What are You Watching

You should watch this movie! How many times has someone said that to you?

I am often disappointed with movie recommendations. I, also, find that movies too often do not live up to the hype that the media says they are. Often, the previews or trailers show all the best parts of a movie, so why would bother with the full feature.

However, sometimes they get it right, and you find a movie that touches your heart and soul in a profound way. The movie I watched last night did just that. Not just because it touched on a subject, heaven, that I believe in, but because the family struggled to understand the experience of a small child.

Some of you may know about my earliest memories of writing in Angelic Language was when I was four years old and that it was not well received by my parents. The parents of this small child struggle to believe what he says, yet at the same time, question how they can doubt it.

Whether or not you believe in angels, heaven and miraculous happenings I highly recommend a wonderfully touching movie: Heaven is For Real. This movie is about the power of believing in the things we can’t see. Happy Watching.



Hanging out with the angels,


Three out of Ten

Three of Ten

Three out of ten doctors recommend…

The challenge today was make a list of ten words, then knock it down to three and then write. Well, I got started and all the words wanted to start with the letter S.


Yet, after I got started I couldn’t stop.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Saturday
  3. Silly
  4. Smiles
  5. Sure
  6. Simple
  7. Sassy
  8. Sharp
  9. See Saw
  10. Seahorses
  11. Sand Castles
  12. Sand Toys
  13. Sashay
  14. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


Somehow, it always comes back to Mary Poppins. She makes everything light and fun. She seems to know everyone and how to handle every situation. Furthermore, she can reach in her carpetbag and pull out just the right thing. However, on the rare occasion when she doesn’t know what to say she will sling out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and viola all is solved.

So on this Saturday filled with sunshine I want to be silly and wear a smile as I take my sassy personality and sashay my hips down to the seashore to see seahorses and use my sand toys to build sandcastles; it is as simple as that or better yet it is  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

See you in the sand.


Please enjoy this video of: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


TGIF: Freaky Friday

The challenge today was to pick someone that you would change places with. I like a challenge but there is NO one I would change places with. I may have my goals, dreams and aspirations but I like ME!

The other evening after my husband took a picture of mine, my daughters, and my son’s girlfriend feet, because we all had our toenails painted hot pink, he started taking pictures of me. I told him to stop; I didn’t want my picture taken. Then, my oldest daughter admonished me, she told me to let him take my picture. She said that I should let him take my picture because he thinks I am beautiful and wants to take a picture of his lovely wife. I was speechless.

The next day I told my daughter that I had truly heard her and that I appreciated her words of wisdom. She sees how much he loves me. I was reminded that I need to notice that too. And I do. However, I need to really allow him to see me as beautiful and see myself through his loving eyes.

My daughter and I agreed that we are not usually pleased with pictures of ourselves. Yet, as she pointed out, that is not why he was taking my picture. He was taking a picture of someone he loves and finds beautiful.

I have often thought of that same concept when I look at pictures of my friends and loved ones. I see the person I love. I don’t scrutinize the photo looking for flaws. I am looking at their heart, through a photograph. After all, photos are just a one dimensional view of a three dimensional person.

We, when looking at ourselves and at others, need to remember to look deeper and wider to the heart of the person. That is where the true beauty lies. Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, it is in the heart.

When we open our hearts then we can truly open our eyes and really see each other and the larger world. Just think if we all did this; now that would be freaky.

Yes, yes, yes dear ones you need to see through to the heart of each other. The true inner spark each of you carries that spark that fires off and sets the world ablaze in color and in glory. You are each such magnificent creatures. You are each made up of so much love. Find that in yourself and in others. Celebrate it. Embrace it. Allow it to float free.

This is not for one special day a week or for special events. This is for every day for always.

 Dear ones we send out so much love

 Breathe dear ones. Allow the breath of love to flow in you and around you and through you to others

The Angels

How do you feel about having your photo taken? Do you often not like what you see? Do you look at your friends and family photos with the same critical eye?

From my heart to yours,



Damn girl what did you do to your hair?


What, oh this mess?

Went to bed with my hair soaking wet

Then wrestled with an angel or two


Whoa girl look at that bruise

You sure that’s the story you’re sticking to?


Yes- why you say that

Well you sure it wasn’t that man of yours

Rough you up

They do that sure nough

Then want to shut you up

Make you say crazy things


These here are just my battle scars

That’s right

But weren’t no human battle lines


Warring with demons

Guess you don’t know me well

All the times I must walk close to hell

Be there to rescue

Bits and pieces and stuff like that

Gotta get em and bring em back

To the light

Bathed and brand new

So some soul just like you

Can be glued together

Like you is supposed to

Me- I ain’t got no need for that


Sure we all do

We all got things that happen to us

Some dark moments

Where we splinter apart

And need someone like me

To go rescue those parts

Take them gently by the hand

Up to that light

To the Master’s Land

Where angels rejoice like

You is coming home

To have a lost piece of your soul

Washed clean and restored

So now you can be

More whole

Like you supposed to be


So why you do this work for God

You seem just like me child

I am

I’m just like you

Called to this

It weren’t something I asked to do

Told and obeyed the voice

Called each time to go

I tremble and am terrified

Yet go- I go


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again


Never heard of such a thing

Knows for sure tho

What you done did for me

I saw your face

I felt your hand

Touched me you did

And didn’t let go

Can’t hardly believe

I remember such

I do- I do


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

This poem is about the spirit rescue work I do. Is there a part of you that needs to be restored? We will find you and make you whole.

Sending love and healing,

Juju and the angels

Toot Toot!

Tooting One’s Own Horn

Such a sight!

This makes me think of the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are celebrating their unbirthdays. Alice had never heard of such a thing; since she had only celebrated her birthday. Her new friends wanted her to know that she was missing out on 364 other celebrations!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! 

This is similar to how I view tooting one’s own horn… Fore, if we wait for someone to notice all of wonderfulness about us we may have to wait a long time. Therefore, we can pat ourselves on the back and kiss our own brains every day.

It doesn’t mean we have to shout it from the rooftops, although that’s not a bad idea. It just means, why miss an opportunity to give ourselves a bit of credit. Lord knows we do enough self-criticizing.

So pass me the horn, I have some tooting to do!

The angels have a bit to say on this too:

Dear ones, yes you should toot your own horn. You are wondrous and full of the glory of God. Yes, you are wonderful. So full of love. Dear ones shout for joy, praise God and all his creations. Such things you do so well. You each are unique and special. So shine each of you- shine the light and love that is in instilled in each of you. From the smallest speck of wonder and amazement- the very tiny is worthy of celebration and jubilation. Be joyous. Be you. You are worthily, wonderfully made.

 The Angels

Giving thanks to God and the angels for reminding us that we are each unique and special, and therefore worthy of tooting our horns about. Blow baby blow.

Keeping the horn pressed to my lips, I am going to do a bit of horn blowing and praising the Lord for each and every one of you. You are amazing! Yes you are! Sending warm wishes for a very merry unbirthday to you!


Angel Scribe