BountiFULL Blessings


Dear ones this is our desire for you:

To know the blessing of God

Blessings are an interesting thing that oft goes unnoticed.

Therefore, dear ones we beseech you to take the time to ask for your blessings to be revealed to you. You have not because you ask not~ this is not the statement you think it to be. You have all and many blessings around you all the time; a constant well-spring. However, you may not know it because you have not asked for them to be unveiled and made seen. 

How often do you go through your day and at the end of it have nothing to be thankful for?

This dear ones is not because you are ungrateful. No, on the contrary. You are grateful and desire to have wonderful things in your life to be thankful for. This is the one true desire of your heart. 

The way to a thankful heart is to ask for the unveiling. To ask for the spiritual eyes to see. For the open heart to feel. And the wisdom to know these things.

With this you can be thankFULL and this fullness will give you the ability to be content and to feel secure in your blessings. So secure that you can share.

Ah, sharing the true beauty of a well-lived life.

May your cup runneth over!

With love,

Juju and the Angels


11/22 I Like Doubles

Give me a double helping

Seconds if you please

More and more


Of Dancing


This is all

I need

A pinch of laughter

To lilt me away


Give me double



With love,



Sending dancing, laughing angels your way:)



Which would you prefer

The bowl prepared for you

Or the bowl that has more

Oft we think we want the

Bowl with more

Yet what we really crave

What we truly need

Is the portion shared with love

That is what will sustain

What shall satisfy

What will give to us

Enough to share

With this we will see

We have plenty

Nothing has been held back

It matters not in the least

Should one get double

Another receive less

All to all

Wherein to increase

For to whom much is

Given much will be required

Dividends must be paid

Even on that not earned

For it is the only way

To claim

Divine rewards


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2015

This poem was conjured up from the experience of sharing ice cream. We so often think that we want the bigger portion or the huge success. However, that may not be what God has in mind for our life’s. If we take what is offered to us out of love and then share it to increase love than we can reap divine rewards and feel truly blessed.

Living the blessed life with love,


PS: I love using the word “Share” instead of “Serving” portions at the table, it gives a feeling of belonging to the whole and sharing in the wonders of the nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

Cast Upon the Water

“Cast your bread upon the water.”

Ecclesiastes 11:1

Standing at the waters edge

Gently lay blessings in

Send them off wide and far

Say a prayer to

Guide them there

Go to hands that have not

Sowed~ watered with tears

Succored to make them

Grow from tender

Shoots with bright green leaves

Surely what is shared

Shall return



Judy Angelheart

copyright and all rights reserved 2015

Correcting the Balance


Just when I thought, I had nothing to blog about then a few incidents happened that perfectly illustrate something that we can all benefit from.

I want to share with you how we can correct the balance when we feel that the world has treated us unfairly.

I can get my feelings hurt very easily. It doesn’t take much to get me upset and feeling down about the world and my place in it. Yet, I am also very resilient and bounce back from my hurt feelings quickly.

My little trick for bouncing back, it is simple, I just ask myself if I can out give or out love God? The answer is always no. Therefore, my remedy to any slight is to give more and love more. This is not an easy task, by any means, yet it is a task that I do with the utmost urgency and discipline.

The first incident was that I was slighted by not being told that someone’s plans had changed and I waited an entire day for them to show up. The other one was that someone reneged on an agreement, which cost me both time and money. The temptation, after these types of incidents, is to cut these people off; after all, I must not be important to them. From there I may also want to stop extending myself to others.

However, I am not offering my services or extending myself for nothing; it is to the benefit of all and the glory of God. I truly cannot out do, out give or out love God; none of us can.

So, I would like to share with you one of the ways that I use these slights to help others and myself grow. I have a jar that I fill it with spare change, money that I find, money that I am paid for things I offered to do gratis, money that is paid but it was not the agreed on amount, and money that was owed me and was written off but came in out of the blue. Most of the reasons on my list you probably understand, it is extra, it is found, it is unexpected. However, the others need a bit more explanation. For example if someone pays me less than what they should or we agreed on, I normally would feel slighted that they didn’t honor me with what I am worth. When this happens, I might feel upset or unappreciated, to counter balance that and turn it around, I do not want to keep those funds with ill feelings attached, so I put them in my jar knowing that it will go to bless others. This shifts the balance back to where it needs to be; feeling blessed. Then someone will come to me through pray or other means that needs the money. If at the end of a specified amount of time, an individual person isn’t shown to me, I will write a check to a charity.

I need real, tangible ways to keep myself from going down a dark path and changing into one of those people that are closed off and unwilling or unable to give to others. I do not want to let these slights and hurts get the better of me and turn me into someone who is bitter. I want to be open, loving, and charitable. I want to give since I feel I have much to give. I am truly blessed and want to bless others.

Sitting down to write this today made me remember that this is why I blog; because I am blessed and I want to share those blessing with my readers. I am blessed to hear angels speak and to be able to share what they say with others. I am blessed beyond words or measure.


Oh dear ones, we come to bring you laughter and joy. We come to bring you an abundance. We come to bring you joy beyond measure. We come to bring you love.

Our dear one she wants to connect and give to you. We are here speaking to her and she, with us, speaks to the universe. If you need us please ask. We want to come and offer to you anything you need. We come soft. We come gentle. We come with love.

We come to show you ways of abundance and to be joyful and to share. All in abundance~ the universe gives to you unending. 

Many loves love

The Angels

We will name ourselves if we need to… just ask 


Remember we cannot out give God and the holy angels. However, we can have fun in the process 🙂

Love and angels,


Three Stones: A Ritual

The Gift

You are often overlooked

Passed by

Who would notice

Much less stop

To pick you up

Twirl you around

Look at you from all sides

Not seeing the flaws

Just a simple one

Tossed by the waves

Almost indiscernible

Blending in with your surrounding

Until the light

Hits you

Just right

Catching an eye

Arresting attention

Realizing you’re part

Of a long lost ritual

Trying to remember

Each step to be taken


Those gathered

Must be in groups

Of three

One for to keep

One to put back

The last

To give away

Now the journey

Begins in earnest

Two more

Must be found

Finding them

Starts the ritual

Each one an asset

To be treasured

One is for a reminder

Two is for a prayer

Three is for another

All held dear

You were but a small

Stone upon the shore

Yet with intention

You became a blessing

With love,

Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013


The ritual of the three stones is very simple, any three stones can be found however, I am blessed to be able to walk on the beach to find my stones; it gives me time to think and pray.

To do the ritual you will need to find three stones of any size. The first one you keep to instill your prayer request in, then you place it under your pillow or somewhere close to where you sleep; this will remind you and activate your faith that your prayer will be answered. The second one you toss back into the water or nature. You do this so that someone else can find it and be blessed. This is a way of realizing that the universe is abundant and we can never deplete it; however, it is also a way of blessing others by sending it out/back as a blessing to someone else. This releases positive and loving energy into the universe. The last stone you give to someone who needs a blessing. You tell them they are to ask for something in prayer and do the same as you are doing with your stone. As a bonus, you may share each other’s requests and pray for one another, thus increasing and releasing the power of God and sharing your burdens and blessings with one another.

This simple ritual can be done just about anywhere. If you don’t happen to have stones you could collect acorns or other natural objects, however, the stones work best because they can be cleaned and saved.

I send each of you a virtual stone with a real blessing attached.

Love and angels,


Postscript: A recent fad is to paint rocks and leave them for others to find. It is a cute idea and many people are having a lot of fun with it. However, I am a big fan of leaving natural things, well, natural. So, please don’t paint the stones you use for the ritual.

Whole-ly Complete

I often go to a healing service on Wednesday mornings. I like this service because it is short, yet it contains all of the ingredients of a good service. We pray, we have fellowship, we study, we have communion and we have hands on healing.

Yesterday, the study discussion was of a young lady that was very intelligent; she could fluently speak 7 languages. She was a world traveler and a devout believer. She was enamored with the Russian language and culture. After only one visit to Russia she wanted to translate their liturgy into English. And so she did.

The discussion that followed is what I want to focus on…

One of the people at the service commented that it was truly remarkable when people of such intelligence and talent use their skills to the betterment of others. This comment, as marvelous, and innocuous as it was; didn’t sit right with me. This is because I believe that each of us has been given gifts that we are to use for the betterment of others. And that not one of us has been left out from being given gifts to share. In addition, God can and does use small gifts in big ways.

I have never felt that I am a highly intelligent or talented person. No, I am not about to throw a pity party. On the contrary, I have come to a point in my life where I honestly see who I am and what gifts I have been given. This is of paramount importance, as they are needed just as much, and sometimes more, than someone who has much more intelligence and talent than I.

The important factor to remember is to use the gifts we were given. Use them and share them.

We do love each of you and can see the light inside you. Let your light shine in all the ways and means that you were made to shine. Each light is needed and each contributes important ingredients to the whole. Become whole-y.

We send you love and comfort. We send you peace and healing. We send you light.

The Angels

I love that when we use our gifts we become whole-ly! This is how we complete ourselves and the world we live in. That takes the piety out of it, as well as any chance of a pity party. We are each needed to make each other complete. What a wonderful concept that is.

So happy to share my gifts with you!


Perfect Timing

A Message from the Angels:

All things in their dear time. You are being cared for and love is directed your way. Many are the ways of the Lord to show his love and care. Many are the miracles around you day-to-day. There are many reasons and ways in your life~ you are often not even aware of. Times when you were protected and watched over and were never even aware.

To be sure to be sure…

Angelic language…

Dare ones dear, dear, dear ones with all affection and care we do come to you to speak to you~ to dance with you ~ to sing notes only your heart and soul can hear. Things are revealed to you in time ~  in perfect time ~  piece by piece and bit by bit as you need them and are ready for  them ~  take the next step and more appears. Finish the task and more will be asked. And remember this your love will never grow old or cold or dry if you continue to give it and use it ~ plenty and more and more.

Projections and speculations that’s how busi-ness-es run- we do not operate that way

Do~create~love~do~create~give~create~do~love and on and on and on and on…

Why do you worry and fret over such small things when there is so much love to give~ there is only love. Love protects love. Love gives love. Love grows love. Love creates love. Love always speaks true and cares for all.


The Angels


A Powerful message we all need to hear.



Angel Scribe

Realm of Love

We live in a world that was not designed to be the way that it is, on the contrary, our world was meant to be full of beauty and love. However, we do not have to allow the fear and hate to have dominion within us; we can be full of the beauty and love and share those with the world. It may seem impossible at times, yet we are not in this alone, we have God and the holy angels to guide and assist us. All we have to do is ask and it will be given to you in abundance.


Angelic Message:

Dear one, dearest little loves we come to you in small ways and in large ways too. Like a soft misty dew we cover you in the morning and glisten upon your life. Yes, Yes, Yes we do.

Yet, you are troubled by the news of such terrible acts of violence. Of things that make no sense and there is seemingly no way to puzzle them out. Be assured we know these things and understand and sympathize with your feelings. Your human mind is not meant to comprehend these things.

Were this the way things were supposed to be? Nay or you would not be troubled so, for they would not even exist. Yet because of this off focus, there are these things that happen every day. Such horrible tragedies. Such senseless acts. Those who do them are full of fear and they put more fear into the world and provoke confusion. Therefore, you must turn to and rely on the truth of God’s word and never-changing, never-ending, abiding love and protection for you.

Dearest brothers and sisters there may be no physical protection/barrier in this realm/world yet there was/is a spiritual one. The one who reaches to you and through you to offer pure love. Please be open to receive it. Please be open to give it. Keep your hearts/souls open to this life-giving, life-sustaining love. Be in love~live in love~feel love all around you.

Do not be tempted to be afraid. In all ways and means, you can live in the realm of love. This is much simpler then you realize. We wish to assist you. Just ask and you will receive.

Angel Signature

We can live in the realm of love! It may not be easy but it is possible with God and the Holy Angels.

Let’s go!


A Cloud has Lifted

Good day, I have not posted for a while because I have been going through a rough patch. The angels reminded me this morning that is all the more reason that I do need to post; because there are others who also are hurting and having a difficult time. Why is it that we avoid one another and our fellowship with God and the angels just when we need it the most?

These stormy times in our life need to draw us in and closer to God, even if it feels like he is far, far away.

The angels wish to speak to us about these times:

Dear ones we are always with you. When you feel that life is difficult or makes you sad and depressed, we are here. When there seems more questions than answers, we are here. When you cannot find the map to navigate with, we are here. Of course you feel lost and confused but that is only because you are not in control. Let go and let God steer your vessel over the dark and stormy seas. As the winds whip and toss your tiny ship, quiet your heart and mind. Allow the torrent of rains to fall. Oh but you say that you cannot, you are afraid. This fear that you feel is the only wall between you and the love that you wish to feel. Yes, love. Love that will give you the strength, the determination, the will and the heart to go forward. To see that is the only way in which you can go. We go in all directions at once. We can travel in all ways and by all modes. Yet, you must move forward. Always toward the light of life.

Oh, oh dear ones you tremble and fret. You toss and you turn. You wail and gnash your teeth. Silly waste of time. No, we do not laugh at you. We come to comfort you and bring you the true joy you desire. Yet, you snatch away your hand. You pull back your heart. You close off the only way in. So, we wait. We stand ready. We sit by your side. We are here. We are here.

Come out of your shell and extend your hand and open your heart. This will be the secret way of the soul. The big, fat secret. Can you not hear our loving laughter? We sing to you in joyous song.

No, your pain is not small or forgotten. We wish to come and wash it away. Be open for that hand. It is coming soon.

Oh, yes it is coming soon.

The Angels


I pray that you will not stay away because of your personal pain. I apologize that I did.