Choose To Be…

Well I never

Really I think you have

She acted shocked that I would call her out

That I would be perfectly, bluntly honest

Maybe she never had anyone be completely honest with her

Maybe she never thought someone would give her back a measure of her own medicine

She had it coming

That is the truth of the matter

Since she brought it out in the public square

It was well within the realm of my rights to take care of it publicly

I took the high road

I told her she was right

That she was smarter than me

That being so smart her route was easy

Take or leave it

Stay the course and do the work

Or go away

It was my class and I was responsible to teach it

To all the students

Fairly and equally

With no partiality

That shut her up

Backed her down

Looking back

I ponder

Did I make my point or just make her mad

I felt I had spoken well

Yet with time and distance

I see she needed

A way to save face

A way back into good graces

Even though I left the door open

Did she feel she was welcome to come in

At the time I was a new adjunct professor at a community college and was learning my way around the delicate realm of relationships between adult teachers and adult students. It was a dance to be confident and in charge while allowing the students to have a hand in creating the classroom dynamics.

This young woman blew me away with her crass attitude that she was smarter than I was and therefore, didn’t feel the need to have to take a class from someone beneath her intellect. She was rude and disrespectful to me in front of the entire class. I told her that I agreed that she was smarter than I was but that I had been hired to teach the class based on my qualifications and experience. In addition, since she was so smart the work should be easy for her and she should have no problem getting an A. However, she would still need to do the work in order to earn an A, because it was not my policy to give anyone a grade. I then offered for her to find another instructor if doing the work for me was not to her liking. It was a short but memorable exchange.

On the one hand, I feel that I handled it professionally; however, I am not sure that I didn’t also wound her spirit. Therefore, I hope you never are called out publicly so that you have to defend yourself publicly. However, if you are that you will handle it with all confidence and guts while allowing the other person a way out and a way back in.

Angels do you have anything to add:

Yes dear ones. The issue here is not right or wrong but that one butting heads with another creates battle. From that, it is difficult to win. Even though you were within your rights, where did that leave both of you?

We say that when these difficult situations come up you must pour love over it and allow that to guide you. There will always be difficult people. There will always be those who think they know more than you. They will always be around. Yet, you must shore up these relationships because you are the one that knows about love. Love covers a multitude. Being loving is more important than being right.

Be love, loves

Be love

The Angels

Thank you angels for your advice, that it is more important to be loving than to be right. May we find ourselves responding in love. Love builds relationships and fosters understanding. We need more love. So, let’s be those conduits of love!

To the student, fourth row back, please know that you were and are right; you are smart, so very smart and I’m sorry if I made you feel less than stellar that day. Sending you love and angels.



Can I Get Your Attention, Please?!

DSCN2642His name is Bear. He is a Westie, a West Highland Terrier. He may have been born the runt of the litter but he was given major attitude. And it has only grown. Being a senior dog, he doesn’t hear or see well anymore, which only contributes to his attitude issues.

He likes to rest under my chair or desk, right next to my feet. This is fine with me, except when I get up and move his reaction is extreme. He growls and goes into attack mode. Since, my feet are typically bare or not completely covered during these summer months I have to be cautious. The problem is I often forget or don’t realize he is there. Talk about your sneak attack.

Today I knew he was there, so I called his name, once, no reaction. I called it again and got some acknowledgement so I figured it was okay to get up. I was wrong. He snarled and went into attack mode.

It occurred to me that I am often like that when God and the angels are attempting to get my attention. They call but I am too busy to hear. They call again but I am otherwise occupied. They tap me lightly on the shoulder and I ignore it. They prod and I want to attack.

Why do I do this? Why do we all do this?

We know that they come with love and blessings and yet we get upset when they interrupt our lives for such things. We get snarky and swat away the gifts they are bringing us.

This is why we are asked, nay charged with being awake in the spirit. We must live in the spirit and walk in the spirit, ever ready to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

Angels what say you?

Dear ones we always come to you gently and on a soft breeze, even when you deem something urgent we know that we can come softly and gently to bring the love and healing you need. We do come justly and in force, (numbers) when needed yet even then, we do it with light and love.

Oh dear sweet ones you want us to come and yet when we do you ignore us and shoo us away. You tell us our timing is not right when our timing is always perfect.

Love and the energy we bring. It is always in sync with what is perfect for you at that very moment.

We do call, we do prod, we do…

Yet often we whisper, we lightly brush, we flash past…


Open and allow

Invite us in and allow us to come

The Angels


Thank you angels for the reminder that once we invite you in we need to be open and allow you to come in.

Say this three times:

Invoking the angels to come…

I am open and allowing them to come…

Sending angels out to softly touch and speak to you,


Postscript: Bear went over the Rainbow Bridge in August 2016. Rest in peace my buddy Bear.  Thank you for assisting me in writing one of the best posts I have ever written.

Portals of Angelic Activity

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Two major storms in less than a week. In many ways there is nothing unusual about that, after all it was hurricane/tornado season and storms are becoming more frequent everywhere.

However, these two major storm systems had been centered over my little town. The pictures and the weather reports only confirmed what I already knew; that God was opening a portal over where I live, a portal from heaven to earth, one of great angelic energy.

God loves a good show, so he sends dark clouds, thunder, lightning and heavy winds to get our attention. Let me tell you, God already had my attention. Yet, he really got my attention with the perform he put on. The cloud formations were impressive as was the light show.

God is calls me and challenges me to share his message of love and reconciliation with YOU!

You may be wondering why God uses someone like me. I have often wondered the same thing. The reason is that God is uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Trust me, I am just an ordinary person living a small life in a small town, and truth be told, I like it that way. I only write and share because I am told to. I am compelled to share. This is to build up the kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Portals are very powerful places for angelic activity. Here I am humbly amidst all of this activity of swirling, opening electric energy of God and the angels.

The storm had quieted. Rest and dreams called to me.

Deep spiritual work of healing and blessing will be done under the protective cloak of sleep. For in sleep my spirit connects with others on a deep spiritual level. In sleep we are more open and truthful, we resist less and take more; take more of what we truly need. In this realm, I am able to work with God and the angels to offer blessings and healing.

That morning I awoke to find the world renewed. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The temperatures had cooled and the damp humidity was gone. The world was awash in green.

Some may look around after such a storm and see damage and destruction but God asks us to focus on the beauty of the light filled day.

Blessing all,


Dear ones such swirling activity and energy is coming to you at this time. Many such portals are being opened. Many such places are being charged and re-calibrated to the high frequency of angelic activity. Do not be alarmed by such things. Glory in that you are witness and part of such chargings. Stand in the power given to you and use it to spread the love and blessings.

Dear, dear, dear ones we are with you. We are near. So much is happening right now.

You are in a time of much spiritual work.

You are drawn here and placed here.

Know this to be true.

Know this to be love.

Be love, loves.

The angels

The Right Choice Every Time!


It’s that time of year again. That time when he negotiates with me about how much lawn to cut. The war between what we want and what the neighbors will think if we leave the grass grow long and wild. Thus the great compromise, he always leaves a generous patch of wild for me to enjoy.

We are always negotiating; picking and choosing between what we want and what we feel we have to do. It is a constant dance where our steps frequently don’t match the music.

How do we get in sync?

I had a dream the other night; actually, I had the same dream with many variations over and over again. I was presented with choices, various and sundry choices, simple and mundane choices, difficult and colossal choices. Each time I would make a choice, I would immediately question it. I would regret it and wish I had chosen the other option or I wanted something not even offered. Each time I was told to choose again. I was told that all of the choices were still available and that I couldn’t make a mistake. I was told that even if what I wanted wasn’t presented, it was also available for me to choose.

It all seemed confusing and disheartening. I wanted so desperately to make the right choice and not have to keep feeling like I had to pick again or as though I was being fickle. I truly wanted to be content and grateful.

Yet, each time I was reassured that it was okay, that whatever choice I made was the right choice. Furthermore, that all choices were there and whatever I chose would align to come to fruition.

Each time the dream was repeated it became clearer and simpler; it became fun to choose and choose again. I no longer felt pressure to make the “right” choice but instead just made choices. It was a game with no way to lose.

It felt so easy, so light to play…

Then why does it feel so difficult and heavy in real life?

Dear ones, dear sweet little ones we came to show you how easy and fun it is to choose from all of the options in front of you and ones not even seen until they are. Yes, we are laughing, a joyous laughter. Oh so joyous. You must see and know that all is open and available to you. There are no wrong turns or wrong choices. There is only your path that you walk. And if you walk it with love then you are going the right way. Moreover, if you feel like you have made a mistaken turn, then turn again. The path opens before you each time. Do not buy into the notion of right and wrong, do not allow the thoughts of world to outweigh your heart. Follow where you heart leads, the heart leads with love.

Now, now, now you say that is too simple. Too easy. You want life to be challenging and difficult. Only because someone told you it must be. You feel guilty if you have it too easy. Why? Dear ones you are not meant to struggle and live in turmoil. You are meant to be free to choose anything and live out your dreams. Each dream is a piece of the puzzle for other dreams to come true. You are an important part of all. You living in love allows someone else the freedom to choose the path of love too. You lead the way.

So dear ones open yourselves to the path of love and walk it with open hearts and open hands. Invite all to join you on this wonderful journey of love.

 Love, love, love

The Angels

I get it! I really do. It is easy. It is light. It is love.

This is how we get our music and our dance in alignment, with and through LOVE!

Come dance with me!

With open heart and open hands,


Go Up!

Are you feeling that things are out of alignment and the world is gone crazy. Do you find yourself asking, “What is going on lately?”

You are not alone, we are all feeling the effects of the same cosmic shifts that are happening. These shifts are causing great fear among many people because they are so strong and disconcerting. Yet, God and the angels do not want us to be afraid.

On the contrary, they want us to know that these shifts happen to bring things back into alignment and balance. It feels “off” and unsettling, yet it is for the good of all. Allow the shifts to happen, you can assist and support these shifts by staying open and dancing/moving and allowing the recalibration to happen.

Hang tight love ones. Hang in there because this is a movement of the greatest force in the universe.

So much love is coming in.

It seems contrary to what you are feeling and reading. There seems to be so much going on the world that seems hard and fast and mean. Nevertheless, let your mind not be set on those things. Set your mind on love and all that is involved in being loving. It is what you need to focus on.

Vibrate at a higher rate and bring the vibration up with you. Dance loves, dance.

It is a way to be up the vibrational frequencies.

Way up.

Go up in vibrational frequencies.

Go way up.

Move your body and thus your whole frequency.




And let love loose.

Shake it loose.

Let nothing stop the movement of love.

Shout it.

Dance it.

Feel it.

Love, love, love.

The angels

Letting the angels and the vibrations move me,



Impossible to Believe?

Most everything about this blog is about believing in impossible things. How else could you explain a perfectly, well almost, perfectly sane person believing in angels and knowing they speak to her? I hope you can hear my playfulness in that sentence~ just keeping it light.

Last week was a very trying week; especially for my faith. Usually, when that happens I turn to God and the angels for answers through the angelic writing that I scribe. However, the past week’s events happened at such a pace I didn’t have time to sit and write. Yet, I did spend a lot of time in pray.

From this trying time, all I can say is I am thankful for my many blessings; especially the blessing of family.

Then last night…

I had an unusual experience while writing in the angelic language. I have had these experiences before and each time they are unsettling. As I have shared, many times I have struggled with my ministry and have hidden the gift of scribing for God. There has been and continues to be much uncertainty about this ministry. However, there has never been one called to ministry that has not had some doubts about it, and others who didn’t realize they were being called in the mist of their calling.

Corrie Ten Boom, comes to mind. In her book, The Hiding Place, she shares her story of surviving a Nazi concentration camp. Many things happened to her that she couldn’t explain, as the angels intervened time and again to assist her in extraordinary ways. Her stories are nothing short of miraculous.

Last night there was heavy doubt and confusion, as part of what I heard and felt was not the good and benevolent angels but a dark and sinister voice trying to overshadow my time with the angels and make me believe that my ministry was worthless, that it is not full of love and the healing power of God. I kept writing and praying to hear the good and kind voices of the loving angels. Those are always the ones I pray will guide and assist me in my time of writing.

I came away shaken. It is very unsettling to be visited by such. Yet, with faith, I pushed on and around the ones that wanted to make me doubt and give up. These unkind spirits wanted to stop my pen and end the love that was flowing from it to assist in healing and helping the world. However, the vibrational pitch of love was stronger and eventually won out. Praise God!

All love

All love

Be ye of good cheer

Assurance we bring to you

Light for your path

Health for your home

Love for your heart

All love

All love

Abides with thee

Stays with thee

 Angel Signature

I have been asked to share the Angelic writing with you:


Page 2


It is interesting that when I was writing this last night I thought it looked harsh and jagged. Yet, it is very rounded and soft. Fear clouded my head but faith and love prevailed. You can see how each page of the writing bleeds through; offering you a double blessing. Let it speak to your heart and soul.

Listening to love,


Left-handed Scribe

Let’s Get Excited!

I’m excited! I get excited easily. Then I take off in a hundred different directions all at once. Not that I always have the energy, the where with all, or the knowledge and understanding, yet, watch out, here I come!

Occasionally, my excitement and eagerness has been mistaken for rudeness, as I barrel full steam ahead. At other times it is dismissed as just another one of my passing fancies; here today and gone tomorrow. However, there are a few people in my life, and thank God for them, who are always supportive and never tire of my enthusiasm. Even if sometimes my follow through leaves something to be desired. That can sometimes be attributed to me finding out it wasn’t my cup of tea, or after prayer and counsel, not what God desires for me, or I am just off on a new adventure.

Some of you are probably like me, easily excited and ready to jump in with both feet.

However, with maturity, that of ourselves and of good counsel, along with time of prayer and reflection, we can more readily see the path set out before us. God doesn’t want to squelch our desires; on the contrary he wants to add fuel to our fires. Moreover, because he wants our fire to be strong he wants to offer to us only the best; the best for us. This one-on-one revealing and feeding between each of us and God is done for our benefit and for that of everyone else. Fore, as we are being who and what God planned for us, we are better able to share those gifts with others so that we (the collective we) can ALL benefit.

Our dear, dear scribe you are so wonderful to share your thoughts and your love, your heart.

And then you look up- you judge- your worth based on your surroundings or your circumstances. And yet you know God is bigger than that. You know and yet you cannot feel it or experience it. What blocks your heart right now from the flow of love? Where is the key to open the gates and let it flow free? What are you holding back? What qualities have you buried concerned of being judged? Like precious keepsakes packed away in boxes. Go, find them and unpack them. Let them delight you and decorate your life. Why do you always feel you have to be doing when you need to be being?

Angelic language

Do not seek the long complicated answer when the smallest one will do. Untwist and un-complicate.

The Angels 


Then a playful dog came along…

Literally, he just came happily into the room. This little dog is an answer to so many prayers. He was my engagement present. I was given him in lieu of a ring because I can’t wear rings. However, before we could welcome into the family, everyone had to approve of him. Although, he was enthusiastically approved, I believe we were also chosen by him and that an angel or two had their hand in the process.

He was not the breed of dog I was considering, but God knew his personality was exactly what I needed. He is highly social, not very bright, extremely friendly, and always wants to play.

He brought our other dog, Bear, back to his puppy-hood, as he learned to play with his new best friend. Bear also became the big brother protector; a role he had been waiting to fill his whole life.

My goofy boy, Pudge, reminds me that we are supposed to snuggle, get kisses, and PLAY! Things you would think would be easy things to remember, yet, obviously, they need repeating on a daily, yeah sometimes minute basis. It was he who went nuts just now and prompted me to tell you about his fun and playful ways. Whereas, he is easily amused, he is also easily distracted, as he is already off on another adventure. Each moment is new and fresh and ready to be explored. Let’s play! he says.

And with him in my life, there is plenty of play. This is just perfect because it is just one more reason to get excited. Let’s get excited! Let’s play!

Juju and Pudge

Postscript: Pudge is 12 years old this month (Feb. 2019) and still very playful. He loves his toys and will play and play and play! Bear crossed over the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago and we miss him dearly.


I say words such as, amazing, fascinating, wow, and cool beans all the time. Some might say I do this to the extreme. Actually, some have said that. However, I don’t let that change my words. They can think what they like. I truly am amazed, fascinated, wowed, and cool-beaned all the time.

Just yesterday, I had a client scheduled for energy work, but she was late. She arrived flustered. She came in carrying a laundry basket, which seemed odd, until she explained that she brought her cat because she was taking him for an acupuncture appointment later. I thought cool beans, an acupuncture appointment for a cat! Since she had him with her, I invited her to put him up on the table with her to share her energy session. So, that is what we did.

It was amazing, I was wowed, and so was she. When I started, the cat’s rear legs were stiff and out of place; they were stuck up over his head. Likewise, his tail was as stiff as a board. Shortly, after beginning the session, the cat started purring. My client was so excited but I didn’t understand why, because in my experience cats purr. She told me that he hadn’t purred in more than eight years due to how much pain he has been in. After a few more minutes his legs started to relax; they came back down to a normal position. Then his tail relaxed and curled. Next, I noticed that the pads of his rear paws were warm; they had been as cold as ice cubes. It is awesome when you can WOW a cat! My client was pleased with her session, yet, even more with the results I obtained for her cat.

Is it okay to be wowed and amazed by such things? Can we find God in the laying on of hands and producing healing energy? Can animals really benefit from such things? Yes and yes and yes!

Dear loves the love and the energy is here to share and to spread. To give and to take. Do not feel selfish because you take. Do not feel superior because you give. It is all keeping with the flow and power of love. Giving and taking, sharing and sharing, passing it on. Us angels are wowed! We are amazed! You are the ones who are gifted with such ways and means to give to one another. For this we sing God’s praise. We have been here to witness the ways and means of love. We are wowed!

The Angels


Cool beans, we wowed the angels! Hear them singing!

Sending out healing energy,



Each day we are alive is an offering. It can be offered as a gift or it can be held back. If we want to live our lives for God then we must see each day as a gift that we offer to the world.

I pen these words, not so much for you, but for me, since I need to “hear” these words and be reminded of who I am. I am a child of God, as you are, and as such, we are given so much. For all we are blessed with, what does he ask from us?

Too often, we try to make the answer to that question complicated. We feel we must be something, do something, accomplish something. However, that is not true, because in reality, all he asks of us is love. Feel love, be love, live love. Then why do I feel less than so often? Why do we all feel that way so often?

Dear one, dear little ones. We come to bring you love. To shine it upon you and show you the way of love. It is a way of much light. It is a way of much love. There are so many things to fill your heart and mind with. Yes, so many things. We know of the ugly things. Yet, the only way to go is to love. Look to love. Look and see it is love you are hungry for. It is love that you crave. It is love that you need. Every moment of every day. Love, love, love…

The Angels


It seems so simple. Just love. Just now. Just love. Hmm, maybe it really is that simple, no matter how worthy we feel or how well things are going or anything else; it is all about love. His love for us makes us able to stand and offer the world our best; our love. Stand me up lord. Oh, stand me up.

With all my love,


Healing of the Heart

I am sitting here on this breezy summer afternoon. Life should be as wonderful and as perfect as this day but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment. On the contrary, I have been struggling with some issues lately and I need to turn to God and the angels for answers and direction. I need healing of the heart.

I get my feelings hurt easily. I can be think logical about a situation and know, intellectually, that I have no reason to get my feelings hurt but I cannot easily shut off those feelings. I also  ruminate on things long after I should have let them go. However, I am quick to forgive and I don’t hold grudges; except with myself. I am very hard on myself and often feel that I should never make mistakes. I figure that an intelligent person like me should be able to function on a daily basis without putting her foot in her mouth. Yet, I find that the opposite is too often true.

I have been praying about these things lately and I have yet to find any solace; except for the solace that I find in prayer. My time of fellowship with God and the holy angels are a balm to my weary soul. Maybe you are in this same boat. I am going to go to scripture and the angels and ask for some assistance.

I was led to the book of Psalms. It was not immediately evident which one of the three portions of Psalms I was being led to, yet after reading I know it is Psalms 91. It is about the care and security of God. The full Psalms is of importance and I encourage you to read it. However, my heart focused on these verses:

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.

Psalms 91:14-16

Kings James Version


With God’s love set upon me, I know that I can love myself and others through any situation. It sounds so simple, yet it is never easy to go beyond our feelings to reach in and out in love. The first step in love is to love ourselves; because how can we offer love that we are not willing to receive. When we can receive love, then we can give love to others. I must already have love in order to give love. How wonderful to know that God loves me and wants me to have that love indwelling inside me so that I can share it with others. This is why I must also forgive myself. Holding grudges creates a barrier to love. In addition, when I accept God’s forgiveness and allow it to assist me to forgive myself then I can offer that same forgiveness to others. We can only give what we have. The true source of all things is God. So, I call upon God to give me all that I need to heal my broken heart, forgive myself and others, love myself and others and offer that same love to everyone I meet. This is a tall order, yet God can equip us for all things.

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are with you always. We come to show you the loving ways of our heavenly father/mother. We come to show you the love that is there for you and available to you at all times in all ways. You are much too harsh on yourself/selves. The time has come for you to let go of all these things that are weighing you down and not allowing you to move forward. There are so many things that you need to be doing yet you can’t with all of this weight of unforgiveness.

Dear ones we offer to you a way to know that you are loved. Our presence to you every moment of every day we bring this love and pour it over your life. It may seem at times that we are absent or that love is absent but it is not. We are ever present and with you. Selah.

To you dear one you are questioning everything that is happening in your life. Then you fear that your questioning will anger God and that he has had it with you. That he will cast you away because you ask. Never fear asking. Your questions allow God to see your heart. It opens you to his love and guidance. Imagine if there were no questions. Without questions, there would be no answers. Everyone wants answers. What you really fear is/ are the answer/s you don’t want to hear. Yet, know that all of the answers are brought to you on wings of love. You can be assured that your answers are coming. Do not fear asking them. With great love, they are heard. You do not need to struggle any longer. So many answers are coming for you.

 To another dear one, timid little mouse you are. You are hiding away from everyone. You fear rejection so you do not venture out. This is not the way you were meant to be. You are meant for great things. You must trust the path you are on, step up, and step out with all boldness. Let your talents be known to all. You are not as hidden as you believe to be, so come out and be you.

To all of the little ones we are coming closer in the coming weeks. So much is happening in the world. And many have been wondering where we are. We are hear, we are hear, we are hear.

To all love, love, love

The Angels


Thank you for spending time with God, the angels and me.