sometimes they burst and are flung so far that they become a part of someone else’s dream.

God knows where they all are.

The Angels


Bubble Recipe:

1 Clean container

1 Bubble wand

6 cups of dish soap (Joy or Dawn)

1 cup of water (distilled works best)

1 TBS of Glycerin

Mix all ingredients and let sit overnight (if you can wait that long)

Of course, you can always just buy Miracle Bubbles, my favorite brand; either way know that you are creating miracles as you blow!

Blowing bubbles of miracles,


Seconds Please

Second helpings are sometimes a dangerous thing, as they can cause us to overindulge. However, tonight I didn’t have seconds for dinner. Which if you know me and my love of spaghetti you would be surprised. It is my favorite meal, and always has been. Growing up I would spend the night at my grandmother’s, and she would always make whatever I wanted for dinner; and I always asked her to make spaghetti. Therefore, it is rare that I do not have a second helping.

However, sometimes seconds can be used to give us more, as I feel compelled to stay here, with the angels, and offer to you a second helping of their words.

Dear ones there are so many good things in life that it is hard to choose and even harder to stop. You are given so much and yet you want more. This is a time for you to savor and relish what you have. Take some time to step back and examine see all that you have. So many times you rush to the next thing. The next bite. The excitement, the thrill. Yet, often what you need to do is let the wonder linger for a bit and sit upon your tongue as you examine each spark, each morsel, each layer of the tastes. Oh, the food, the manna from heaven that falls upon your life. Would you really know it? Have you slowed down long enough to see it, to feel it, to experience it?

Be still and know…

And once still and experiencing your life in this new and wonderful expanded format, breathe! Allow the breath of God to enter your being and commune with you. Allow each moment to stand on its own. Each spark, each morsel, each layer unfold. Ah!

Oh dear ones we rejoice in your exploration of this time and this place. We come to join you in your joy. We are ever near you and with you.

Angel Signature


This reading was typed as I heard it, unlike how I usually sit down with a piece of paper and write these messages out. However, tonight as I was reading through randomly and being uplifted again by the words of this blog, I was led to stay here for a little while longer. Wonderful procrastination! It is always a joy to spend time with the angels and with you dear readers.

Happy reading,


Love Lenses

Let me share with you where I am right now and where I find myself frequently.

I find myself lost, overwhelmed, confused, and not sure about myself or my place in the world. It is uncomfortable and uneasy upon these seas. Yet, my lack of confidence doesn’t daunt my faith nor does it stop the angels from speaking to me. If I were them I would want to take me and shake me until I “got it.” But, fortunately for me, they don’t work like that; they come gently, lovingly to uplift me and remind me who I am and what is most important. They tell me to be happy, to be free, to be love… And this I feel is the message that is universal to us all; that as we struggle with who we are and what we are to be doing they bring us hope, they lift us up and they remind us of love.


Words, words, words. What has the weight and depth and breath as words; what lingers and captures our hearts and minds and gives so much. They carry so much energy, so much love. Allow the words to come and linger. Simple words of love.

We send words out over time and space. Words that can span time and jump over space. We know the magic of taking the ordinary and making it into something more. Take any moment or any thing and elevate it in importance; one turns into a million. This goes on and on, taken up to a much higher level as it is taken higher and higher and added on to. Or even taken apart and looked at in small parts to come to find that the thing is so important as it/they make up the whole.

Angel language…

Now imagine, if you will, taking something nondescript and every day and putting the energy, the very spirit of God in it~ then what does it become? It cannot remain the same.  It must change it’s very structure; it’s make-up and ways. And yet, it can still look the same and function the same yet be profoundly changed. Would all know and recognize such things~ appreciate the change or wish it to remain the same. And because it has been touched and changed it is not, nor will it ever be the same. Yet, it may not know/be aware of the change. Can one ask to know, to see, to feel? Of course if one would only know to ask, to see, to feel. This is how many small miracles happen every day and you let them slip away~ become lost in a sea of ordinary every day. Sleep walk no more. Open your eyes to really know these small and wondrous happenings.

Angel language…

Angel Signature


I may be feeling lost and confused however, I am sure about God’s love and that of his holy angels. And for that I am thankful; so very thankful. I want to open my eyes and see the miracles happening around me every day, in so many small ways. Give me/us your eyes to see with Lord. May we see through God’s lenses of love.


Angel Scribe


I recently went for my annual eye exam and was told that my lens prescription was changing again, because with age comes the weakening of the eyes. However, this time only one of my eyes (the left one) needed stronger lens. However, I still have to have a completely new set of lenses made because otherwise they would not match.

Yet, our Rx for love lenses never changes, we all need the same strength; God strength, because we cannot see properly without his assistance. However, often we need to be reminded to get an update on our lens so that we are not looking through scratched up and worn out lenses.

Thankfully, these lenses are free and all we have to do to get them is to ask for them.

Here’s to seeing anew, through the love lenses of God.

Seeing in a new light,




Open and Honest

I think we can all agree that we should be open, honest, and authentic at all times. However, why then do we often treat those who are being authentically themselves like criminals?
I believe the reason we do this is that we fear what we don’t understand, however, in order to understand we need to be open to getting to know the other person. We also have to be authentic and true to whom we are. One caveat, in doing this, is that we need to be acting out of love and kindness both in who we are and in how we treat others.

Therefore, I need to remain true to the person that I am and the work I have been called to do without self-condemnation or fear. Moreover, I need to be willing to be open and accepting to who you are without condemnation or fear.

This is not always easy. However, it is always important and when we operate from a place of love and care, it makes it possible even when it is difficult or hard to do so. Therefore, I welcome questions about who I am and the work I do, because in the asking I can come to see myself more clearly and so can you. In addition, with open dialogue we both can learn and grow in our understanding of each other, and the wonderful world around us.


Dear one. Dear, dear, dear ones we come to you. We stand by you. We open our arms to you. We draw you in and send you out. We send you out armed and equipped for all that you need. There are so many varied and diverse things we ask you to do therefore we must minister to you differently and uniquely. For one, for one, for one, each one specially cared for and protected and prepared for flight and then one day pushed from the nest to hope, no nay to know to fly. For not only were you prepared, you are made for this and ordained for this. All you do is perfect for YOU and only you can accomplish the things set for you. You are a wonder and are wonderfully and powerfully made. We stand in awe and amazement.

Now, for one a torch is lit. Yes like a passing on of something to something; like a teaching or a tradition. And this torch not only sparks and fires something new it also lights the way with a great sweeping light that dispels the darkness and shows the way. Yes, yes, yes, you know this!

To another- oh the smell is so strong of the foul thing you need to be rid of. You know it needs to go. A little thing it started out to be has now taken over and you need to put it away from you, now, stop! There is not another way. Just stop.

There is another one. For you we see Jade, lovely smooth jade. A jewel to behold and catch your eye. It is not just beautiful but also a needed stone; to protect you, to strengthen you and to purify you. You have a lovely piece of jade coming to you. It will be a lovely coral color; yet light, shining light~ almost yellow. Do not be concerned with where or when. You will receive it soon. Wait for it. Don’t feel you must find it.

And one more, one more. You came here how, what? On a dare or a skeptic you may be. This can’t be real, no way. You were just going to take a peek. What harm? This is true, this is love. No, this is not a religion. No, there is no harm coming to you. Yes, we really are angels. Angels who bring you love. We are both male and female energy. We are ageless. We are always here. Always ready. Standing by to assist you. Yes, she really hears us. Yes she has seen us. You are here today to receive this message from us to you. That you are loved.

Angel language and Signature


It is always so interesting when they place personal messages in the message that is universal and written for anyone and everyone. I always wonder when the person/s will show up who are supposed to receive their message/s. I wonder are they sent, prompted, pushed, or dragged here to find the words that were put here for them. I am so fascinated by how this works and I am always humbled by them using me to send your message to you, yes you.

The work that I do often does prompt questions and I happily answer them. I really do strive to live open and honestly.

Just the other day someone asked me questions about dabbling with the “dark arts.” I told that person that there is no real harm in doing something for fun, yet that all too often we do not understand what we are doing or the powers we are working with, which can be very dangerous. I likened it to playing poker with your friends for fun to someone who is addicted to gambling. They both start out the same but it can lead to problems that can quickly get out of hand and have dire consequences, not only for the person who gambles but for their friends and family too. I do not have anything to do with the “dark arts.”

The work that I do is of love and light.

I realize there are many ways and means of doing things. I am not here to judge. I just caution you to know that there are evil spirits that are just waiting for vulnerable persons to allow them to come and “play”, it is imperative that you not open yourself up to these forces.

It is better to stay away and steer clear. We live among those and therefore, we must surround ourselves with the powerful protection of the light of love. Let the angels of love come and minister to you. Let the love of God and his holy son; Jesus along with his spirit come and be with you.

Sending you love and light,


Over and Underwhelmed

Dear Angels,

I am feeling lost and if I am feeling lost there must be others that are feeling that also. I have been feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed all week. Spark me dear angels. Spark me!


Why do you resist and fight so the dance you are to be dancing. The play you are supposed to be playing; looking for other roles. You know who you are and what you are to be about. So be about it. Gather up your dusty ways and your cobwebs~ clear your head and let go. You are letting fear rule you again. Sit in love. Know love. There is only one way for you to know all you need to know and that is in living. You can’t learn behind closed doors. Go out and engage. Go out and give at every opportunity; give. You have a gift, know you have gifts and they are not going to run out. So if someone says no or turns you down there is another to give it to. And if they come back later asking for their blessing you can give them double; letting them know that they may have passed on that blessing to someone else therefore interest and dividends have been paid so today they get MORE. So much more. You so fear that you will miss something or take wrong turns. All things work together for good.

The universe is working overtime in your favor. Yes, it is! This may seem hard to believe yet it is true and truth will always triumph and trump all else. Hold fast but do not hold on, let go of all expectations and planning and allow life to unfold. Yes, so much of this you have heard before yet you didn’t make it your own truth. Claim the words, the feeling, the joy of these things for yourself.

Yes, you are here at this moment to be in joy. Explode with it. Let it cover everything in your life.


Angel Signature


The truth really does hurt sometimes, ouch! It is painful to be reminded; again, that we are where we are supposed to be and that we are to be OUT there living life. Therefore, with that in mind I am going to let go of all of these little things that have me all worried and wondering. Instead, I am going to focus on the opportunities to be a blessing.

I did some Angel Artwork today; why I resist is beyond me. They are always so beautiful and full of angelic energy. Each one is unique; and I know they are both timely and timeless messages. I need to figure out a way to share them more.

Got any ideas?

Out there handing out blessings,


Perfect Timing

A Message from the Angels:

All things in their dear time. You are being cared for and love is directed your way. Many are the ways of the Lord to show his love and care. Many are the miracles around you day-to-day. There are many reasons and ways in your life~ you are often not even aware of. Times when you were protected and watched over and were never even aware.

To be sure to be sure…

Angelic language…

Dare ones dear, dear, dear ones with all affection and care we do come to you to speak to you~ to dance with you ~ to sing notes only your heart and soul can hear. Things are revealed to you in time ~  in perfect time ~  piece by piece and bit by bit as you need them and are ready for  them ~  take the next step and more appears. Finish the task and more will be asked. And remember this your love will never grow old or cold or dry if you continue to give it and use it ~ plenty and more and more.

Projections and speculations that’s how busi-ness-es run- we do not operate that way

Do~create~love~do~create~give~create~do~love and on and on and on and on…

Why do you worry and fret over such small things when there is so much love to give~ there is only love. Love protects love. Love gives love. Love grows love. Love creates love. Love always speaks true and cares for all.


The Angels


A Powerful message we all need to hear.



Angel Scribe

Earthly Walk

The angels often come lightly, full of laughter and glee. However, even in their lightness, they often bring very serious messages. As you will see these messages are most assuredly directed to me, yet there are many things that can be used by anyone. In addition, the lessons I learned through the messages and the process of following the directives I was given are meant for all of us. As you will see, there were parts or steps in this/these messages.

I was asked to do reading for a friend; she told me that an angel, one that had been visiting her but not speaking to her, wanted to speak to me. However, when the angel first came to me she only giggled. She flitted and flashed by, streaming her long red hair behind her, or she was just a flash of white light. Her laughter was infectious and made me giggle too. Therefore, I anticipated this angels showing up and bringing lots of giggles. I am happy to report that she did not disappoint me. Plus, she brought friends.

After I finished her reading, I felt compelled to do another reading. I was not sure if it was going to be for me or one to share with my readers. As I was writing, it became clear it was both. Therefore, I am humbled and overjoyed to share it with you.

Part I: The Angels Speak:

There is something to be said for fine paper and a nice pen. There is something to be said for those who are led and then follow. There is something to be said for those who can turn off the noises of the world and attune to the heavenly realms. So why would you doubt anything we say or the imperative to do it!

We do and don’t understand about jobs and other ridiculous things that you do or feel you must do in this life. Fine finish it- give whatever you feel you must give but it is time for you to go into full-time ministry. We can and will strip you of all else if  you do not move at this time.

We can give you only a small window.

Do not fret or worry where the money will come from. There are those who know of you- they will contact you soon and we are sending out earthly invitations. Those who seek will very soon find you. You must be ready and open for when they come. No more entanglements on your time. Only this- only this. Why let fear have a place with you . Have we not shown you that we only take you where you need to go and we only equip you through God to do this work. Now is the time to trust it. Now, now is.

Now go for an earthly walk.


They told me to go for a walk and I hesitated. I finally left and went down to the beach. There was only one other lone walker strolling up the beach toward me. I quickly turned and started walking in front of them. I felt hurried as I kept a fast pace to stay in front of them. This was no way to enjoy a walk on the beach. They finally told me to let them pass, so that I would then be behind them. This allowed me to slow down. However, even at my fast pace I still found treasures. My definitions of treasure is round smooth stones, feathers, and pieces of driftwood with faces. After I got back home, they told me to write down what I learned.


Part II: Learning:

  • Go when told- do not wait or hesitate, go
  • Be willing to be lead- your path will be directed
  • Watch the path- there are treasures along the way, yet also dangers you want to avoid
  • Feed the Dragon- you can give up/ give away something precious and still come home rich
  • If you go when you are called you will not feel rushed- yet that too is just an illusion of your fearful mind; allow it to pass and get some distance
  • Slow down- be mindful; what you need will be given to you, so you may bless others abundantly
  • Trust what you see, hear, find; some treasure may appear bruised and battered yet it has weathered the storm and it is more worthy than it appears
  • Leave when you are told- leaving and letting go are important parts of the journey
  • When the physical body feels vulnerable lean on the wisdom of the spiritual body


Part III: The Angels Step Back In:

These are important truths for you right now. You are ready for this and ordained for such. You must trust this path and leave it open for the work you are called to do. Many, many blessings are coming your way. They are rushing in to assist you.

Angelic language…

Angels Signatures


As I have been typing this up, it feels strange to put a reading here that seems very much directed to me. However, they want me to share this. I feel this is because this is a very public place to put this and will make me accountable to what they are asking me to do. Plus, the lessons learned are meant to be shared because they hold very basic truths we all can use. Therefore, I put this directive from the angels before you and I share with you the truths that were revealed on my walk.



Angel Scribe