In the Midst

All around is the roaring of lions

Their noise deafens my ears

I sink down 

In the midst of it all


I hear them

The whisper of angels

Softly bringing love

To the world

Judy Angelheart

I found this small treasure among all my past blog posts and felt that it was the perfect little poem to share again.




Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes, and comes back upon itself anew

The Angels Speak to us:

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer.

Prayer releases the power of God. Does He require this of you? No, you need to do this. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You must not let the things of this world or of the spirit world cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send love, to be love, for all those that need it.

All need love

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too mighty for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

This timeless message speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours. This simple, yet powerful message tells us that we are powerful. We affect the physical and the spiritual realms with our prayers. And through those prayers, we join with God and the holy angels to live in love.

Sending you infinite love,


A Woman’s Prerogative




Are you talking to me

I am not here to perform tricks for you


You laugh

You look so pretty when you



So what you’re telling me is

I’m ugly if I don’t


For you


You laugh again


You know what’s funny

That you don’t know me

Or what makes me


But I will share with you

Being commanded to


Isn’t one of the things

That makes me happy

Makes my heart sing


So stop putting your

Demands on me to


I’m not going to give

One to you

These are mine to distribute

As my heart tells me to




Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2018


This poem is dedicated to all the lovely women who have ever heard someone tell them to SMILE. My lovely daughter recently was lamenting about men telling her to smile. This poem was prompted by a conversation I heard this morning at the library. I overheard a man tell this beautiful woman to smile; she remained silent, she just shook her head.

What is it going to take for people (men) to understand that it is not flattering to be commanded, like a dog, to SMILE!

Stop doing it! It isn’t kind or respectful because our beauty- all our beauty inside and out is not here for your entertainment.

Sending out love to all my beautiful, lovely ladies- YOU are so much more than your smile. I hope this poem and the love I send with it will make you SMILE!

And to all the men, I am sending out an abundance of love and feminine energy. I know the majority of you are very kind and supportive of us beautiful women.



PS: I wrote this poem in my notebook, however, it would be more correct to say I quickly scribbled it before the Muse got away. Afterward, I neatly made a copy of this poem and walked over and gave it to her. I told her, “Thank you for being an inspiration for me this morning.” I waited while she read the poem and with tears in both of our eyes, we gave each other a hug. Then I walked away because I didn’t want her to feel obligated to me in any way and I also didn’t want to intrude any further on her day. She really is a beautiful lady inside and out. Thank you for the hug!

Citizens of the World

I live in the United States of America. I have lived here all of my life. I was born and raised in Maryland and have lived most of my life in here in Maryland. I am a little too young to have been a hippy and a little too old to have been a yuppie.

My husband was born in Germany; his father was born in Greece. My husband came to the United States at the age of ten. His father moved to Greece as an adult and stayed. My husband graduated high school, became a citizen, and joined the United States Air Force. His father remained a Greek citizen all his life.

Some countries will allow you to have dual citizenship; the United States is not one of them. My husband felt strongly that he wanted to be a citizen of his adopted country. In order to do so, he had to learn its history and its laws and he gave up his German and Greek citizenship.

In the time that he has been here, he has honorably served this country, voted in its elections, worked for the government, and volunteered with the American Legion serving veterans of all eras.

Most people who immigrate to this country come here and become outstanding members of our society, even if they never give up citizenship in their country of birth. His mother is still a German citizen. She retired from working for a government agency. However, because of our fears after 911, someone like her would not be able to have a job like that anymore.

What do we fear…?

While you contemplate that, my real reason for writing today is that recently I have witnessed a disturbing trend among our children. I have witnessed children under the age of twelve, who would have been babies when our last president, Barrack Obama, took office eight years ago, speaking and acting in ways that speak volumes for what they are learning at home.

From the beginning of time, cultures have had leaders, rulers, kings, and presidents. Some have been tyrants and others kind. However, most were respected as the heads of state that the title or office afforded them. Yes, there were always those who opposed a president or ruler and at times a bad one needed to be overthrown or impeached.

In the history of the United States of America, the office of the president has been respected. It is the highest level a political leader can achieve. It is not handed down to someone through birth; it is earned through hard work and by the votes of the people. Many times, the tally of the votes have been questioned and opposition to the point of murder has happened, such was the case with President Lincoln and Kennedy.

Yet, in my lifetime, starting with just being old enough to watch the protests of the Vietnam War, through the impeachment of President Nixon, on to the scandalous acts of President Clinton, I have never seen children so filled with vehement hate for a president.

Children are not born hating anyone they learn to hate.

Therefore, when I see children wearing pins that depict President Trump in a toilet and others playing a game called “Punch the Trump”, it disturbs me. These children are being molded by the world around them. I would like to see them grow up to be loving, kind citizens. Yet, these acts make me question if that will be the future for them.

I am not one to let a teachable moment slide…

The first incident happened while I was teaching at my church. A young girl was wearing some pins. I asked her where she got the pins. She proudly told me her mother bought them for her at the Women’s March in Washington, DC. Therefore, no matter the rhetoric, one of the main reasons for the march(es) was to protest President Trump.

After asking her about where she got the pins. I asked her if she knew who “Trump” was, since one of her pins said, “Flush the Trump” and she said that she did, that he is the President. I then told her that the pins were not very nice. She just shrugged her shoulders.

Therefore, to help her understand the hatred they depicted, I related it to someone closer to her. I reminded her that she had a principal at her school and asked her if she would wear a pin like that about her principal. She said, “No, that wouldn’t be nice.” I countered with if that wouldn’t be nice then maybe she should rethink wearing the pins. I, continued, because I know her mother is a principal at a high school, and asked her how she would feel if the teens there wore pins like that about her mother. She said she wouldn’t like that at all.

Sometimes, the best way to teach is to relate the lesson back to people and things that they know. I hope it opened up some conversations at her home and made her rethink wearing the pins.

The second incident happened at the end of the day, in a class where I was the substitute teacher. The children had packed up and asked if they could play a game on the computer. After giving them permission, I reminded them that they were not to play any violent games. Therefore, I was very surprised when I heard them talking about the game “Punch the Trump.” Moreover, even, more surprised when I went over and discovered that they were playing it. For some reason they did not think it was violent, they thought it was funny. Even though, at this point in the game, the animated President Trump was bloody and falling down. I told them it was extremely violent and unacceptable. One boy turned around and told me that he hates President Trump.

I told them that they needed to exit the game immediately. Then I reminded them that he is the President of our country and deserves our respect. I also told them that we do not hate anyone.

In both of these stories the children are young, the first child is only nine years old and the classroom I was covering was full of eleven-year-olds. This disturbs and concerns me. I love children, I really do. Children need our love and tender care. They need to be brought up in love and respect. I cannot understand why anyone would teach their children to hate.

We all have a responsibility to teach children love, kindness, and respect. It is a huge responsibility but if we don’t do it, someone else may come in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and teach them hate.

Let’s teach by being examples of LOVE! Let’s show love loudly, so loud that we drown out all the hate.

Who’s in?


Juju and the Angels

We are LOVE and we are IN!





Lost in Transit Thursday

It has come to my attention that some of you didn’t receive yesterdays post. I have figured out what happened. I had channeled my inner Mata Hari and wrote my post in code with invisible ink and sent it out via pigeon carrier. I will try and recall one of the birds and decipher the message and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, should one of my birds show up carefully remove the scroll, squeeze some lemon juice on it, hold it up to a mirror and read the message.

As for today…

Nothing truly noteworthy. Just a short poem:

All around me are the roaring of lions

Their noise deafens my ears

I sink down 

In the midst of it all

Now  I hear it

The whisper of angels

Softly bringing love

To the world

Judy Angelheart

It is late here. I must now go to bed. May the night be kind to us all. May we hear the angels and feel the love.



Knock, Knock

8-knocking-doorTwo things are brought to mind by those two words. One is the laughter of children, as they tell or share in the fun of telling knock, knock jokes. The other is the image of Jesus standing at the door and knocking. Both images warm my heart and soul.

The intelligence of a child is shown in the ability to comprehend language. We usually think of a child comprehending concrete language, such as this is a ball or that is a dog. I recently got a wonderful visit with a friend and her three year old. I was surprised that he “got” one of my jokes and responded with a genuine belly laugh. He is also at the stage where he is answering questions such as where is your nose or what color is that, when he is asked. Yet, again he surprised me by his excitement about being able to tell us the plastic animals he pulled out my toy basket.

Knock, knock

Who’s there


Banana who

Knock, Knock

Who’s there


Banana who

Knock, Knock

Who’s there


Orange who

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana

Knock, Knock

Who’s there…..

The second image we most often do not equate with humor, yet it is funny in an ironic sort of way, Jesus is not stopped by doors, bars, or any other obstacle. However, he knocks because he wants to be invited. He is waiting for us to open the door, the door to our heart, and let him in.

The kingdom of God is within, yet we can only access it by opening the door and allowing the love to flow freely.

I thank you for opening your door to allow me to speak to your heart today of the love of God and the holy angels. The love freely flowing through the universe that is here and available to you; always.

We send you love.

Love, light and angels,




Streaming Through

100_0032Sometimes all we need to remember is that God is here. God’s light will filter through the thickest of problems to find us. And we, like little sprouts growing, reach to find the light sent to us. The angels come among us to facilitate our reaching and God’s sending.

Love, light and angels,



Choose To Be…

Well I never

Really I think you have

She acted shocked that I would call her out

That I would be perfectly, bluntly honest

Maybe she never had anyone be completely honest with her

Maybe she never thought someone would give her back a measure of her own medicine

She had it coming

That is the truth of the matter

Since she brought it out in the public square

It was well within the realm of my rights to take care of it publicly

I took the high road

I told her she was right

That she was smarter than me

That being so smart her route was easy

Take or leave it

Stay the course and do the work

Or go away

It was my class and I was responsible to teach it

To all the students

Fairly and equally

With no partiality

That shut her up

Backed her down

Looking back

I ponder

Did I make my point or just make her mad

I felt I had spoken well

Yet with time and distance

I see she needed

A way to save face

A way back into good graces

Even though I left the door open

Did she feel she was welcome to come in

At the time I was a new adjunct professor at a community college and was learning my way around the delicate realm of relationships between adult teachers and adult students. It was a dance to be confident and in charge while allowing the students to have a hand in creating the classroom dynamics.

This young woman blew me away with her crass attitude that she was smarter than I was and therefore, didn’t feel the need to have to take a class from someone beneath her intellect. She was rude and disrespectful to me in front of the entire class. I told her that I agreed that she was smarter than I was but that I had been hired to teach the class based on my qualifications and experience. In addition, since she was so smart the work should be easy for her and she should have no problem getting an A. However, she would still need to do the work in order to earn an A, because it was not my policy to give anyone a grade. I then offered for her to find another instructor if doing the work for me was not to her liking. It was a short but memorable exchange.

On the one hand, I feel that I handled it professionally; however, I am not sure that I didn’t also wound her spirit. Therefore, I hope you never are called out publicly so that you have to defend yourself publicly. However, if you are that you will handle it with all confidence and guts while allowing the other person a way out and a way back in.

Angels do you have anything to add:

Yes dear ones. The issue here is not right or wrong but that one butting heads with another creates battle. From that, it is difficult to win. Even though you were within your rights, where did that leave both of you?

We say that when these difficult situations come up you must pour love over it and allow that to guide you. There will always be difficult people. There will always be those who think they know more than you. They will always be around. Yet, you must shore up these relationships because you are the one that knows about love. Love covers a multitude. Being loving is more important than being right.

Be love, loves

Be love

The Angels

Thank you angels for your advice, that it is more important to be loving than to be right. May we find ourselves responding in love. Love builds relationships and fosters understanding. We need more love. So, let’s be those conduits of love!

To the student, fourth row back, please know that you were and are right; you are smart, so very smart and I’m sorry if I made you feel less than stellar that day. Sending you love and angels.




Experiential~ the experience of doing something without expectations and allowing it to happen organically~ without force or pressure~ the wide-eyed wonder of the new day~ to believe in miracles of seeing things for which there is no explanation and even if there is it defies all known probability.

How do we suspend all our preconceived notions and believes? How do we let go of all we think we know? How do we become beginners again and again and again? How do we reconcile that we know everything and yet we have to learn it all anew?

We are such wisdom filled creatures and yet our knowledge wants to suffocate us from learning~ from opening ourselves to the possibility of it ALL~ nothing is what it seems as we open to the magic of the moment- allow it to reveal itself in all of its multi-splendor~ We make such poor witnesses of our own lives~ for we only see what we see~ we need to ask for an expansion so we can be given more~ more of everything~ more perspectives, more views, more angles, more time; a non-exhaustive list to be sure~ Live is rich and abundant enough to give it to us~ God is generous enough to give it to us~ We may feel limited but we are not~ We are only beginning to learn~ We are such newbies of being~ Being love!

This is something I wrote near the end of an all day retreat, at our last silent contemplation time. We had been meditating on the concept of beginning and/or becoming a beginner again each day. That is what we must do in order to find the magic/miracle that each day has to offer.

Today the miracle is an overwhelming amount of love. The angels are very busy right now. Allow them to come to you and minister to your heart.



Which would you prefer

The bowl prepared for you

Or the bowl that has more

Oft we think we want the

Bowl with more

Yet what we really crave

What we truly need

Is the portion shared with love

That is what will sustain

What shall satisfy

What will give to us

Enough to share

With this we will see

We have plenty

Nothing has been held back

It matters not in the least

Should one get double

Another receive less

All to all

Wherein to increase

For to whom much is

Given much will be required

Dividends must be paid

Even on that not earned

For it is the only way

To claim

Divine rewards


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2015

This poem was conjured up from the experience of sharing ice cream. We so often think that we want the bigger portion or the huge success. However, that may not be what God has in mind for our life’s. If we take what is offered to us out of love and then share it to increase love than we can reap divine rewards and feel truly blessed.

Living the blessed life with love,


PS: I love using the word “Share” instead of “Serving” portions at the table, it gives a feeling of belonging to the whole and sharing in the wonders of the nourishment of body, mind and spirit.