From the Fire


One small spark

One next to another

Growing higher

Growing hotter

Burning away what must past

Leaving bare

What will grow back

Breathed on to this fire

The breath that heals

Tender touch

That comes and brings

Gentle tears

Cleansing fears



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

Calling Your Name


Sometimes, when I am almost asleep,

I hear, in the back of my head, a voice

calling my name as a question.

It calls out as if in a crowd,

but when I turn in my dream

no one is there.

And the voice returns from time to time, as if

it is waiting, as if I am somehow coming closer

to being the person whose name I bear

as though, if I ever arrive at the place

the voice is calling to,

if I ever truly arrive

I will turn and it will be there,

whispering my name, not as a question,

but an affirmation – graceful and gentle,

like a blessing, an answered prayer.

From The Threat of Rain by Michael S. Glaser copyright 2014

Printed here with the permission of the author- thank you Michael

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of hearing Michael read this poem at an event. Afterward, I approached him and asked if I could feature this poem on my blog, he said yes. Michael is the past Poet Laureate for the state of Maryland, a retired college professor and a gracious artist.

He captures the experience of being visited by the gentle provoking spirit of the angels, as they whisper to us the secrets of who we are. It is we, who resist the urging, to allow ourselves to be all that we are called to be. They know our true heart, our true nature, our true name. May you hear the whisper of your true name being called and may you know it and answer to it. What power would be released if we all were to hear with our heart ears…

With love,


Spring: YEAH!

Warmer Days

Three Days



Be Gone!

It sure has been nice to go outside and enjoy warmer days!



National Poetry Month: My Introduction

I have been slowly reading a book about Haiku: Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years. I have had to renew it twice already and I am not even to the halfway point. I could have read it all the way through a few times by now but then I would not have had time to savor and digest every word. Nor would I have had the inspiration to write so many little poems. According to this book, it seems that some of the rules have changed and that the old standard of 5-7-5 no longer strictly applies.

I have also been working on organizing and cataloging my poetry. It is quiet the project because I have been writing poetry for most of my life and because I often write them on scraps of paper or in journals so they must be found and then copied, all by hand, into notebooks organized by year. I need to get them typed and saved via computer too.

In the spirit of National Poetry month, I offer to you some of the little poems I have written recently. According to the style of this book, they would be Haiku yet I am not sure. Either way I like the succinct nature of the poems I have been reading and writing.



I liked the brevity of it
When first introduced
Though I didn’t know the word


Snapping the crisp sheet

Startled the dog

Out of sleep


Walked away
The watched phone


Who named you
Such a mouthful
For a flower


Tangy mustard
Cheese and crusty bread
Deep wine or
Dark beer
Taste buds cheer



Judy Angelheart
Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

My Style

My style is free flow

Seat of the pants

Let’s see where this goes

My style is laid back

Comfy clothes

No make-up

My style is simple food

Good conversation

And laughter

My style is warm

I am not a cold weather or natured person

Like my dog Pudge

I like everyone

My style is nowhere near perfection

But close to the heart

It is saying kitten instead of cat

Puppy instead of dog

Girls instead of women

Because we are young at heart

For some reason it is never boy

Unless it is my son and then he will

Always be my baby boy

I say hey for hello

I may not remember your name or even your face

I forget more and recall less

So introduce yourself again

Trust me

You’re stored in there somewhere

My style is we have more in common

Than not

We are all on a journey

So be nice

Speak kind


And spread love

That’s my style


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

Setting The Tone

Ready or Not

No one should have to do

Anything before they are ready

Yet no one should have to

Wait either

Because sometimes fear tries

To take over

To block you

And make you

Believe its crooked lies

So sometimes

You have to


Ready or Not

Here I come…

And GO!

Full steam ahead

Because most things

We are afraid of

Are really our deepest desires

The bumps and bruises

Evidence they are worth

Fighting for

Charge on!


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014

I wrote this on the first of January. A big part of my yearly tradition is to do things on the first day of the new year that I want to be a major theme/part of the year; thus poetry writing. There were other things I incorporated into my day, however, poetry has been and remains a big part of my life.

The angels and other spirits were with me so strongly last night. Know, you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing. This may not seem correct but know that you are and that you are loved. This was repeated to me over and over as a message they wanted to share.

Know the angels are with you always!


Three Stones: A Ritual

The Gift

You are often overlooked

Passed by

Who would notice

Much less stop

To pick you up

Twirl you around

Look at you from all sides

Not seeing the flaws

Just a simple one

Tossed by the waves

Almost indiscernible

Blending in with your surrounding

Until the light

Hits you

Just right

Catching an eye

Arresting attention

Realizing you’re part

Of a long lost ritual

Trying to remember

Each step to be taken


Those gathered

Must be in groups

Of three

One for to keep

One to put back

The last

To give away

Now the journey

Begins in earnest

Two more

Must be found

Finding them

Starts the ritual

Each one an asset

To be treasured

One is for a reminder

Two is for a prayer

Three is for another

All held dear

You were but a small

Stone upon the shore

Yet with intention

You became a blessing

With love,

Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013


The ritual of the three stones is very simple, any three stones can be found however, I am blessed to be able to walk on the beach to find my stones; it gives me time to think and pray.

To do the ritual you will need to find three stones of any size. The first one you keep to instill your prayer request in, then you place it under your pillow or somewhere close to where you sleep; this will remind you and activate your faith that your prayer will be answered. The second one you toss back into the water or nature. You do this so that someone else can find it and be blessed. This is a way of realizing that the universe is abundant and we can never deplete it; however, it is also a way of blessing others by sending it out/back as a blessing to someone else. This releases positive and loving energy into the universe. The last stone you give to someone who needs a blessing. You tell them they are to ask for something in prayer and do the same as you are doing with your stone. As a bonus, you may share each other’s requests and pray for one another, thus increasing and releasing the power of God and sharing your burdens and blessings with one another.

This simple ritual can be done just about anywhere. If you don’t happen to have stones you could collect acorns or other natural objects, however, the stones work best because they can be cleaned and saved.

I send each of you a virtual stone with a real blessing attached.

Love and angels,


Postscript: A recent fad is to paint rocks and leave them for others to find. It is a cute idea and many people are having a lot of fun with it. However, I am a big fan of leaving natural things, well, natural. So, please don’t paint the stones you use for the ritual.

An Even Keel: Riding the Waves


I float

Taking up so little space on the ocean of life

Blend with the currents

As they take me this way and that

Now I want to go make cookies


I can never find currants

I hate settling for raisins

So does he

He and I decided

We would never settle again

For second rate

Even on our second go round

Content and comfortable


Keeping all sparks alive

To set fire

Toast a good day

Blending in with the sky

Cascading down

We float




Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2012



Damn girl what did you do to your hair?


What, oh this mess?

Went to bed with my hair soaking wet

Then wrestled with an angel or two


Whoa girl look at that bruise

You sure that’s the story you’re sticking to?


Yes- why you say that

Well you sure it wasn’t that man of yours

Rough you up

They do that sure nough

Then want to shut you up

Make you say crazy things


These here are just my battle scars

That’s right

But weren’t no human battle lines


Warring with demons

Guess you don’t know me well

All the times I must walk close to hell

Be there to rescue

Bits and pieces and stuff like that

Gotta get em and bring em back

To the light

Bathed and brand new

So some soul just like you

Can be glued together

Like you is supposed to

Me- I ain’t got no need for that


Sure we all do

We all got things that happen to us

Some dark moments

Where we splinter apart

And need someone like me

To go rescue those parts

Take them gently by the hand

Up to that light

To the Master’s Land

Where angels rejoice like

You is coming home

To have a lost piece of your soul

Washed clean and restored

So now you can be

More whole

Like you supposed to be


So why you do this work for God

You seem just like me child

I am

I’m just like you

Called to this

It weren’t something I asked to do

Told and obeyed the voice

Called each time to go

I tremble and am terrified

Yet go- I go


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again


Never heard of such a thing

Knows for sure tho

What you done did for me

I saw your face

I felt your hand

Touched me you did

And didn’t let go

Can’t hardly believe

I remember such

I do- I do


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

This poem is about the spirit rescue work I do. Is there a part of you that needs to be restored? We will find you and make you whole.

Sending love and healing,

Juju and the angels

A Pinch of ME!


Made up of so many things

There’s a dash of magic

Combing the beach

Looking for dragons

And other things

I find them or do they find me


Do-dah day

Don’t you know

I fly with angels and have amazing dreams

Frolicking under the full moons bloom

Know the secrets of the trees

Speak them out to the breeze

Releasing powers unseen

Touch the veil and part it back

Revealing that majik is not an act

True alchemy produces

Pure love

There is abundance

Moving through me

The energy that flows through all

Much more than meets the eye

Be not deceived size

For contained within is a timeless soul

Ready to share all she knows


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013