Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes, and comes back upon itself anew

The Angels Speak to us:

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer.

Prayer releases the power of God. Does He require this of you? No, you need to do this. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You must not let the things of this world or of the spirit world cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send love, to be love, for all those that need it.

All need love

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too mighty for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

This timeless message speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours. This simple, yet powerful message tells us that we are powerful. We affect the physical and the spiritual realms with our prayers. And through those prayers, we join with God and the holy angels to live in love.

Sending you infinite love,


Streaming Through

100_0032Sometimes all we need to remember is that God is here. God’s light will filter through the thickest of problems to find us. And we, like little sprouts growing, reach to find the light sent to us. The angels come among us to facilitate our reaching and God’s sending.

Love, light and angels,



Portals of Angelic Activity

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Storm Clouds Rolling In- Courtesy of Fox News

Two major storms in less than a week. In many ways there is nothing unusual about that, after all it was hurricane/tornado season and storms are becoming more frequent everywhere.

However, these two major storm systems had been centered over my little town. The pictures and the weather reports only confirmed what I already knew; that God was opening a portal over where I live, a portal from heaven to earth, one of great angelic energy.

God loves a good show, so he sends dark clouds, thunder, lightning and heavy winds to get our attention. Let me tell you, God already had my attention. Yet, he really got my attention with the perform he put on. The cloud formations were impressive as was the light show.

God is calls me and challenges me to share his message of love and reconciliation with YOU!

You may be wondering why God uses someone like me. I have often wondered the same thing. The reason is that God is uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Trust me, I am just an ordinary person living a small life in a small town, and truth be told, I like it that way. I only write and share because I am told to. I am compelled to share. This is to build up the kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Portals are very powerful places for angelic activity. Here I am humbly amidst all of this activity of swirling, opening electric energy of God and the angels.

The storm had quieted. Rest and dreams called to me.

Deep spiritual work of healing and blessing will be done under the protective cloak of sleep. For in sleep my spirit connects with others on a deep spiritual level. In sleep we are more open and truthful, we resist less and take more; take more of what we truly need. In this realm, I am able to work with God and the angels to offer blessings and healing.

That morning I awoke to find the world renewed. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The temperatures had cooled and the damp humidity was gone. The world was awash in green.

Some may look around after such a storm and see damage and destruction but God asks us to focus on the beauty of the light filled day.

Blessing all,


Dear ones such swirling activity and energy is coming to you at this time. Many such portals are being opened. Many such places are being charged and re-calibrated to the high frequency of angelic activity. Do not be alarmed by such things. Glory in that you are witness and part of such chargings. Stand in the power given to you and use it to spread the love and blessings.

Dear, dear, dear ones we are with you. We are near. So much is happening right now.

You are in a time of much spiritual work.

You are drawn here and placed here.

Know this to be true.

Know this to be love.

Be love, loves.

The angels

Taking Measurements

Angelic activity is always going on, yet sometimes, they seem to be working overtime. The moment I typed that, it hit me how ridiculous that statement is, since the angels neither work nor do time; let alone overtime. They do not operate in the sense of time or space; they are not confined to such things. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to have that same sense of no time and no space.

I had one of those experiences this morning.

They want me to share with you about visions, it is important for you to understand how quickly they transport us to another dimension and back again.

I had a vision of an open door that led to a deep expanse of darkness. Yet, there was nothing foreboding about this darkness, it was more of portal. I had the sense of being invited to enter. Just as quickly the vision was gone. The door, I realized, was the door to the guest bedroom that I always keep closed.

The angels want you to know that they will show you things that do not make sense to your logical mind, things that will make you shake your head and question if you really saw it. This happens frequently with the angels.

Seeing this vision led me to open the door and go in the room. This is the room where I display many of my angels and spiritual objects. My eyes were drawn to the collection of angels on top of my antique hutch. I felt a male angelic presence. My next thought was that I have rarely seen male angel statues. However, I am most often visited by male angels.

The angels want you to know that they are neither male nor female but that they do present themselves ways that we can recognize and they carry energetic frequencies that we would equate with feminine and masculine energy.

Later, when I was making my bed and preparing for the day, I was thinking the word ministry but I said measure. Yes, I talk to myself. I then said that I do not measure up; that I would be weighed and found lacking (see Daniel 5:27).

I was immediately, rebuked by the spirit, and told I was perfect- made just for the purpose that God has in mind for me.

Then, when I was getting my breakfast, an angel told me to stop what I was doing and to stand with my arms up, in line with my shoulders.

I stood facing the angel that had directed me. I then felt the presence of a large male angel behind me running something down my spine to my legs and out both of my arms. He then stretched my arms open and back. He released me quickly and I sprang back to standing. I heard the two angels conferring about me but could not really distinguish any of their words. Yet, I had a sense that they agreed that I was the perfect measurement for ME!

*I always want to make sure I am using a word correctly, so I checked an online dictionary. I am confident the angels led me to use the word confer;

Confer- verb- to consult together, to compare opinions, to carry on a discussion

Confer- verb- to bestow a gift, favor or honor

I am confident that angels conferred a blessing on me this morning. However, this message is for you too. You too are the perfect measure to do what God has gifted you to do. When we are operating from our gifts, we feel joyful and energetic. So, please stop comparing yourself and putting yourself down and instead start celebrating all of the wonderfulness of YOU!

With love,

Juju and the angels

Light Shining Through



I have always liked the left side of the couch. As a lefty, it is cozy and makes reaching for a pen or a drink easy and comfortable. Of course that makes the lamp to my left too, which is great for reading but not so great for writing; as I always cast a shadow over the pages I am writing on.

I have often thought I should switch sides with my husband and move to the right side of the couch, where I would not cast a shadow over my writing pad. It would be a good trade since he is right-handed and therefore he must cast a shadow over his writing too.

Yet tonight, as I wrote, the shadow over taking the page was no longer the dark shadow I have always battled. No, tonight, as I did an angel writing in Angelic language, it was the hand of God overshadowing the page. This shadow, as all shadows, appeared to be following me. Yet, my mind saw a larger picture of God’s hand creating the true shadow to lead me in His ministry of sharing the messages from the angels. It is I who follow the prompting of the words coming through. I began to understand the purpose of the shadow of God’s light shining down and through; creating enough illumination to see the path ahead and follow it; step by step.

May you see the hand of God upon your life.

With love and angels,


Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes and comes back upon itself anew.

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer. Prayer releases the power of God. Does he require this? No, you do. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You are not compelled, nor told to share these “ugly” visions, yet you also can not let them cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send, to be love, for the little ones that need it.

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too far for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

There is really nothing to add to this. It is beautiful and simple, like so many messages from the angels.

I want to thank all of you who read of this blog. You are amazing individuals full of love.

Sending you infinite love,


Correcting the Balance


Just when I thought, I had nothing to blog about then a few incidents happened that perfectly illustrate something that we can all benefit from.

I want to share with you how we can correct the balance when we feel that the world has treated us unfairly.

I can get my feelings hurt very easily. It doesn’t take much to get me upset and feeling down about the world and my place in it. Yet, I am also very resilient and bounce back from my hurt feelings quickly.

My little trick for bouncing back, it is simple, I just ask myself if I can out give or out love God? The answer is always no. Therefore, my remedy to any slight is to give more and love more. This is not an easy task, by any means, yet it is a task that I do with the utmost urgency and discipline.

The first incident was that I was slighted by not being told that someone’s plans had changed and I waited an entire day for them to show up. The other one was that someone reneged on an agreement, which cost me both time and money. The temptation, after these types of incidents, is to cut these people off; after all, I must not be important to them. From there I may also want to stop extending myself to others.

However, I am not offering my services or extending myself for nothing; it is to the benefit of all and the glory of God. I truly cannot out do, out give or out love God; none of us can.

So, I would like to share with you one of the ways that I use these slights to help others and myself grow. I have a jar that I fill it with spare change, money that I find, money that I am paid for things I offered to do gratis, money that is paid but it was not the agreed on amount, and money that was owed me and was written off but came in out of the blue. Most of the reasons on my list you probably understand, it is extra, it is found, it is unexpected. However, the others need a bit more explanation. For example if someone pays me less than what they should or we agreed on, I normally would feel slighted that they didn’t honor me with what I am worth. When this happens, I might feel upset or unappreciated, to counter balance that and turn it around, I do not want to keep those funds with ill feelings attached, so I put them in my jar knowing that it will go to bless others. This shifts the balance back to where it needs to be; feeling blessed. Then someone will come to me through pray or other means that needs the money. If at the end of a specified amount of time, an individual person isn’t shown to me, I will write a check to a charity.

I need real, tangible ways to keep myself from going down a dark path and changing into one of those people that are closed off and unwilling or unable to give to others. I do not want to let these slights and hurts get the better of me and turn me into someone who is bitter. I want to be open, loving, and charitable. I want to give since I feel I have much to give. I am truly blessed and want to bless others.

Sitting down to write this today made me remember that this is why I blog; because I am blessed and I want to share those blessing with my readers. I am blessed to hear angels speak and to be able to share what they say with others. I am blessed beyond words or measure.


Oh dear ones, we come to bring you laughter and joy. We come to bring you an abundance. We come to bring you joy beyond measure. We come to bring you love.

Our dear one she wants to connect and give to you. We are here speaking to her and she, with us, speaks to the universe. If you need us please ask. We want to come and offer to you anything you need. We come soft. We come gentle. We come with love.

We come to show you ways of abundance and to be joyful and to share. All in abundance~ the universe gives to you unending. 

Many loves love

The Angels

We will name ourselves if we need to… just ask 


Remember we cannot out give God and the holy angels. However, we can have fun in the process 🙂

Love and angels,



Damn girl what did you do to your hair?


What, oh this mess?

Went to bed with my hair soaking wet

Then wrestled with an angel or two


Whoa girl look at that bruise

You sure that’s the story you’re sticking to?


Yes- why you say that

Well you sure it wasn’t that man of yours

Rough you up

They do that sure nough

Then want to shut you up

Make you say crazy things


These here are just my battle scars

That’s right

But weren’t no human battle lines


Warring with demons

Guess you don’t know me well

All the times I must walk close to hell

Be there to rescue

Bits and pieces and stuff like that

Gotta get em and bring em back

To the light

Bathed and brand new

So some soul just like you

Can be glued together

Like you is supposed to

Me- I ain’t got no need for that


Sure we all do

We all got things that happen to us

Some dark moments

Where we splinter apart

And need someone like me

To go rescue those parts

Take them gently by the hand

Up to that light

To the Master’s Land

Where angels rejoice like

You is coming home

To have a lost piece of your soul

Washed clean and restored

So now you can be

More whole

Like you supposed to be


So why you do this work for God

You seem just like me child

I am

I’m just like you

Called to this

It weren’t something I asked to do

Told and obeyed the voice

Called each time to go

I tremble and am terrified

Yet go- I go


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again


Never heard of such a thing

Knows for sure tho

What you done did for me

I saw your face

I felt your hand

Touched me you did

And didn’t let go

Can’t hardly believe

I remember such

I do- I do


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

This poem is about the spirit rescue work I do. Is there a part of you that needs to be restored? We will find you and make you whole.

Sending love and healing,

Juju and the angels

Summer Special


A Mimosa Tree In Bloom


I love summer, with warmer days and cool nights, less laundry and fireflies. I don’t think I could ever get tired of summer; even if it lasted all year. I would love to live somewhere warm all year. In the meantime, I savor summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is the mimosa trees with their fragrant pink flowers. They are a special summer treat. I love the sight, the smell and the feel of them. If you have never smelled a mimosa flower before they have a soft floral scent that is heavenly. They burst forth on the tree with a soft pink center and vibrant hot pink on the tips. Yet, the best part is the feel of the flower; it is airy and so soft. I love to sweep them across my face. I can get lost enjoying the soft, sweet, colorful blooms.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride, as I do most days now that it is warm enough. While on it, I stopped and picked my first mimosa flower of the summer. As I rode, I held the flower and would sporadically take it and bring it up to my nose for a smell and then brush it across my cheek. They remind me of a kiss from the angels.

Some things are better, and we appreciate them more, because they are rare. Things that we only get to enjoy once in a while or even once in a lifetime. Like the mimosa flowers of summer or a kiss from an angel.

Yet, love is something that is here for us each and every day. It is something that is brought to us in so many ways; often common everyday occurrences and people bring us the love we want and desire. Are you open to knowing and seeing all of the love coming your way?

If you’re not sure; then ask God to open you to love. You will be happy you asked for more love to be shown to you. It is there, waiting, blooming as colorful, as sweet and as soft as a mimosa flower.

Love, love, love


PS: I wish we had smell-o vision screens so you could smell the flowers. BTW, I love the smell of Honeysuckle vine too! I am just crazy about summer.

Another Perspective

Today, I received another interpretation of my dream.

This time the man was Jesus. What I realized was that I have offended and hurt him many times over. Many times I have acted like a child when everything didn’t go my way; storming off in some direction, sure of my way, without seeking his confirmation that I was on the right and true path.

I realize that I fear his wrath and punishment because I know I deserve it. I cower in fear hiding from his love. He brings the rod of correction and the staff of direction; yet I resist them. I question what he wants to “do” to me rather than trust that he only wants what’s best for me. Sometimes because of my own stubbornness and willfulness I am caused pain; physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. Yet, he is there to lovingly soothe my pain and help me heal.

Because I pushed myself out of dream I missed the result or the ending. How often has the fear or my own resistance caused me to miss a blessing? I am concerned that it happens all too often.

Yet, I know and have faith that he (Jesus) will return over and over again. He will send legions of angels, as well. He can and does work alone yet, he has at his command angels to do his bidding. He comes because he loves me. He comes calm and peaceful even when he is correcting me. He comes wielding his rod and staff to pull and to push me. It is me who runs, resists and refuses what he has to offer.

Dear angels do you wish to speak about this to us today:

This is a simple one, we come, our Lord Jesus comes in love. We are sent by him to bring you love and show you unseen things. His ways are above our ways. He comes in ways that may seem harsh to you yet they are always in love. There is no other way that he or we can be.

We want you to know this down deep in your soul. We want you to feel the mighty love.

Dear ones do not be afraid for the comfort is here. We are here. We are always near.

Yes, you must be corrected and sometimes that seems painful but the results will bring the greater glory.

Stay in the love.

One, one, one of you has been through so much lately. The storms, real and spiritual, have blown so hard in your life. Know that we are with you as you weather these storms. Feel us there. Feel us near. We see the tears you cry and we bring you comfort. Know that all will be well for you soon.

Yes so many have weathered these storms. We are there. We are near. We are watching over those that have been watching the skies. Clearer times are coming soon.

It is never easy to lose the ones you love. Yet, they are not lost to us. We hold them for you. We cherish them too. Know this and add it to your comfort. Let your heart be not full of fear.

We joy, joy, joy in lost ones found. Many more will be found. Even the dogs and the cats will come home.

Just for today, just for today. You only need the manna for today. Trust more will be there tomorrow. Take only what you need; no more. Trust more is coming tomorrow. This is still true today as it was for the Israelites.

The Angels

I believe that both interpretations of this dream and the angels words are correct and valid. Forgive me dear Lord! I confess my fear and disobedience. I may not be perfect but I am loved. Lord help me to trust your love and protection.