Oh Happy Day!


Tada! Here, for the first time on this blog, is my picture.

I have not put my picture here because I felt it would take away from the mission of the blog; since it is not really about me. I am not hiding; I just didn’t want the focus to be on me, but rather on God and the holy angels.

That said; let me tell you about the picture, it was taken by my friend Gloria, at her house. The scarf I am wearing, I just made. It is a silk scarf and Gloria gave me all of the materials to make it.

I chose to do the background in yellow; you could say I was having a yellow day, since it matches the shirt and butterfly earrings I’m wearing. I love the color yellow but rarely wear it because I don’t think it is my best color. However, looking at this picture, I need to rethink that notion. The “design” of the scarf is angelic writing. I had never used that type of paint on fabric before and was surprised by how it bleeds. Yet, I really like the finished piece.

In this picture, I am happy because I have done some Angelic Artwork and I had an awesome visit with my friend. The Angelic Artwork flows from me easily, as does my friendship with Gloria. She is a rare gem.


Ah friendship, what a marvelous, wonderful thing to have in this world; to know another’s heart and to share your heart with them. You know when you have a dear friend when it is effortless and sustaining. When it carries through time and distance, and remains. These are the relationships that increase love and good energy in the world. They are a healing balm. When expectations are none and yet so much joy and laughter spills. Yes, joy and laughter; the base of such uplifting experiences.

You are all our dear friends. This is how we come to you, with much joy and laughter. We form a base for you to stand on and uplift you with love in the world. We are there for you always. Offering love and laughter, love and laughter. Dear, dear, dear ones we are here for you. Lean on us, stand on us, and use us as supports and propellers to push you forward in love.

Ah, love and all love to you our dear ones. You are very precious ones. Love, love, love.

Than more love.

The Angels


Thank you dear sweet angels, you bring us love and laughter; two things that we need more of in this world. Thank you WordPress weekly challenge for challenging me to show my happy face. And thank you Gloria for your friendship.

With love, laughter and friendship,


Angelic Scribe

Slow Days

Today is a slow day. Having a day without a long list of things one has to accomplish is a gift.

I am reading the book, Angels by Billy Graham. I have read it before, yet, I am finding fresh insights, as is often the case when I reread a book. It is a fantastic book about the angels, and how they visit and minister to us. I enjoy reading and studying about the angels, as with scripture or other studies, because there is always so much to learn. Being open to learning about God and his holy angels I expand my awareness and appreciation for all that they do for us.


We are here to help and assist you to know the love of your Lord and Savior and to feel warm and secure in that love so that you can learn and grow. Your struggles are illusions that you believe more so than the love. Know them to be fancy painted lies that only wish to harm and deceive you and nothing more. Know we are with you every step of the way. There are many, plentiful for you. We are all around you waiting and wanting to bless you abundantly today. You are held tight in God’s loving arms to hold you fast. Know this and lean to it. Lean into it and find it holds you fast and secure.

Angel Signature

The angels are here for us. They do not need to speak volumes to get their message across; they are loving and supportive to assist us in all we do.


My Practice of Giving

It is always uplifting to sit and listen to the angels. Doing readings for others is a practice of giving that this blog affords me. I want to sit and be with the angels so that I have more to give. Therefore, I ask the angels to come and join me in the quiet of this evening that I may share their works/words with you.

We have/are assigned work to do~ as are you~ we must complete tasks and we too must be ready to do what we are asked to do by God therefore we understand and are here to assist you in what Gods asks you to do. Your work is our work~ we join with you in doing all manner of things so that your tasks~ well your work/your ministry/your daily life becomes infused with the energy and love of the Lord. We bring this energy. We/our frequency is very good/powerful/beneficial for you and your physical and spiritual body. Ah you/many of you have felt it in tiny amounts yet we wish to bring it to you more~ A flow~ A mighty charging wave.

Here the reading changed and became directed. The more I wrote the more I felt that they were speaking directly to one or two people who need to hear this message. However, as with many of the readings, there are parts that are useful for all of us.

Now to those who are struggling right now~ you find it difficult to breathe like the air around you has grown thick and your body deceives you as it gasps and wheezes. There, there, there take comfort and know there are ways for you to feel much better~ so many of what you need is more sleep to truly rest~ change the time/times you take your medication for you to have better sleep and take/make your sleeping area better~ remove the distractions and the objects that create/hold dust — less of all is more of what you need ~ all will also rid of anxiety and decrease feelings of fear which have swollen your airways— Yes mental manifestations have/are causing you more problems than just the physical symptoms~ Ah yes to sleep and relax and release.

Angelic language….

Angel Signature


It is always a joy to sit and listen to what the angels want to share. They know so much about us and want only the best for us.

I hope that the person or persons that the second part of the reading is directed toward will find their way here, and take the suggestions of the angels that will assist them in breathing and sleeping better.

The angels want to join with us and assist us every day. May you feel their presence in your life.