I am sending you out a mission(s); each one is simple yet challenging. Choose one and take some time to think about and play with the idea of the mission. Then have fun exploring ways to accomplish the mission. You can pick one or several to explore. You can go down the list starting at number one and do each mission in order. You can do these missions alone or with a friend(s).

Mission  Guidelines:  

1.      Look for opportunities- everyone needs a little TLC

2.      Be open &willing to connect-to new people and experiences

3.      Give- expecting nothing in return

4.      Likewise- when given- take without guilt or obligation- allow the giver the gift of giving

5.      Small and Simple- nothing large or extraordinary is required-give what and when you can

6.      However- keep in mind that you can never out give God- there is abundance

7.      Plus giving/sharing begets MORE- it opens us- to the abundance of the universe

8.      Be thankful- that you have something to give

9.      Be joyful- joy is a heart condition- Give from your heart

10.   No right or wrong way to complete a mission-trust your instincts 

**A mission may spark powerful reactions; be prepared for spontaneous joy. However, you may also experience other emotions such as hurt, sorrow, or guilt. These emotions are signs that you are doing something meaningful. Keep up the good work. 

Please share your experiences:

On Facebook at www.facebook.com/whisperofangeljuju  or send an email to whisperofangels@live.com and I will post it or you can post it yourself right here.  

Thank you for Giving of Yourself,



Each mission carries with it a message or two. Have fun exploring and playing with concepts/tasks .

Mission #1: Be Forgiving

Primarily, be forgiving to and of yourself. This requires some self-exploration and honesty yet the rewards are worth it. We all make mistakes and do stupid things. Be kind to yourself and allow forgiveness to flow through YOU!

Now move on to forgiving others- keep in mind that forgiveness is an act of love, you do not need to condone or excuse them; just forgive. Nor do you need to allow someone to continue to hurt you.

Mission #2: Forgive Debt(s)

Allow someone(s) off the HOOK- let it go! Some words of caution here- forgive only what you can – financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Also, do not fall into the trap of bragging, boosting, or shaming others. Forgive quietly, freely, and completely. Maybe you can only forgive a portion of a debt, do what you feel comfortable doing.

Mission #3: Send a Card or a Letter

A handwritten note has so much impact. You can send a card to a friend or relative or you can send a card to a business that you like. However, you can also randomly send a card to someone by calling a nursing home and asking about a resident that likes to receive cards or send a card via the USO to a military person serving our country. The list is endless. However, taking the time to write a thoughtful note is invaluable.

Mission #4: Give Some Time

We are all busy- yet giving of your time to a local organization can literally change lives. You get to pick how much and where to give your time. Challenge yourself to research organizations and causes that speak to your heart and soul. Then call to find out how you can get involved. Go-give-get involved! You may just find a calling awaiting you.

Mission #5: Be Kind to Others

This sounds so easy. Yet, this is a challenge. Be kind for an entire day, to everyone and everything. You can’t get mad at your computer, cell phone or the driver next to you. There will be no cursing the ants crawling all over your kitchen or the leaking faucet in the bathroom.

Mission #6: Be Kind to YOURSELF

This sounds easy. Yet, this is a challenge. Be kind to yourself for an entire day. You can’t get upset or fall prey to the negative self-talk. You have to be kind to yourself in every way. Challenge yourself to look in the mirror and not find one flaw. No frustration over what you can’t do; we all have limitations. Celebrate all you CAN do!

Mission #7: Be Thankful

For EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Easy, right? However, we often forget how blessed we are. Count your blessings. Yes, count- how many pairs of shoes do you have, how many meals you ate today, do you have a mode of transportation, etc.… Too easy- take it up a notch be thankful for things before they happen. An example- I am thankful that I will find a good parking place and be on time for work.

Mission #8: Feed the Body and You Feed the Soul

Share a meal. You don’t have to cook it yourself but you may enjoy that. Take food to someone, offer to cook for a young busy family, fix a meal at the homeless shelter, etc… Yet, go beyond sharing the food and feeding someone- share you and sup together. There is a reason that this type of fellowship is important to our souls.

Mission #9: Be Well

The human body is an amazing thing! It is constantly repairing, rebuilding, and growing. Be amazed at the wonder of the human body- yours and others. We come in different sizes and shapes, yet all beautiful. No one is immune from illness; however, wellness is a state of the spirit. Celebrate the wellspring of vitality and health within each of us.

Mission #10: To Infinity and Beyond

Consider the infinite universe- it is big- it is ever expanding. Share this vision with others and allow them to know the infinite universe and its infinite blessings. Look for ways to honor and celebrate this expansion. Challenge yourself and others to expand your horizons- mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Good Advice

I have been doing good and I think I have conquered the bit of advice to:

Stop comparing yourself to OTTERS OTHERS


I swear I actually, accidentally, just wrote otters. Well, I am doing good at that too. I know that is not the typical advice one hears. However, that is what I tell myself all the time. I tell myself to be “OTTERLY!” To be like an otter is to PLAY! They are playful, fun-loving creatures.

When the angels came to me the other day, they came to remind me about my true mission here on earth; part of what they told me is that they want me to play more and sing more, and dance more.

We all could use more otter-like play, silly singing, and joyful dancing.

So, I’m off to go do a bit of all three.

See you tomorrow soon,


PS: The angels have something to add

We come to and for all- all- all- all

We come with messages of love and joy

Fore if all were to dance and play with laughter and joy

Oh what a world it would be

You are creators of the universe

Heal the soul of all with PLAY!

What a lovely message. Let’s create a universe full of playful spirits~ US!

Lost in Transit Thursday

It has come to my attention that some of you didn’t receive yesterdays post. I have figured out what happened. I had channeled my inner Mata Hari and wrote my post in code with invisible ink and sent it out via pigeon carrier. I will try and recall one of the birds and decipher the message and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, should one of my birds show up carefully remove the scroll, squeeze some lemon juice on it, hold it up to a mirror and read the message.

As for today…

Nothing truly noteworthy. Just a short poem:

All around me are the roaring of lions

Their noise deafens my ears

I sink down 

In the midst of it all

Now  I hear it

The whisper of angels

Softly bringing love

To the world

Judy Angelheart

It is late here. I must now go to bed. May the night be kind to us all. May we hear the angels and feel the love.



Knock, Knock

8-knocking-doorTwo things are brought to mind by those two words. One is the laughter of children, as they tell or share in the fun of telling knock, knock jokes. The other is the image of Jesus standing at the door and knocking. Both images warm my heart and soul.

The intelligence of a child is shown in the ability to comprehend language. We usually think of a child comprehending concrete language, such as this is a ball or that is a dog. I recently got a wonderful visit with a friend and her three year old. I was surprised that he “got” one of my jokes and responded with a genuine belly laugh. He is also at the stage where he is answering questions such as where is your nose or what color is that, when he is asked. Yet, again he surprised me by his excitement about being able to tell us the plastic animals he pulled out my toy basket.

Knock, knock

Who’s there


Banana who

Knock, Knock

Who’s there


Banana who

Knock, Knock

Who’s there


Orange who

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana

Knock, Knock

Who’s there…..

The second image we most often do not equate with humor, yet it is funny in an ironic sort of way, Jesus is not stopped by doors, bars, or any other obstacle. However, he knocks because he wants to be invited. He is waiting for us to open the door, the door to our heart, and let him in.

The kingdom of God is within, yet we can only access it by opening the door and allowing the love to flow freely.

I thank you for opening your door to allow me to speak to your heart today of the love of God and the holy angels. The love freely flowing through the universe that is here and available to you; always.

We send you love.

Love, light and angels,




Crazy Happy or is it Happy Crazy?

Yesterday everything was driving me crazy; I could list them all but that would be tiresome. In addition, I don’t like to use my Word Press or my Facebook page to rant, therefore, I will not start doing so now. To be honest, I usually rant in private, which I am sure drives God crazy. Wait, can someone drive God crazy? I have often thought I had such power, to make God crazy, or mad or upset or wrathful. The truth is I do not have that kind of power, or better put, I cannot control God. Yet, I do have the power to make myself crazy, or upset, or whatever. Actually, I am very powerful in my own life to create my moods. I sometimes forget this, as I let my emotions get the best of me at times, as I did yesterday.



All the things

I thought

I couldn’t be

I can


All the things

I thought

I would never do

Are possibilities


All that God

Ever asked of me

Was to be



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2016


After some foot stomping and fit throwing and a good cry, I calmed down. I realized that I was letting something minor get the best of me and I needed to get “it” back so that I could offer the best of me to others.


Dear ones anger, disappointment, happiness, and all are emotions. Why fear them. They are just that; emotions that come and go. What you really fear is letting go and having no control. Maybe these outbursts are just what you need to feel out of control and to totally let go and soar.


Let go loves, let go and flow. No judgement. Only flow. Only love, loves.


The Angels


This is a good message from the angels that gives us a wonderful way to look at the emotions that we have and how to allow them to flow. They are a conduit to letting go and soaring. I want to soar on laughter. I’m going to conjure up some fun today so that I can soar on some laughter and joy.

Yes, that’s just what I am going to do, with a little bit of alchemy and some friends, I am sure there will be laughter today.




Leaving it Open

The angels often speak to us in riddles and poetry.

This happened in a reading I did recently for someone. The reading was very playful, full of riddles and references to odd but familiar things. Although, it seemed rather cryptic to me, the person I did the reading for said it made perfect sense to them.

Typically, when I do a reading there is a definitive ending but not with this one. They usually end a reading with a signature but this time they didn’t sign it. Yet, mostly it was a feeling I got that they were not done speaking.

Most of the messages that I share are written to an open audience, with the thought and intention that they will be here for those who need it, when they need it. Spirit has a way of leading you to what you most need.

However, sometimes messages that I get for myself or for someone else want to be shared on a larger scale. This is the case of the 2nd part of the message.

This is a message for all of us:


We are leaving things open

There is more to learn

There is always more, more, more

There is not time to waste and yet you are not wasting time

Each encounter you seek

Each one that you have

Building and knowing unto the last

Touch of head

Touch of heart

Know them together

Not in part

Let all messages speak to your heart

Then you can lead from your head

Where love is ~ go there

Grow there


From the angels


What a wonderful message from the angels. They are leaving it open and wishing to speak to us all; to speak to our hearts. They implore us to: Go to love!

With love,


Would you like a angel reading? Contact me via email:



From the Fire


One small spark

One next to another

Growing higher

Growing hotter

Burning away what must past

Leaving bare

What will grow back

Breathed on to this fire

The breath that heals

Tender touch

That comes and brings

Gentle tears

Cleansing fears



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

Only Answers

Dear ones, Dear, dear, dear ones~ in the midst of your troubles and despair there lies the wonder and mystery~ when you feel most lost and alone~ there is where we find you~ It is at those times you are grasping for hope and signs that we bring them to you~ Have eyes to see the messages we bring~ Do not question- if it is real~ you will know us by our signs and symbols~ by our gentle touch~ by creating small miracles.





There are no 


Only answers






We answer all

The Angels

May you see and feel the angels today. They are near you; showing you signs and wonders; answering all of your questions. Be you, be open, and just be.

With love,


Once in a Blue Moon


The blue moon calls to us tonight, a sirens call to come out and dance in the last of the summer’s heat and harmony. The moon draws us with its magnetism; it literally pulls and moves us like the tides of the ocean. As the crickets chirp and frogs sing their nighttime lullabies we can join in with wonder and amazement.

Dear, dear, dear ones oh such sweet ones. We sing, we laugh, we dance with you. All of you. We have no favorites we have joy for all of you. So many are in need of our words and the love they carry. So many. Be known by your cheer and love dear ones. Someone close by needs these things. Someone very close and near to you.

Do not be dismayed by the hardships around you. You are mighty and powerful and can make great things happen. You are powerful. You have all you need to be all you are meant to be.

If you feel lost please ask and we will help guide you.

Our messages are here. Our voices are clear. When you are feeling lost stay still. We will find you. Stay still. Be still. We are there.

The angels

So, look for me out under the full moon’s canopy tonight. I will be the one dancing with the angels.


Impossible to Believe?

Most everything about this blog is about believing in impossible things. How else could you explain a perfectly, well almost, perfectly sane person believing in angels and knowing they speak to her? I hope you can hear my playfulness in that sentence~ just keeping it light.

Last week was a very trying week; especially for my faith. Usually, when that happens I turn to God and the angels for answers through the angelic writing that I scribe. However, the past week’s events happened at such a pace I didn’t have time to sit and write. Yet, I did spend a lot of time in pray.

From this trying time, all I can say is I am thankful for my many blessings; especially the blessing of family.

Then last night…

I had an unusual experience while writing in the angelic language. I have had these experiences before and each time they are unsettling. As I have shared, many times I have struggled with my ministry and have hidden the gift of scribing for God. There has been and continues to be much uncertainty about this ministry. However, there has never been one called to ministry that has not had some doubts about it, and others who didn’t realize they were being called in the mist of their calling.

Corrie Ten Boom, comes to mind. In her book, The Hiding Place, she shares her story of surviving a Nazi concentration camp. Many things happened to her that she couldn’t explain, as the angels intervened time and again to assist her in extraordinary ways. Her stories are nothing short of miraculous.

Last night there was heavy doubt and confusion, as part of what I heard and felt was not the good and benevolent angels but a dark and sinister voice trying to overshadow my time with the angels and make me believe that my ministry was worthless, that it is not full of love and the healing power of God. I kept writing and praying to hear the good and kind voices of the loving angels. Those are always the ones I pray will guide and assist me in my time of writing.

I came away shaken. It is very unsettling to be visited by such. Yet, with faith, I pushed on and around the ones that wanted to make me doubt and give up. These unkind spirits wanted to stop my pen and end the love that was flowing from it to assist in healing and helping the world. However, the vibrational pitch of love was stronger and eventually won out. Praise God!

All love

All love

Be ye of good cheer

Assurance we bring to you

Light for your path

Health for your home

Love for your heart

All love

All love

Abides with thee

Stays with thee

 Angel Signature

I have been asked to share the Angelic writing with you:


Page 2


It is interesting that when I was writing this last night I thought it looked harsh and jagged. Yet, it is very rounded and soft. Fear clouded my head but faith and love prevailed. You can see how each page of the writing bleeds through; offering you a double blessing. Let it speak to your heart and soul.

Listening to love,


Left-handed Scribe