Girlfriend Hands III


What was I thinking

Painting my nails

Of course the polish smeared and chipped

Within minutes

By the next day

They looked really bad

But I had no time to fix them

A busy week each day they looked

Worse and worse

Hunting through the linen closet

I finally found the almost empty bottle of nail polish remover

It wasn’t enough- UGH

They looked even worse

I wanted to hide my hands

Hoping no one would notice

Chipped pink sparklily nail polish

Stuck on from Valentine’s Day

Screamed- UGLY

Looks can be deceiving because in reality

These are writer’s hands

Penning poetry hands

These are amazing

Sending out healing hands

These are artist hands

Creating visions and sensations hands

These are nourishing hands

Preparing body and soul food hands

I scrap and scratch the last few flecks

Desperate to remove the traces of pink

“Out, out great spot”

However unlike he

I only wish to reveal

The true stain of these hands

Which conjour up such amazing things

Love is in the mix of all of these


Judy Angelheart

2/17/18 Copyright and all rights reserved

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my poetry with you for national poetry month.

Yes, these are my hands, dried and weatherworn. We need to remember that looks really can be deceiving; the person is always more important than the appearances.

We are finally experiencing spring-like temperatures here which makes me very happy! Sending out warm healing energy to all of you.


Power in Knowing

I heard it, as distinct as if he were standing right next to me. Hauntingly the words came back to me although; they were uttered many years ago. Like lightening, it prickled my skin and awakened my senses. Fear flashed through me.

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything. 

Had I heard that right?

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything!

A harsh whisper demanding that I keep my mouth shut and be good.

An adult voice admonishing a small child.

But hadn’t I already been a good girl?

Hadn’t I already done what I was told?

Furthermore, why didn’t I know anything?

How would those words haunt my life?

How those words would haunt my life…


Echoes of the past taunt no more!

I wrote the words down, to make sure I saw them for what they were, merely words, yet a mighty edict they had been on my life.

If anyone asks, you don’t know anything.

I drew a line through them, marking out those words that held such weight.

Next, I rewrote the sentence to heal the broken and add power back into my life:

If anyone asks, you know everything!

When I first looked at the new sentence I wanted to deny it, it was arrogant of me to write that I know everything. However, I was told by the angels to write the opposite of the sentence that had echoed in the recesses of my subconscious mind for far too long. I had to declare that not only would I answer when asked but that I would know what to answer.

They didn’t want to just heal the broken; they wanted to add power.

What is more powerful than knowing?

To know that we can ask and it will be given…

To know that we are loved…

To end all lies and live in truth…

This is the power of knowing!

I share this because you too may have had someone tell you to keep unhealthy secrets or cover up things with lies. Know that you are being called to heal that part of you. Know that you are a powerful one and that all that you need is available to you.

Yet, you do not have to do this work alone, I  and the angels can assist you, with the work I do called Spirit Rescue to heal those broken pieces, restore you spirit and add power to your life.

Sending out healing energy and love,


If you would like more information, please contact me:


Little One, Dear One

Often the angels refer to us as Dear Ones; that they would hold us in such love and esteem is both humbling and amazing.

Yesterday while doing an Angel Reading for someone, I got an image of a small child sitting alone. I realized that the child was that person’s inner child. Their inner child was feeling very lost and all alone. I instantly wanted to go and wrap my arms around this little one and reassure them that they were not alone and that they were going to be alright. Yet, I was told not to go to the child but to tell the person the reading was for that they were to go and comfort this child; their own inner child. It felt off putting at first but then I understood what they wanted this person to do, and how they wanted to empower them with the ability to comfort and heal their own inner child that was hurting. I then saw an image of their hand reaching out to their inner child and pulling the child in for a warm embrace.





This was a very powerful image and one I wanted to share with you because I suspect that many of you also have an inner child in need of some comfort and love. You too can be empowered to reach out and take the hand of that small child and wrap them in comfort and love. I encourage you to do this. Ask the angels to assist you, as they assisted this person. You and your inner child will be happier and healthier for it. This is so needed at this time. So much sorrow and sadness will be healed.

Blessings and love to you and your inner child,


To Heal Our Hearts

I have been silent… I have intentionally been absent from blogging because there didn’t seem to be a way to join the conversation. I, along with a nation, yeah the world, was hurting. From that place of pain, I felt inadequate to offer anything but prayer. Therefore, that is what I did. I spent a lot of time in prayer.

I also spent time praying about and focusing on what I can do to make the world a better place.

Even now, weeks after what happened, I find it challenging to write anything of any significance. I have asked myself repeatedly what can my voice add.

My voice may not add much, yet, God did not ask me to tell you something monumental, he only asked that I come and tell you that this horrible event, and ones like it, is not an act of God. We must remember that there is evil in the world. This was one of those times; a troubled mind caught in the grip of evil. This is a sad truth. These events remind us of those truths.

However, they more importantly, illuminate the love and care of God and his holy angels. We see this in the love in the heart of one teacher to shield her young students with her body. This is just one example of the human heart’s capacity to love. There was great love that rang out and sang out, even to those that perished.

Please know that in the midst of the chaos many angels came to comfort and cherish those who were dying.

The angels were there. Yes, they were there.

Ultimately, love was there to bring so much to so many.

We have all cried so many tears. It is difficult to find words, for they seem so trite. Yet, at this time, it is important to pray for healing for those who survived. They remain, and for them (for us all) to carry on, it is going to take many miracles of love. May the peace of God find its way into their (all) hearts every day.

With love and pray,


Love Lingers, Love Stays

The Angels:

To those that feel they have lost love- squandered it away- nay dear ones- You are love and that love grows and prospers every day. You can’t lose love even if you lose the object of your love. The desire of your heart doesn’t melt away.

Love stays on- lingers in all the ones that love touched and can continue to grow in its absence.

Yes, love is an amazing thing!

Love, love, love

 The Angels


Last night I was doing some healing work on my cat. In addition to giving him healing energy, I also wanted to use him as a conduit to send healing to my friend’s dog. Usually he loves the energy work, however, for some reason, this time it overwhelmed him and he attacked me. Why did he do that when all I was doing was helping/healing his aches and pains and those of my friend’s dog?

We too, are often like that, we attack and back away from the very thing/person that reaches out to aid and soothe our pain. Let us not recoil from the hand of kindness. Nor strike out in fear when the healing energy becomes too intense, but rather, let us trust what is coming our way and grow with it. Growth, even painful growth, comes with opening ourselves up to the healing/learning that is offered to us.

And love is what lingers. Love is what stays.

Sending out healing energy with love,


Healing of the Heart

I am sitting here on this breezy summer afternoon. Life should be as wonderful and as perfect as this day but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment. On the contrary, I have been struggling with some issues lately and I need to turn to God and the angels for answers and direction. I need healing of the heart.

I get my feelings hurt easily. I can be think logical about a situation and know, intellectually, that I have no reason to get my feelings hurt but I cannot easily shut off those feelings. I also  ruminate on things long after I should have let them go. However, I am quick to forgive and I don’t hold grudges; except with myself. I am very hard on myself and often feel that I should never make mistakes. I figure that an intelligent person like me should be able to function on a daily basis without putting her foot in her mouth. Yet, I find that the opposite is too often true.

I have been praying about these things lately and I have yet to find any solace; except for the solace that I find in prayer. My time of fellowship with God and the holy angels are a balm to my weary soul. Maybe you are in this same boat. I am going to go to scripture and the angels and ask for some assistance.

I was led to the book of Psalms. It was not immediately evident which one of the three portions of Psalms I was being led to, yet after reading I know it is Psalms 91. It is about the care and security of God. The full Psalms is of importance and I encourage you to read it. However, my heart focused on these verses:

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.

Psalms 91:14-16

Kings James Version


With God’s love set upon me, I know that I can love myself and others through any situation. It sounds so simple, yet it is never easy to go beyond our feelings to reach in and out in love. The first step in love is to love ourselves; because how can we offer love that we are not willing to receive. When we can receive love, then we can give love to others. I must already have love in order to give love. How wonderful to know that God loves me and wants me to have that love indwelling inside me so that I can share it with others. This is why I must also forgive myself. Holding grudges creates a barrier to love. In addition, when I accept God’s forgiveness and allow it to assist me to forgive myself then I can offer that same forgiveness to others. We can only give what we have. The true source of all things is God. So, I call upon God to give me all that I need to heal my broken heart, forgive myself and others, love myself and others and offer that same love to everyone I meet. This is a tall order, yet God can equip us for all things.

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are with you always. We come to show you the loving ways of our heavenly father/mother. We come to show you the love that is there for you and available to you at all times in all ways. You are much too harsh on yourself/selves. The time has come for you to let go of all these things that are weighing you down and not allowing you to move forward. There are so many things that you need to be doing yet you can’t with all of this weight of unforgiveness.

Dear ones we offer to you a way to know that you are loved. Our presence to you every moment of every day we bring this love and pour it over your life. It may seem at times that we are absent or that love is absent but it is not. We are ever present and with you. Selah.

To you dear one you are questioning everything that is happening in your life. Then you fear that your questioning will anger God and that he has had it with you. That he will cast you away because you ask. Never fear asking. Your questions allow God to see your heart. It opens you to his love and guidance. Imagine if there were no questions. Without questions, there would be no answers. Everyone wants answers. What you really fear is/ are the answer/s you don’t want to hear. Yet, know that all of the answers are brought to you on wings of love. You can be assured that your answers are coming. Do not fear asking them. With great love, they are heard. You do not need to struggle any longer. So many answers are coming for you.

 To another dear one, timid little mouse you are. You are hiding away from everyone. You fear rejection so you do not venture out. This is not the way you were meant to be. You are meant for great things. You must trust the path you are on, step up, and step out with all boldness. Let your talents be known to all. You are not as hidden as you believe to be, so come out and be you.

To all of the little ones we are coming closer in the coming weeks. So much is happening in the world. And many have been wondering where we are. We are hear, we are hear, we are hear.

To all love, love, love

The Angels


Thank you for spending time with God, the angels and me.


Letting Go to Fly!

As I go about straightening up, I am compelled to pause and ponder things I have collected; from cards, to books, to knickknacks, to name just a few. Each item that I touch has a story that, most likely, only I know. Yet, sometimes story or no story it is time to let go. That is true with all things; even people. Sometimes we stubbornly hang onto people because we have a story, a history, or future hopes and dreams. However, letting go is not the same as throwing away or no longer caring. It is just releasing our hold on it/them and allowing the universe to take over. To give those things, those hopes, and dreams, to God and allow him to bless them and then give back to us what we need. This may seem difficult, yet, we can do it with faith that we will be given the best and highest for us.

Dear ones we know you can see yourself in this tale of human connection. For each thing clings to you in ways unknown and untold. Yet, sometimes the bigger story, the bigger connection happens when you release. Allow the light and love of God to come through this space that was occupied by something or someone that was not where it should be. We do not judge but we see how clogged you become when you forget to move on and up into a place that you need to be. How stagnant you can become as you are not producing the fragrance you were meant to. There is no sun, no light, no room for growth. Being choked out by weeds and unneeded things. Go clear a space for your soul. Find a sunny spot to allow your wings to expand and grow. Fly children, fly.

The Angels

There is so much power contained in this brief message from the angels. One I know I need to heed, because I want to make space for my spirit to open. I want a sunny spot to allow my wings room to expand. I want my soul to fly. May you too find your space to soar!

Releasing and Expanding,


Left-handed scribe

Pain and Suffering

This post was written to give you some background information about me and to assist you in understanding the work I do.

Pain and Suffering:

I could write a book, and some say I should, because I live with pain every day of my life and I sure have known suffering. However, mine, as bad as it was or is at times, seems small in comparison to others pain and suffering.

Yet, I feel compelled to share with you a part of my story so that you can know me a little bit better.

I was abused as a child; primarily sexual abuse, although I also was emotionally abused. I don’t often share this, because in the past I have gotten one of two responses; either people have pitied me, “You poor thing.” or they have treated me like a leper; afraid that somehow I will contaminate them. Both of those reactions have left me feeling sad and sorry I ever opened up and said anything. Moreover, often these exchanges have then tainted and tarnished my relationships; like poison.

However, I know there are others who have suffered trauma and need healing. Therefore, the angels have compelled me to share my past in order to reach out and help you heal. They want you to feel safe to open up and allow healing to begin in your lives.

I want to share with you how God has worked in me and through me to assist me in forgiving the horrible things that were done to me throughout my childhood and beyond. Yes, I have forgiven every one of the people who did such horrible and mean things to me. I may never be able to forget them, although for many years the memories of my abuse were locked away in the deep recesses of my mind. It took some intense work to find those memories. You may be wondering, why I would want to unlock those memories and go back and relive them again. The answer lies in healing. Those locked away, hidden in the dark memories, needed to be brought out to the healing light of God. For that is how He works wonders and transforms lives from the inside out! Then with the assistance of the Holy Angels I was able to go back to the time and place of the trauma and rescue parts of my spirit that had been left behind. This is how we are made whole.

Besides doing the Angelic writings I have been tasked with doing this very emotionally wrenching work for others. I am privileged and humbled to do this work, to go back into someone’s past and bring a part of them home. I bring those lost parts of them to God, to be bathed in his light. Therefore, it is God and his Angels that do the real work of restoring the person. I asked why they need me to assist them in this work and I have been told because at those darkest times in someone’s life they will “see” and trust me because I am like them; we are the same; in our make-up and in our common suffering. I do this work under the guidance and extreme protection of God and his holy angels. This work is called Spirit Rescue.

I have had people ask me about this work and the Angelic writing; wanting to know if there are others that do the same type of work. I honestly don’t know but I am sure there are. Furthermore, there are probably some who have done it bolder and braver then I. And still others who are too afraid to do the work they are being asked to do. As for me, I have finally (I think) come to a time and a place in my life where I am doing this work openly and boldly to the Glory of God. To be honest some days I am so scared of the reactions and the rejection that I just want to say, nay yell, “NO!” Nevertheless, I won’t, not ever again, will I hide this work away. This is my ministry. A ministry filled with pain and suffering. Yet, also, a ministry filled with laughter and joy. So, no matter what, I will boldly stand and proclaim the love of God through the pain and suffering of his son Jesus, as he speaks to me (us) through the Angelic writings and I will go wherever I am led/sent to assist in healing people and making them whole.

I ask that you accept these writings as a gift. Please know that I am very human; I get overwhelmed, I get sad, I get afraid. However, I am called and I am here for you. I want to use this space to bring you messages from the angels and healing LOVE!


Angelic Scribe and Spirit Rescuer

In God’s Grip

God seized me today; he literally got a hold of me. It was a strange feeling to be in two worlds/realms at the same time. Everything took on a surreal quality, yet at the same time, everything was the same. It was especially interesting because I was driving at the time. Hey, I was driving under the influence of God. So, would that be a DUI?

Can you imagine me trying to explain it to a police officer:

You see officer God squeezed me tight like a boa constrictor and moved my spine just as the light changed. That’s why I hesitated before entering the intersection. Yes, officer, it was difficult to breathe. No, officer, it was not difficult to drive. You see, officer, it is because of the duality of realms; my body was in the hands of God and also driving the car. Yes, sir, I will ask God to refrain from doing such things in the future but I really have no control over the workings of God. 

I am sure that would not be a believable story. Fortunately, my driving ability was not impaired and I proceeded to drive normally while feeling anything but normal. And what God did in those few minutes was amazing.

It is often that way when one finds themselves literally gripped by the power of God; in all of his many ways.

Dear Angels please give me words to help explain what happened:

Oh Dear one you explained it well. Yet, it is difficult to find words that fit and tell all that one experiences. God works his miracles every day in so many ways. And as you experienced it doesn’t need to take long or be majorly dramatic. God works in small, tiny ways and yet if you, if you all, are open and aware of them then you will know and feel them.

Be gentle, rest, treat yourself and others well. Do not worry or be concerned thinking that nothing like this has happened to you. Oh, but it has~ not everyone is as keenly aware or as open. God respects who you are and what you can handle. Know miracles are real and they are happening around you. Simple truths, simple ways; simply know~ and know love, show love, be love.

Yes, there is evil and it binds you with fear. Drown fear with a flood; a flood of love.

Angelic writing…

 Angel Signature


It can be disconcerting to find yourself in the grip of Gods mighty power. Yet, it is humbling to know that God wants to touch us (in so many ways) and that when he does he is in control (as he always is). Yet, it is also reassuring to know that God cares and loves us to want to take away our pain, comfort us in our sorrows, and laugh with us in our joys. I pray that you find yourself in the grip of God soon.

In trust and humility,