Crazy Happy or is it Happy Crazy?

Yesterday everything was driving me crazy; I could list them all but that would be tiresome. In addition, I don’t like to use my Word Press or my Facebook page to rant, therefore, I will not start doing so now. To be honest, I usually rant in private, which I am sure drives God crazy. Wait, can someone drive God crazy? I have often thought I had such power, to make God crazy, or mad or upset or wrathful. The truth is I do not have that kind of power, or better put, I cannot control God. Yet, I do have the power to make myself crazy, or upset, or whatever. Actually, I am very powerful in my own life to create my moods. I sometimes forget this, as I let my emotions get the best of me at times, as I did yesterday.



All the things

I thought

I couldn’t be

I can


All the things

I thought

I would never do

Are possibilities


All that God

Ever asked of me

Was to be



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2016


After some foot stomping and fit throwing and a good cry, I calmed down. I realized that I was letting something minor get the best of me and I needed to get “it” back so that I could offer the best of me to others.


Dear ones anger, disappointment, happiness, and all are emotions. Why fear them. They are just that; emotions that come and go. What you really fear is letting go and having no control. Maybe these outbursts are just what you need to feel out of control and to totally let go and soar.


Let go loves, let go and flow. No judgement. Only flow. Only love, loves.


The Angels


This is a good message from the angels that gives us a wonderful way to look at the emotions that we have and how to allow them to flow. They are a conduit to letting go and soaring. I want to soar on laughter. I’m going to conjure up some fun today so that I can soar on some laughter and joy.

Yes, that’s just what I am going to do, with a little bit of alchemy and some friends, I am sure there will be laughter today.




The Worst Brings Out the Best

Today in the United States it is Veteran’s Day. This is a day to remember and thank our military personal for all they have done and are doing in service to our country.

Our military personnel are important in keeping us safe. That statement does not change the fact that I believe in peace. I pray every day for peace. I pray this for the entire world. I have faith that my prayers are effectual and that peace is possible for all.

Today, as a way to say thank you to those who served I am taking food to our local American Legion post for the open house they are having. However, every day is a day to say thank you to those who served or are serving our country. It is important to say thank you to them. Frequently when I thank a service member, they downplay what they are or have done. They often find it difficult to accept my thanks. Their sentiment being they were/are just doing their job. Yet, there is no other job like it. They are obligated to do what they are told twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Sure, they get time off but it is always with the awareness that they can get called back at any moment. So on this day, especially, I say THANK YOU!

Also, today, as I was getting updated on the devastation in Philippines, I read that American service members are being sent to assist with the relief and security efforts there. This is a very difficult assignment because the devastation is so severe. They will be working tirelessly to make sure that the people are cared for and kept safe. So again, THANK YOU!

This is such a BIG disaster, it is difficult to comprehend. So much damage, so many lives lost. And it is not over. More storms could be coming, more destruction could be uncovered, and of course, with water and food shortages more people could die from untreated water and tainted food.

I send out angels. I send out love. It doesn’t seem like enough. It never seems like enough. Yet, at this time, the most powerful thing we can do is send love; healing love to cover those that have survived that they will heal and find strength. Prayers for those that are working to get supplies, give medical assistance, and keep the people and property safe, that they will be protected in their efforts.

It is heartwarming to see such outpouring of love and support for our fellow human beings. These worst of times really do bring out the best in us. Since the original post many more natural disasters have happened. Each time, I feel so small and insignificant to help. Yet, each time I hear God and the angels reminding me to pray, to send love and then to pray some more. I still feel small but with prayer I am a mighty conduit of love.

Yes dear ones love and send love. It is a powerful force. More powerful than wind and waves. More powerful than all the forces of nature combined. You each are a powerful force to cause change in the world. Can you imagine the creative power when you bring your hearts together to create love out of pain? Oh, we ask but only for you to ponder. You have more power than you can imagine. Untapped and unreleased. Tap into it and release it. Speak it and it becomes. Breathe it and it moves. Share it and it grows.

Oh dear ones we wish to assist you as you minister to one another. Invite us into your sharing and growing of love.

The Angels

Thank you all for reading. Thank you for allowing me to share and grow love with all of you. We truly are mighty forces and with God’s help we can do all things to heal the world and live in peace.

Sending out love and thanks,


Giving It All Away

Jesus challenged a man to sell all that he had and come and follow him. Yet, sometimes when we hear that someone is going to give their possessions away we worry that they are considering ending their life. Yet, this is not what I am referring to, because when one is ready to give it all away, then one has come to a point in life where they know that nothing of this earth is worth clinging to. Therefore, they are ready to give it all away.

Store up your treasures in heaven where neither moth nor dust can corrupt it nor thieves steal it. 

Matthew 6:20

I have been rereading a couple of my favorite books recently and they speak to this in both the material realm and our personal being. They say that in order to get what we truly want we have to be willing to give it our all. In addition, we have to believe, have faith, with all of our hearts that those things that we want will come to fruition.

“As a man think in his heart so shall he be.”

Proverbs 23:7



Added to all of the above is the concept of not allowing your circumstances to define you. You are more than anything you may be going through. You must hold to the idea that you were created for great works.

Works- productive, engaged and effective activity

 Most of us think of work as something that produces a paycheck. That is fine and good, yet we need to expand our definition of work, so that it encompasses all of the wonderful things that we do to be alive and a part of the positive flow of love and energy in the universe. Yes, work is a four-letter word; however, when done with LOVE (another four letter word) it is a joy! Know that God is working in you and through you to produce amazing things in this world.

Dear Angels please speak to us:

Dear ones we laugh, we light, we laugh. Can you hear our wonderful laughter upon your life? We come to bring you light and laughter. We come to bring you joy and mirth. We come to bring you abundance. We come to dance with you and sing with you and lift you high.

 Words that you use to describe and confine your lives, we hope to bring you words that will liberate your heart and your soul. To soar. To fly. To go where you have only imagined. Yet, with those imagining we bring you ways of creating and sustaining those lives dear ones.

 We come. We come in abundance and laughter.

 We come. We come in sunshine and in rain.

 We come

 Always we come

 Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. Know we are with you today allowing you to open your hearts and give it all away in love and to love.

 Give, give, give

 The Angels 


Thank you heavenly angels, you come and speak such wonderful words for us. Thank you for this day and the bounty of laughter that you bring.

May all of you hear this laughter and have it linger in your hearts.

Challenge yourselves, as I am challenging myself, to see how much you can give away. Fore, we can never out give God.

With love,



Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7


Have you ever been asked a question but didn’t know how to answer because you weren’t sure that you fully understood the meaning of the question?

These questions can often leave us feeling confused. However, once we have a better understanding of the question, we can better formulate an answer. 

Now that we understand the question, it is perfectly clear that there isn’t a wrong answer because there are only each of our individual answers. We no longer have to contemplate the riddle, dreaming up more elaborate and scholarly answers. Now that we know what is being asked of us, our answer has been and will always be ready; the answer having welled up to our hearts from a seed planted in our souls.

The Question: “What do you choose?”

Like in the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” where the contestants choose from several curtains, boxes, and doors.

However, for us, it is not a choice of a door, from many doors because there is only one door and it has each of our names on it. We must knock on this door and when we do, the one who answers is~ God.

When the door is opened what will we find?

We will find paradise. As each of us enters paradise we make it complete. For paradise has been waiting for each of us to arrive. As we enter, it becomes more complete; more whole.

The answer was there all along, we can never go wrong by choosing the door where God waits for us.


Dear angels speak to us on this so we may understand this in our souls:

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are here with you and are with you each day. You are not lost or confused so much as you are trying too hard. Like trying to fit in or make it fit. Neither will work for you. You were made for glory. And you glory in what you are. The one who made you outfitted you for what you are to do. And only you can do it. Do not worry or fret over someone else’s path. Your path is yours. Your ways are not God ways if you are not on your path.

How shall you find your path?

Oh dear ones, your path is right there in front of you. Come now, take a step. That’s it, just one step. It is the step you take, the first one, in faith and trust that puts you on the path that God has intended for you and wants to walk with you.

Allow your steps to follow this path. Trust it. Know it from your soul. It may not be easy, tame or carefree but it will delight your soul. Is your soul delighted? Is it tickled at the thought of this walk, this journey?

This is a puzzle that needs no solving. Here is your next piece…Take it and make your puzzle complete. Each new piece makes perfect. Shine dear ones, shine.

The Angels


Knock, Knock who’s there?

It’s you!

We have been waiting for you to arrive, welcome!

God and the holy angels welcome us.

With love,


Harshness and Guilt

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

As for me, it makes the guilt grow larger… as each day away whips me with guilt.

I have been berating myself for days, literally days and days and days, which have turned into weeks and weeks and weeks.

The “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” that comes in streams and fits, followed by the guilt. Guilt only a Jewish grandmother could inflict. And I ought to know, since I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood; riding the waves of do’s, but more importantly, the DO NOT’s. These were stamped on our foreheads- edicts for the day, the week, the month, our lives.

Do not neglect your duties.

So here am I battered and bruised- but what concern is that of yours? Sharing the burden with you would just produce more guilt, but then again, why should I suffer alone? I will drag you along with me. I berate myself, “Stop being such a namby-pamby and get over it.”

Yeah- Get over it! There is no reason to heap guilt like gravy on mashed potatoes. No, need at all. No explanation needed, well, maybe just one.

It is, was, and always will be about fear; fear of judgment. Yet, why worry about that, I heap enough condemnation upon myself, right? Hmm, no answer required. I already knew the answer before I asked it.

Damn girl, get over yourself, and do what you are called to do. It may only touch one or two but it reaches out and touches souls.

Wow, I start and they take over my pen. Praise God and his holy angels for them interceding in my life.

I am sure, you, like me, have been harsh on yourself- it is so easy to find fault with ourselves. I hear the amen chorus.

In the midst of my guilt, I had a vision; I was having a conversation with Jesus. I plead with him to help me with all of the parts of myself that I didn’t like. In reply, he took a big eraser and started deleting the parts of me that I found ugly or offensive.

First, to go was my hair; that dull, lifeless mop. I was bald. OK, I thought, better than the mess I had before. Next he rid me of my eyebrows; strange that my face lost so much expressiveness without those hairy caterpillars. Then he went after every wrinkle and extra fleshy, fatty area. I hardly recognized myself without such substance to critique and criticize. Next, he took away all my pain, but along with it, he erased the parts of me that feel pain. He worked and worked ridding me of every part that I had bemoaned about. At the end of the day I was feeling very tried, and so Jesus decided to rest.

After all, what more could he take? There wasn’t much left; just two weather worn hands and two painful feet. Suddenly a child was standing in front of me. He wanted to look upon me and gaze into my eyes. These, he wants to look into these wrinkled wells of yesterday, I thought to myself. Then I heard God speak to me, “Careful child or they’ll go too. Lost they will be with each complaining plea. Better to rejoice in all you have and all there is to be found.”

Then the vision ended.

It may have been just a vision but it was very real and I know God was speaking to me through it. It made me realize that I need to be kind to myself, and in addition, feel thankful for each laugh line on my face and wisdom wrinkle on my hands. I know with all my heart that I need to be nice to myself. And so do you!

We need to love and appreciate all of our parts that were gloriously made in his image. Thank God for me. Thank God for you!

Thanks for reading,


Postscript: Now that I am a Ya-Ya (grandmother), I know that my grandchildren look at me through the eyes of love. I am so thankful for each of them and love them with all my heart.

Getting One In

The day is dwindling away; it is time to get ready for bed and sign off this computer. Yet, I feel compelled to stretch out my hand and my heart and offer something; a few moments, a bit of precious time. Even though, I don’t have to or need to, I am compelled, because there is someone out there that needs it. Therefore, for that one there is no better reason to stay, to stay by their side at a difficult time. I am not one to walk away. I am one to stay. I go where I am needed/sent. And so…

Dear ones what you must understand is that we too must go. We must go where we are sent. We must go where we are asked. We must do because we have not a choice. We were designed for this work and it is all that we know and do. We go. Yet, you do not live under the same law. You live under freedom. And so when you choose to go, it is of a higher way. For you are not told in the same way we are. You are asked. Always asked. It is never a forced demanding. It is never a threat. It is never something that is offered only once and never to be presented again. No, look at many times and the many ways that God continually reaches out to you. Bids for you to come to Him or to go to others. Always offering to you another way and another chance. You may miss some open doors but he never closes you out. No he offers another chance, another way. And always he offers his love and forgiveness. You are the ones who are so able to do and to be his children. You have all of the opportunities for his time and time. We watch with such love and adoration. We watch and know that you are adored children. And we are your emissaries. We go before you, we watch the path and light the way. We come to you to offer encouragement and to cheer you on. We are the ones who sing to you on the breezes. Always bringing Gods love to you and helping you to show that love to others. Hold out your hand. We give to you. We give. We go..

The Angels

I know that their words have given me such a joyful lift. I know there was at least one that I stayed for. Just one. I heard you calling out to me. Your voice has been heard and I send you angels. Angels to bring you love.


Angel Scribe

Letting Go to Fly!

As I go about straightening up, I am compelled to pause and ponder things I have collected; from cards, to books, to knickknacks, to name just a few. Each item that I touch has a story that, most likely, only I know. Yet, sometimes story or no story it is time to let go. That is true with all things; even people. Sometimes we stubbornly hang onto people because we have a story, a history, or future hopes and dreams. However, letting go is not the same as throwing away or no longer caring. It is just releasing our hold on it/them and allowing the universe to take over. To give those things, those hopes, and dreams, to God and allow him to bless them and then give back to us what we need. This may seem difficult, yet, we can do it with faith that we will be given the best and highest for us.

Dear ones we know you can see yourself in this tale of human connection. For each thing clings to you in ways unknown and untold. Yet, sometimes the bigger story, the bigger connection happens when you release. Allow the light and love of God to come through this space that was occupied by something or someone that was not where it should be. We do not judge but we see how clogged you become when you forget to move on and up into a place that you need to be. How stagnant you can become as you are not producing the fragrance you were meant to. There is no sun, no light, no room for growth. Being choked out by weeds and unneeded things. Go clear a space for your soul. Find a sunny spot to allow your wings to expand and grow. Fly children, fly.

The Angels

There is so much power contained in this brief message from the angels. One I know I need to heed, because I want to make space for my spirit to open. I want a sunny spot to allow my wings room to expand. I want my soul to fly. May you too find your space to soar!

Releasing and Expanding,


Left-handed scribe

Holy Days

This time of year is so special in so many ways, as we celebrate the holidays and watch the turning of time toward a new year. Yet, for some this is not a time filled with joy but rather, it is a heavy-hearted time. However, the light and love of our savior’s birth gives us much to meditate on and allow the joy of the Lord to fill our hearts. To every one may your holy days be filled with love, fellowship, and angels.


Just a short note dear ones to let you know that we are with you at this time. It is a difficult time for many. It is a time of many tears for many. It is a time of feeling apart and alone. Many think that all have so many friends and family to be with, yet the truth is that many, even in the midst of a crowd feel so very alone. We are with you at those times, comforting your heart and soul. We wish for you to feel the warmth that we bring you. The warmth to warm your heart and spark your soul alive. Please do not despair. We are hear, we are here, we are near. Dear, dear, dear ones your little ones of heart and soul. Feel us lightly coming into your life. Coming as light as feathers and as soft as a breath.

Ah, dear ones who wonder and wait. We do attend to the littlest ones and the ones who have no voice. We attend to the animals and the sea creatures too. We reach out to all and speak the language of the heart to all. You know this and feel this. You are the most stubborn of all creation. Yet, you are also the most treasured. You and only you can think and feel and know. You can create and form. You are so wonderful. You too can reach out and touch into the hearts and souls of others. You must be mindful of the power you possess to do this. And be ever watchful that you are only producing love. For yourself, to yourself and to others; all others.

You were made for such as this. Reflect upon the miracles of the way you were created and the marvelous works that you are and that are in the universe.

Be in awe. Be in the moment of the wonder. And in the moment allow God to find you and know you. Be known. Be loved and love toward all.

Angel Signature


Thank you dear sweet angels for this powerful and loving message, filled with such comfort and joy.

Sending much love,


Over and Underwhelmed

Dear Angels,

I am feeling lost and if I am feeling lost there must be others that are feeling that also. I have been feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed all week. Spark me dear angels. Spark me!


Why do you resist and fight so the dance you are to be dancing. The play you are supposed to be playing; looking for other roles. You know who you are and what you are to be about. So be about it. Gather up your dusty ways and your cobwebs~ clear your head and let go. You are letting fear rule you again. Sit in love. Know love. There is only one way for you to know all you need to know and that is in living. You can’t learn behind closed doors. Go out and engage. Go out and give at every opportunity; give. You have a gift, know you have gifts and they are not going to run out. So if someone says no or turns you down there is another to give it to. And if they come back later asking for their blessing you can give them double; letting them know that they may have passed on that blessing to someone else therefore interest and dividends have been paid so today they get MORE. So much more. You so fear that you will miss something or take wrong turns. All things work together for good.

The universe is working overtime in your favor. Yes, it is! This may seem hard to believe yet it is true and truth will always triumph and trump all else. Hold fast but do not hold on, let go of all expectations and planning and allow life to unfold. Yes, so much of this you have heard before yet you didn’t make it your own truth. Claim the words, the feeling, the joy of these things for yourself.

Yes, you are here at this moment to be in joy. Explode with it. Let it cover everything in your life.


Angel Signature


The truth really does hurt sometimes, ouch! It is painful to be reminded; again, that we are where we are supposed to be and that we are to be OUT there living life. Therefore, with that in mind I am going to let go of all of these little things that have me all worried and wondering. Instead, I am going to focus on the opportunities to be a blessing.

I did some Angel Artwork today; why I resist is beyond me. They are always so beautiful and full of angelic energy. Each one is unique; and I know they are both timely and timeless messages. I need to figure out a way to share them more.

Got any ideas?

Out there handing out blessings,


Perfect Timing

A Message from the Angels:

All things in their dear time. You are being cared for and love is directed your way. Many are the ways of the Lord to show his love and care. Many are the miracles around you day-to-day. There are many reasons and ways in your life~ you are often not even aware of. Times when you were protected and watched over and were never even aware.

To be sure to be sure…

Angelic language…

Dare ones dear, dear, dear ones with all affection and care we do come to you to speak to you~ to dance with you ~ to sing notes only your heart and soul can hear. Things are revealed to you in time ~  in perfect time ~  piece by piece and bit by bit as you need them and are ready for  them ~  take the next step and more appears. Finish the task and more will be asked. And remember this your love will never grow old or cold or dry if you continue to give it and use it ~ plenty and more and more.

Projections and speculations that’s how busi-ness-es run- we do not operate that way

Do~create~love~do~create~give~create~do~love and on and on and on and on…

Why do you worry and fret over such small things when there is so much love to give~ there is only love. Love protects love. Love gives love. Love grows love. Love creates love. Love always speaks true and cares for all.


The Angels


A Powerful message we all need to hear.



Angel Scribe