21 Things

21 Things I Irrationally LOVE and 21 Things I Irrationally Hate Dislike

Dislikes: I will start with these to get them out of the way.

  1. The overuse or misuse of words, such as irrational, it is my list so it is my opinion and feelings therefore, it is not irrational.
  2. People who talk to me when I am writing or typing, I am easily distracted and I forget stuff very quickly so please refrain from interrupting me while I am getting my thoughts out.
  3. Cold, anything cold, I do not like cold weather, cold water, cold hands, etc.
  4. Pain, this one I might be able to add the word hate to, I hate being in pain or seeing anyone or anything in pain. I especially hate torture.
  5. Mean people!
  6. Bad dreams/nightmares, they are the worst because they ruin sleep and get stuck in my brain for days.
  7. Disregard for others feelings or well-being, for example you tell someone that you can’t be around cigarette smoke and they light up right next to you anyway and then expect you to move.
  8. This is a love/hate; technology, it evolves faster than I can keep up which leaves me feeling lost and confused.
  9. Litter bugs, come on find a trash can, it’s not that difficult.
  10. Pollution and other stuff that hurts Mother Nature, this one could be its own long list.
  11. Putting profits/gain before people/any living thing.
  12. Bullies! I know that is very similar to mean people but they need their own spot. Anyone that takes advantage of those weaker then themselves is worse than a mean person.
  13. Another love/hate; redundancy, if you just said it you do not need to say it again. However, some things bear repeating.
  14. The word TRY; either do it or don’t do it. If you attempt something then you did it. Likewise, if you don’t want to do something say so!
  15. Excuses; this is a tough one but really don’t give me excuses. If you need to explain that is fine but…NO excuses!
  16. Refusing to apologize or own up to; if you did something wrong apologize and if you can right a wrong do it.
  17. Blaming; similar to the point above but you don’t just skirt the issue you put it off on someone or something else.
  18. Another love/hate, auto correct and spell-check, I want it to stop filling in or telling me that it is not a word when I know what it is I am saying.
  19. Judgment/shaming, it is not your place to judge/shame. Trust me you do not know enough about it to judge/shame anyone.
  20. Injustice, not really considering everything/all sides, and then rendering unjust decisions that have long-term effects.
  21. Ignorance, this is what causes so many problems, being uninformed is no excuse. From ignorance comes fear, which creates prejudice and other nasty outcomes.

21 Things I LOVE!

  1. Food/Drink, especially, leftovers, I like shopping for it, preparing it and eating it. Things like wine and beer go with this one.
  2. Books, this was not always a true statement for me, they were the bane of my existence when I was a child because I couldn’t read well but now, one of my favorite things!
  3. Words, nothing is more powerful. They truly are mightier than the sword.
  4. LOVE, what’s not to love about love!
  5. Music, this seems to be on many of people’s lists, yet it is so true that music moves the world.
  6. Laughter/giggles, I love big bold belly laughs and children’s gleeful giggles.
  7. Simple manners, please, thank you, excuse me, holding doors, etc. Use them liberally and teach them to your children.
  8. Healing, so many things go under this from saying a simple “I am sorry” to miraculous healings.
  9. Renewal, as in spring but also in the many ways all things renew on a daily basis.
  10. Technology, remember this was a love/hate, without it we would literally still be living in the dark.
  11. Living for more than today or ourselves, the Native Americans believed that we should always consider seven generations down in making all decisions. This is a good way to live.
  12. Spirit/God/Angels and all that is shared between us mere mortals and the heavenly realm.
  13. Energy somewhat like that above statement, all living things have energy yet I also believe that things of the spirit have energy too.
  14. Redundancy; some things bear repeating and some things just naturally repeat or overlap. For instance, I can hear the words “I love you” over and over again.
  15. Joy, it is a concept often confused with happiness, but it is not contingent upon feelings it is a state of being.
  16. Lists, they make life easier and more compact.
  17. Open/Willingness, those that are open/willing to learn, to ask kind questions, to find out and investigate to improve relationships, procedures, etc.
  18. Questions, they are starting points to learn, to grow, to expand, and to improve.
  19. Auto correct/spell-check and other helpful things like dictionaries, resource materials and other sources that make writing and learning/expressing one’s self better/easier.
  20. Warm; warm anything, warm weather, warm hugs, warm blankets, and warm, warm, warm.
  21. Creativity, the spark that makes everything come into fruition.
  22. My readers, because without you I wouldn’t have anyone to read my lists/blog posts!

Of course, I saved the best for last. I’m a rule breaker and it’s my list and I thought YOU deserved a place on it; a bonus!

Sending you many of my favorite things:

Warm hugs, laughter, and angels,


From the movie Mary Poppins:

I LOVE to Laugh!

Ever Land

I refuse to grow up or grow old. I consider myself a conscious and responsible member of the world. However, that doesn’t mean I have to grow up and lose my childhood enthusiasm, and since old is an attitude I am never going to let myself be old. On the contrary, I am going to keep a young attitude and a sharp wit. I am going to play all my days. I am going to stay busy watching worms wiggle and flowers grow.

Speaking of flowers, spring is coming! That might come as a surprise today, since most of the United States is being hit by a nice wintry mix of snow and icy rain. Yet, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes the blooming of flowers, which means my yard will once again be filled with buttercups and dandelions; two of my favorite flowers. What, I heard that. You can call them weeds if you like, but in my book, they are flowers worthy of admiration and safekeeping. Each year, my husband has to do a lot of convincing to get me to let him cut the yard with all its beautiful yellow wildflowers. One year he let me have my carpet of yellow for weeks before he felt that the neighbors would complain. Then and only then did he cut the yard, however, he did keep a nice patch of buttercups off to the side. He sure does know how to make a girl happy.


Like calling Dandelions weeds, it is often true with other things in our lives, things we think are bothersome or unpleasant; yet often they are actually blessings in disguise. God often brings us some of our greatest blessing in unexpected shapes and forms.

Therefore, we must be mindful, as we are culling things in our lives to ask God what needs to remain. We must also be careful to not allow anyone to persuade or dissuade us with their helpful advice.

As winter winds blow and howl all around you think to the spring. Know that the father has his hands upon the time and flow of all things. Do not fret and worry for all will be well. There are many things ready to bloom and swell. Wait upon the time with wonderful anticipation. Yet, waste no time in worrisome contemplation.

The things that you see and hear are sometimes more than you can bear. Yet, know that like the spring there are blessings waiting to grow.

And even when things seem bleak there is love hidden for those who seek. And all of the ugliness of this time will one day be covered with beauty.

We never mean to be trite, only to remind you that no matter your blight God knows of it too and is always there for you.

We wish we could change all things now but we can’t. You are more mighty and powerful for many of this. You have within the weapons you need. You have the lion’s heart.

Carry forward and on and take hold of each other, to uplift all.

The Angels


I love when the angels wax poetic. It may seem redundant and trite at times, but no apologies from me or the angels fore we believe in the power of love. Many blessings are waiting to come alive in our lives. Just like the many buttercups waiting for spring.

Thinking warm spring thoughts ready to awaken your heart and soul,


Left-handed scribe

Let’s Get Excited!

I’m excited! I get excited easily. Then I take off in a hundred different directions all at once. Not that I always have the energy, the where with all, or the knowledge and understanding, yet, watch out, here I come!

Occasionally, my excitement and eagerness has been mistaken for rudeness, as I barrel full steam ahead. At other times it is dismissed as just another one of my passing fancies; here today and gone tomorrow. However, there are a few people in my life, and thank God for them, who are always supportive and never tire of my enthusiasm. Even if sometimes my follow through leaves something to be desired. That can sometimes be attributed to me finding out it wasn’t my cup of tea, or after prayer and counsel, not what God desires for me, or I am just off on a new adventure.

Some of you are probably like me, easily excited and ready to jump in with both feet.

However, with maturity, that of ourselves and of good counsel, along with time of prayer and reflection, we can more readily see the path set out before us. God doesn’t want to squelch our desires; on the contrary he wants to add fuel to our fires. Moreover, because he wants our fire to be strong he wants to offer to us only the best; the best for us. This one-on-one revealing and feeding between each of us and God is done for our benefit and for that of everyone else. Fore, as we are being who and what God planned for us, we are better able to share those gifts with others so that we (the collective we) can ALL benefit.

Our dear, dear scribe you are so wonderful to share your thoughts and your love, your heart.

And then you look up- you judge- your worth based on your surroundings or your circumstances. And yet you know God is bigger than that. You know and yet you cannot feel it or experience it. What blocks your heart right now from the flow of love? Where is the key to open the gates and let it flow free? What are you holding back? What qualities have you buried concerned of being judged? Like precious keepsakes packed away in boxes. Go, find them and unpack them. Let them delight you and decorate your life. Why do you always feel you have to be doing when you need to be being?

Angelic language

Do not seek the long complicated answer when the smallest one will do. Untwist and un-complicate.

The Angels 


Then a playful dog came along…

Literally, he just came happily into the room. This little dog is an answer to so many prayers. He was my engagement present. I was given him in lieu of a ring because I can’t wear rings. However, before we could welcome into the family, everyone had to approve of him. Although, he was enthusiastically approved, I believe we were also chosen by him and that an angel or two had their hand in the process.

He was not the breed of dog I was considering, but God knew his personality was exactly what I needed. He is highly social, not very bright, extremely friendly, and always wants to play.

He brought our other dog, Bear, back to his puppy-hood, as he learned to play with his new best friend. Bear also became the big brother protector; a role he had been waiting to fill his whole life.

My goofy boy, Pudge, reminds me that we are supposed to snuggle, get kisses, and PLAY! Things you would think would be easy things to remember, yet, obviously, they need repeating on a daily, yeah sometimes minute basis. It was he who went nuts just now and prompted me to tell you about his fun and playful ways. Whereas, he is easily amused, he is also easily distracted, as he is already off on another adventure. Each moment is new and fresh and ready to be explored. Let’s play! he says.

And with him in my life, there is plenty of play. This is just perfect because it is just one more reason to get excited. Let’s get excited! Let’s play!

Juju and Pudge

Postscript: Pudge is 12 years old this month (Feb. 2019) and still very playful. He loves his toys and will play and play and play! Bear crossed over the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago and we miss him dearly.


Today I took some of the Angel Art to a local craft fair. The weather was horrible but a few people came out. People stopped and looked, some even asked questions but no sales. That is okay, because, I know that it takes time for people to understand and allow the gifts from the angels to find a place in their hearts. In between talking to people, I had a time to do a writing to share with you.

Dear ones this is all you need to know and be, here and now, know this; you were made for joy. Live joyously and in joy and all joy. Know it and grow it. Cultivate joy and abundance in your life. Give joy to yourself, let your soul laugh. Soak in it and let your body and spirit absorb it. Know joy, know love.

Ah little ones we are here.

You may think these words are redundant. Oh yet they must be. They are words that you need to hear and to know. We bring you many words for you to know joy, yet at times we bring you many of the same word.

We ask you:

How much joy can you know? How much joy can you understand? How much joy can you have?

Define all the ways and means of joy. Describe all the times of joy.

As with love, joy can only be multiplied as it is shared. Ah, a simple truth. All good and loving things can only be multiplied. No, never divided. Like you and your need for love. Your capacity for love. Love only grows and can never be depleted. And time does not diminish it nor death end it. Love goes on and on.

Dear ones you are living in the days of love and high energy. Please do not be distracted by the heavy cares of the world. Those temporal things will not last. Do not get caught up in the ugliness or the harsh mean ways of the world.

Live in joy. Be joyous. Be love. 


Angel Signature


May you find all the ways and means of exploring joy in your life and finding fun ways to share it with others.



A Cloud has Lifted

Good day, I have not posted for a while because I have been going through a rough patch. The angels reminded me this morning that is all the more reason that I do need to post; because there are others who also are hurting and having a difficult time. Why is it that we avoid one another and our fellowship with God and the angels just when we need it the most?

These stormy times in our life need to draw us in and closer to God, even if it feels like he is far, far away.

The angels wish to speak to us about these times:

Dear ones we are always with you. When you feel that life is difficult or makes you sad and depressed, we are here. When there seems more questions than answers, we are here. When you cannot find the map to navigate with, we are here. Of course you feel lost and confused but that is only because you are not in control. Let go and let God steer your vessel over the dark and stormy seas. As the winds whip and toss your tiny ship, quiet your heart and mind. Allow the torrent of rains to fall. Oh but you say that you cannot, you are afraid. This fear that you feel is the only wall between you and the love that you wish to feel. Yes, love. Love that will give you the strength, the determination, the will and the heart to go forward. To see that is the only way in which you can go. We go in all directions at once. We can travel in all ways and by all modes. Yet, you must move forward. Always toward the light of life.

Oh, oh dear ones you tremble and fret. You toss and you turn. You wail and gnash your teeth. Silly waste of time. No, we do not laugh at you. We come to comfort you and bring you the true joy you desire. Yet, you snatch away your hand. You pull back your heart. You close off the only way in. So, we wait. We stand ready. We sit by your side. We are here. We are here.

Come out of your shell and extend your hand and open your heart. This will be the secret way of the soul. The big, fat secret. Can you not hear our loving laughter? We sing to you in joyous song.

No, your pain is not small or forgotten. We wish to come and wash it away. Be open for that hand. It is coming soon.

Oh, yes it is coming soon.

The Angels


I pray that you will not stay away because of your personal pain. I apologize that I did.


Pain and Suffering

This post was written to give you some background information about me and to assist you in understanding the work I do.

Pain and Suffering:

I could write a book, and some say I should, because I live with pain every day of my life and I sure have known suffering. However, mine, as bad as it was or is at times, seems small in comparison to others pain and suffering.

Yet, I feel compelled to share with you a part of my story so that you can know me a little bit better.

I was abused as a child; primarily sexual abuse, although I also was emotionally abused. I don’t often share this, because in the past I have gotten one of two responses; either people have pitied me, “You poor thing.” or they have treated me like a leper; afraid that somehow I will contaminate them. Both of those reactions have left me feeling sad and sorry I ever opened up and said anything. Moreover, often these exchanges have then tainted and tarnished my relationships; like poison.

However, I know there are others who have suffered trauma and need healing. Therefore, the angels have compelled me to share my past in order to reach out and help you heal. They want you to feel safe to open up and allow healing to begin in your lives.

I want to share with you how God has worked in me and through me to assist me in forgiving the horrible things that were done to me throughout my childhood and beyond. Yes, I have forgiven every one of the people who did such horrible and mean things to me. I may never be able to forget them, although for many years the memories of my abuse were locked away in the deep recesses of my mind. It took some intense work to find those memories. You may be wondering, why I would want to unlock those memories and go back and relive them again. The answer lies in healing. Those locked away, hidden in the dark memories, needed to be brought out to the healing light of God. For that is how He works wonders and transforms lives from the inside out! Then with the assistance of the Holy Angels I was able to go back to the time and place of the trauma and rescue parts of my spirit that had been left behind. This is how we are made whole.

Besides doing the Angelic writings I have been tasked with doing this very emotionally wrenching work for others. I am privileged and humbled to do this work, to go back into someone’s past and bring a part of them home. I bring those lost parts of them to God, to be bathed in his light. Therefore, it is God and his Angels that do the real work of restoring the person. I asked why they need me to assist them in this work and I have been told because at those darkest times in someone’s life they will “see” and trust me because I am like them; we are the same; in our make-up and in our common suffering. I do this work under the guidance and extreme protection of God and his holy angels. This work is called Spirit Rescue.

I have had people ask me about this work and the Angelic writing; wanting to know if there are others that do the same type of work. I honestly don’t know but I am sure there are. Furthermore, there are probably some who have done it bolder and braver then I. And still others who are too afraid to do the work they are being asked to do. As for me, I have finally (I think) come to a time and a place in my life where I am doing this work openly and boldly to the Glory of God. To be honest some days I am so scared of the reactions and the rejection that I just want to say, nay yell, “NO!” Nevertheless, I won’t, not ever again, will I hide this work away. This is my ministry. A ministry filled with pain and suffering. Yet, also, a ministry filled with laughter and joy. So, no matter what, I will boldly stand and proclaim the love of God through the pain and suffering of his son Jesus, as he speaks to me (us) through the Angelic writings and I will go wherever I am led/sent to assist in healing people and making them whole.

I ask that you accept these writings as a gift. Please know that I am very human; I get overwhelmed, I get sad, I get afraid. However, I am called and I am here for you. I want to use this space to bring you messages from the angels and healing LOVE!


Angelic Scribe and Spirit Rescuer

Out of Sorts

I pushed myself to go to work today; twice. I had to come home for a while in between my two part-time jobs. Something in my heart and soul didn’t feel right. I came home, ate some lunch, and did an Angel reading for myself. Then I forced myself back out the door to my other job.

This evening, I still feel out of sorts. I am not sure what is going on today but I have learned to honor what I am feeling. So, I am playing uplifting music, I have said a few prayers, and now I feel compelled to come and sit with you and the angels and let them speak to us.

Something big must be going on in the world. There always is when I get like this.

I rarely just sit at the computer and type my posts. Instead, I usually sit somewhere quiet to listen to the angels and hand-write out the messages and then type up what I wrote. However, tonight I thought I needed to let it flow.

Dear ones sometimes you do need to set apart time and space to be by yourself or to listen to music you love or to just be gentle with yourself. Who are you trying to measure yourself against this time? What are you trying to figure out that has your mind so troubled? Oh dear ones you are so hard on yourselves sometimes and we just wish to bring you reassurance of the love that God has for you and the life that you lead. You do not need to keep up a crazy pace or earn millions of dollars or get straight A’s to be a good person. You don’t need to go out and give or do every day. So many of you do so much in so many small ways, that you are not even aware of. Let go of the huge expectations and high profiles to just allow yourselves to be and time to enjoy.

Oh dear, dear, dear ones. Love. Life. Oh so much of the time you spend it fretting away about cares of yours and concerns. Just for this moment let all that go. Allow the waters of life to flow over and around you and shape you. Or become like water and flow around and through the obstacles that you think stand in your way. Or just be still. Be oh so still. Gentle waters. Soft and sweet for your soul.

Drink of the living water. Drink and never thirst again. Drink and be filled to everlasting and to everlasting.

The things that you are worried about or fear are small. Oh, yet not so small for God to handle. Give it over to the one who can and wants to take your burdens away. Become light and float away. Become unburdened and light. You have made your lives too heavy. Yes, loves it is that simple and easy.

Allow the images in your head to be transformed into joyous, lovely, wondersoul visions of joy, love, laughter and more…

Oh little ones come and be, just be. Find yourself in the loving arms of God. And allow us the angels to minister to all of your needs.


The Angels


It was good to get lost in the angelic writing and drift away from whatever has me so unsettled. I am sure that as I trust God and lean into love that I will settled down and become calm.

Sending prayers and calming energy out,


The Sweet Aroma of Angels

I am sitting here eating kettle corn; a great combo of sweet and salty. It was made just right; not too sweet and not too salty.

Eating this treat reminded me of the angels and that I needed to do a writing. You might wonder, how does eating kettle corn remind her of angels. Well, it really is not the eating of kettle corm that reminded me but the smell of kettle corn. And the reason that would remind me of the angels is that they often come with a scent; and the scent is most often sweet. To me they often smell like sugar cookies. I’m sure this is why so many of us have a sweet tooth; because it conjures up memories of our times with and in the angelic realm. The angels know us so well.

I will let the smell of kettle corn take me there….

Dear ones we do come on gentle breezes and sweet aromas~ We come bidden and unbidden. We come to bring you love.

There is much cheering and celebrating, yet know there is great sadness too. Life is precious. It is always a gift to live, to breathe, to laugh, to cry. Most know this, so know that we cannot take the moments that we are given lightly. We may feel relieve, yet we should not rejoice in the suffering of others. We must be very careful to send love even to those who do us harm~ who hate us~ send love.

Now onto other matters~ higher matters. Great natural forces will always be at play. Raging storms that cannot be controlled but it is NOT a punishment. It is the natural order of all things. Not one precious one was lost without our God knowing~ not one. And as the earth and sky and water rocked again and winds blew, all seemed wrong yet know it was a natural thing. Let go the anger so the earth can heal.

So much, oh so so much going on in the world. How is one to know and how to go and to trust. Trust love and the leading and prompting of love.

Go children and give love, show love and live in love. So simple and yet so important. Yeah imperative at this time, at all times. 

For one right now they are really feeling lost and alone. Know we are with you. We see you and see the sea of green. You must know that we can touch you and comfort you. Allow us to begin the process of healing for you. You are not alone. We love you, God loves you and you have many others who you do not even know praying for you right now. Those who we have visited and put you upon their hearts. Some are even oceans away and yet they know your name. Many prayers.

There is one who feels there is no one to hold their hand. Reach it out and we will touch it. Yes, right now reach it out and feel a gentle touch upon your hand. With this know that you are not wrong about those other things. Hold fast and believe.

And to you quiet shy one. It is time for you to come out and shine. Let your little light become a beacon. Someone needs to see your light. You are much more important than you have given yourself credit for. Know this. And shine.

The Angels


The angels are with you, they are always with you. Please remember that if you are brought here, drawn here, that these messages are for you today. You are the one that they wrote this for. They knew you were coming, whether it is a day, or a month, or a year, or even many years later, they knew and renew these messages.

In these times, in all times, we need to send love. Please help in spreading the riches of love to all people. We must band together to assist the angels in this sending out and receiving of love.

Sending out love,


Sunday=Sunny Day

Today started out gloomy and gray but now has become clear and sunny. I like sunny days, especially if they are warm, sunny days.

I have come to this space and time without an agenda or a true prompting. I have simply come and opened myself to what the angels have to say at this time, on this day.

Dear one you wait with great expectation for us to speak, to reveal ourselves to you and yet you know we are always here. You can hear our laughter if you quiet yourself enough. So many do not want to hear because they fear what they might hear or what they may have to do or see. Yet, we encourage you to have no fears or expectations of or for/from us. There is no agenda with us only love. Our messages and our songs and our laughter spill forth love. You want a big message telling you and directing you in your life purpose and mission. Start from love, follow love, be love, move in love and toward love, share love. This is the directive. So why is this fearful, why is this hard?

Oh little ones you were meant to be so much in so many multiple ways that you get caught up in choices. Yet, it is simple. All is very simple. Look for the signs that we send. They are right there for you.

You think we are cryptic and confusing. We are not we are plain and simple. You take what we bring and make it difficult.

Now someone wants to hear a special song from us. Well, dear one go turn on the radio and it will be there. You will hear it and it will gladden and confirm for you that what your heart and mind has been troubled about is going to be solved (they kept wanted me to write so-loved but I knew that the word they wanted you to know is solved.)

Another one, oh a small one and wee one is so sad and only needs a little. Who can come and give it to  you? Who have you asked? You asked no one but we are sending someone to come to you. Someone out of the blue. Someone who you least expect is coming and coming soon. They will bring sunshine and joy into your heart. You will be restored and strengthened. Take them at their word. Trust what they have to say. It is a message from God. They will not realize it but you will. Know it now and prepare for it coming, so that your heart and soul will be open for this wonderful thing/person.

Ah, shells on the beach and other finds. You will find a special little trinket soon. This one is from us. Keep it close in the coming days and it will bring you our love. It will be infused with our energy.

Now- now is the time to jump. Go. Move. Do not hesitate. You know the way you are supposed to go, so go. For you this one part is for you. YOU know that it is so do not question it or wonder. GO! Quickly, you must go now. You are questioning, know this is for you. 

The Angels


Readers, I may not know you each individually but God and His holy angels do. They take this time, this forum to reach out and speak to you. Do not be dismayed if they do not use names. Trust when you feel your heartstrings pull that piece or part of the message was/is meant for you.

Always for you and always with love,