From the Fire


One small spark

One next to another

Growing higher

Growing hotter

Burning away what must past

Leaving bare

What will grow back

Breathed on to this fire

The breath that heals

Tender touch

That comes and brings

Gentle tears

Cleansing fears



Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2014


We have all done it, placed a call and gotten no answer or gone to visit a friend and they are not home. If we are lucky, the answering service picked up and we could leave a message or we had some paper and a pen to leave a note.

Or how about raising your hand in class or waiting for that break in conversation to ask a question to gain clarification. Those times when you hope to catch on or keep up, while holding your question for the moment when you finally get the chance to ask.

So, how do we feel when our call is not returned, our note not acknowledged, or our question left hanging in the air?

We feel slighted, ignored, uninformed and lost.

This is often how we feel when our prayers go unanswered. However, I can assure you, that unlike with people, God heard you. The angels heard you too. And all of heaven knows about your needs.

However, what we feel is important may not be. Further, we may think it is an urgent need but in reality it is not. Or we may feel that we can’t go on without some bit of information but we can and we must.

God knows what we need before we do; as do the angels. They see the bigger picture. They know what is best. This fact may be difficult to grasp or to acknowledge; especially during trying times in our life. Yet, it is the truth we need to put before us and cling to.

 … for your Father knows what you need before you ask. Matthew 6:8

We do not need to plead or explain our prayers, for they are already known. What wonderful news. We can ask, thus releasing God’s power, knowing that our true needs will be met.

If you are one to go and grab your Bible off the shelf, please note that just after this verse is what is known as “The Lords’ Prayer”. Jesus gave this to us so we would always have a prayer to say.

All of this made me think of this Garth Brooks song; written by Brooks, Pat Alger, and Larry Bastian.

Unanswered Prayers

This is a link to the song recording with lyrics. The chorus is the part I like best in this song.

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs
That just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers


I want to make sure that the angels are offered an opportunity to add today:

Dear ones we hear you. We always hear you. We are with you to whisper to you. We are granted to be with you. We are near.

We see the larger, bigger picture and we want to assist you with the next thing that you need to have or to do.

 We want to gently lead and assist you.

 Reach out, reach out we are here, we are hear

 Reach in, reach in we are there, we are near

 With all loving assurance we are always here

 We are attending and standing by you

 We are near

 We see your sorrow and your cheer

 We are near

 All love loves all love

 That is real

 That is love

 That is real

 The angels


I love when the angels get poetic. Thank you angels for your love and assurance today and every day; it is comforting to know that you are here, you are near ready to minister to us on God’s behalf.

Thanking God for unanswered prayers,


Angelic Scribe

Walking in Prayer

My favorite form of exercise is walking. I like it because it doesn’t require any special equipment or training. I live in a neighborhood that lends itself well to walking. The roads are wide with enough hills to make it challenging, yet plenty of flat stretches to keep me from wearing my knees out. In addition, I live where the river and the bay come together; making for some fantastic scenery along my walks.

While walking I can let my mind wander and ponder. I get into a meditative place of quiet and thoughtfulness as I walk. I most often talk to God and find that walking keeps my mind in such a state that I can pray and walk at the same time without missing the beautiful scenery.

There is so much to pray about. I lift up friends and family members; I lift up cares and concerns; I lift up events that seem so very large. I know that my prayers release God’s love and power in the world.

The angels will often come and speak to me. They give me words of hope and peace.

Come speak to us now dear angels:

The physical body is in need of air and sunshine. It thrives on movement. The body wants and needs to move. Movement of the body keeps it young and strong. Movement of the body frees the mind to think clearer and better. A pace and a cadence are formed allowing you to be open and in tune with us.

As you move about and allow this time to open a space for spiritual things to manifest in your adventures. The light and shadows that fall upon your face that illuminate the love of God.

Dear ones what simple ways to allow a time and a space to be open and accepting of the love which wants to come to you. 

Treasure these times of movement and flow; as you walk upon the earth.

Dear ones movement of the body during prayer releases the power and energy that is in you to join with others. It manifests the thoughts of your prayers out into the universe. The counting of the beads, the swaying of the body, the dancing of the soul all force open the channels of energy and love. So move when you pray and release the love!

Love, love, love that heals, that manifests; that spreads and enfolds. Flood the world with love.

A word so that you will know… you this is for you…You have spent time pondering and wondering if the love of the angels and God are for real. They are real. They are alive. As alive as the trees, alive and breathing for you. Dear one you have stumbled and fell. You have bruised up your body and your life. It is time for healing. Take this time to heal those physical and spiritual wounds. You are in a place right now where you can take the time to make sure you are healed. Yet, there is one that is very close to you that needs a hand from you. You have held back from offering to help them. They have asked you three times and you have said no three times. It is time for you to say yes to them and offer to help them. You have thought you were not the right person and that you didn’t want to get burnt one more time. Take that risk. And no matter what give to them without expecting anything in return.

A trinket, a ticket and a train; three things that recently came to mind. Know it and use it. These images will serve you well as you take them and find the clues they hold. Come back and rerun another day. You will see exactly how all of the pieces of your puzzle fit together. Yes, you will see it very clearly in a few days.

Someone is nervous to the point that there body is shaking. They are actually chilled to the bone. Know that there is so much at stake and you don’t want to make a mistake. Know that our love has already gone ahead. This is a path for you to walk today. This is the one. This is so clear. Stop questioning and second doubting. Move forward now!

The Angels


Thank you angels for your words of love and wisdom today. I have to go do some dancing prayer now.

Love and Angels


Angel Scribe

To Heal Our Hearts

I have been silent… I have intentionally been absent from blogging because there didn’t seem to be a way to join the conversation. I, along with a nation, yeah the world, was hurting. From that place of pain, I felt inadequate to offer anything but prayer. Therefore, that is what I did. I spent a lot of time in prayer.

I also spent time praying about and focusing on what I can do to make the world a better place.

Even now, weeks after what happened, I find it challenging to write anything of any significance. I have asked myself repeatedly what can my voice add.

My voice may not add much, yet, God did not ask me to tell you something monumental, he only asked that I come and tell you that this horrible event, and ones like it, is not an act of God. We must remember that there is evil in the world. This was one of those times; a troubled mind caught in the grip of evil. This is a sad truth. These events remind us of those truths.

However, they more importantly, illuminate the love and care of God and his holy angels. We see this in the love in the heart of one teacher to shield her young students with her body. This is just one example of the human heart’s capacity to love. There was great love that rang out and sang out, even to those that perished.

Please know that in the midst of the chaos many angels came to comfort and cherish those who were dying.

The angels were there. Yes, they were there.

Ultimately, love was there to bring so much to so many.

We have all cried so many tears. It is difficult to find words, for they seem so trite. Yet, at this time, it is important to pray for healing for those who survived. They remain, and for them (for us all) to carry on, it is going to take many miracles of love. May the peace of God find its way into their (all) hearts every day.

With love and pray,


A Cloud has Lifted

Good day, I have not posted for a while because I have been going through a rough patch. The angels reminded me this morning that is all the more reason that I do need to post; because there are others who also are hurting and having a difficult time. Why is it that we avoid one another and our fellowship with God and the angels just when we need it the most?

These stormy times in our life need to draw us in and closer to God, even if it feels like he is far, far away.

The angels wish to speak to us about these times:

Dear ones we are always with you. When you feel that life is difficult or makes you sad and depressed, we are here. When there seems more questions than answers, we are here. When you cannot find the map to navigate with, we are here. Of course you feel lost and confused but that is only because you are not in control. Let go and let God steer your vessel over the dark and stormy seas. As the winds whip and toss your tiny ship, quiet your heart and mind. Allow the torrent of rains to fall. Oh but you say that you cannot, you are afraid. This fear that you feel is the only wall between you and the love that you wish to feel. Yes, love. Love that will give you the strength, the determination, the will and the heart to go forward. To see that is the only way in which you can go. We go in all directions at once. We can travel in all ways and by all modes. Yet, you must move forward. Always toward the light of life.

Oh, oh dear ones you tremble and fret. You toss and you turn. You wail and gnash your teeth. Silly waste of time. No, we do not laugh at you. We come to comfort you and bring you the true joy you desire. Yet, you snatch away your hand. You pull back your heart. You close off the only way in. So, we wait. We stand ready. We sit by your side. We are here. We are here.

Come out of your shell and extend your hand and open your heart. This will be the secret way of the soul. The big, fat secret. Can you not hear our loving laughter? We sing to you in joyous song.

No, your pain is not small or forgotten. We wish to come and wash it away. Be open for that hand. It is coming soon.

Oh, yes it is coming soon.

The Angels


I pray that you will not stay away because of your personal pain. I apologize that I did.


Out of Sorts

I pushed myself to go to work today; twice. I had to come home for a while in between my two part-time jobs. Something in my heart and soul didn’t feel right. I came home, ate some lunch, and did an Angel reading for myself. Then I forced myself back out the door to my other job.

This evening, I still feel out of sorts. I am not sure what is going on today but I have learned to honor what I am feeling. So, I am playing uplifting music, I have said a few prayers, and now I feel compelled to come and sit with you and the angels and let them speak to us.

Something big must be going on in the world. There always is when I get like this.

I rarely just sit at the computer and type my posts. Instead, I usually sit somewhere quiet to listen to the angels and hand-write out the messages and then type up what I wrote. However, tonight I thought I needed to let it flow.

Dear ones sometimes you do need to set apart time and space to be by yourself or to listen to music you love or to just be gentle with yourself. Who are you trying to measure yourself against this time? What are you trying to figure out that has your mind so troubled? Oh dear ones you are so hard on yourselves sometimes and we just wish to bring you reassurance of the love that God has for you and the life that you lead. You do not need to keep up a crazy pace or earn millions of dollars or get straight A’s to be a good person. You don’t need to go out and give or do every day. So many of you do so much in so many small ways, that you are not even aware of. Let go of the huge expectations and high profiles to just allow yourselves to be and time to enjoy.

Oh dear, dear, dear ones. Love. Life. Oh so much of the time you spend it fretting away about cares of yours and concerns. Just for this moment let all that go. Allow the waters of life to flow over and around you and shape you. Or become like water and flow around and through the obstacles that you think stand in your way. Or just be still. Be oh so still. Gentle waters. Soft and sweet for your soul.

Drink of the living water. Drink and never thirst again. Drink and be filled to everlasting and to everlasting.

The things that you are worried about or fear are small. Oh, yet not so small for God to handle. Give it over to the one who can and wants to take your burdens away. Become light and float away. Become unburdened and light. You have made your lives too heavy. Yes, loves it is that simple and easy.

Allow the images in your head to be transformed into joyous, lovely, wondersoul visions of joy, love, laughter and more…

Oh little ones come and be, just be. Find yourself in the loving arms of God. And allow us the angels to minister to all of your needs.


The Angels


It was good to get lost in the angelic writing and drift away from whatever has me so unsettled. I am sure that as I trust God and lean into love that I will settled down and become calm.

Sending prayers and calming energy out,


In God’s Grip

God seized me today; he literally got a hold of me. It was a strange feeling to be in two worlds/realms at the same time. Everything took on a surreal quality, yet at the same time, everything was the same. It was especially interesting because I was driving at the time. Hey, I was driving under the influence of God. So, would that be a DUI?

Can you imagine me trying to explain it to a police officer:

You see officer God squeezed me tight like a boa constrictor and moved my spine just as the light changed. That’s why I hesitated before entering the intersection. Yes, officer, it was difficult to breathe. No, officer, it was not difficult to drive. You see, officer, it is because of the duality of realms; my body was in the hands of God and also driving the car. Yes, sir, I will ask God to refrain from doing such things in the future but I really have no control over the workings of God. 

I am sure that would not be a believable story. Fortunately, my driving ability was not impaired and I proceeded to drive normally while feeling anything but normal. And what God did in those few minutes was amazing.

It is often that way when one finds themselves literally gripped by the power of God; in all of his many ways.

Dear Angels please give me words to help explain what happened:

Oh Dear one you explained it well. Yet, it is difficult to find words that fit and tell all that one experiences. God works his miracles every day in so many ways. And as you experienced it doesn’t need to take long or be majorly dramatic. God works in small, tiny ways and yet if you, if you all, are open and aware of them then you will know and feel them.

Be gentle, rest, treat yourself and others well. Do not worry or be concerned thinking that nothing like this has happened to you. Oh, but it has~ not everyone is as keenly aware or as open. God respects who you are and what you can handle. Know miracles are real and they are happening around you. Simple truths, simple ways; simply know~ and know love, show love, be love.

Yes, there is evil and it binds you with fear. Drown fear with a flood; a flood of love.

Angelic writing…

 Angel Signature


It can be disconcerting to find yourself in the grip of Gods mighty power. Yet, it is humbling to know that God wants to touch us (in so many ways) and that when he does he is in control (as he always is). Yet, it is also reassuring to know that God cares and loves us to want to take away our pain, comfort us in our sorrows, and laugh with us in our joys. I pray that you find yourself in the grip of God soon.

In trust and humility,


The Sweet Aroma of Angels

I am sitting here eating kettle corn; a great combo of sweet and salty. It was made just right; not too sweet and not too salty.

Eating this treat reminded me of the angels and that I needed to do a writing. You might wonder, how does eating kettle corn remind her of angels. Well, it really is not the eating of kettle corm that reminded me but the smell of kettle corn. And the reason that would remind me of the angels is that they often come with a scent; and the scent is most often sweet. To me they often smell like sugar cookies. I’m sure this is why so many of us have a sweet tooth; because it conjures up memories of our times with and in the angelic realm. The angels know us so well.

I will let the smell of kettle corn take me there….

Dear ones we do come on gentle breezes and sweet aromas~ We come bidden and unbidden. We come to bring you love.

There is much cheering and celebrating, yet know there is great sadness too. Life is precious. It is always a gift to live, to breathe, to laugh, to cry. Most know this, so know that we cannot take the moments that we are given lightly. We may feel relieve, yet we should not rejoice in the suffering of others. We must be very careful to send love even to those who do us harm~ who hate us~ send love.

Now onto other matters~ higher matters. Great natural forces will always be at play. Raging storms that cannot be controlled but it is NOT a punishment. It is the natural order of all things. Not one precious one was lost without our God knowing~ not one. And as the earth and sky and water rocked again and winds blew, all seemed wrong yet know it was a natural thing. Let go the anger so the earth can heal.

So much, oh so so much going on in the world. How is one to know and how to go and to trust. Trust love and the leading and prompting of love.

Go children and give love, show love and live in love. So simple and yet so important. Yeah imperative at this time, at all times. 

For one right now they are really feeling lost and alone. Know we are with you. We see you and see the sea of green. You must know that we can touch you and comfort you. Allow us to begin the process of healing for you. You are not alone. We love you, God loves you and you have many others who you do not even know praying for you right now. Those who we have visited and put you upon their hearts. Some are even oceans away and yet they know your name. Many prayers.

There is one who feels there is no one to hold their hand. Reach it out and we will touch it. Yes, right now reach it out and feel a gentle touch upon your hand. With this know that you are not wrong about those other things. Hold fast and believe.

And to you quiet shy one. It is time for you to come out and shine. Let your little light become a beacon. Someone needs to see your light. You are much more important than you have given yourself credit for. Know this. And shine.

The Angels


The angels are with you, they are always with you. Please remember that if you are brought here, drawn here, that these messages are for you today. You are the one that they wrote this for. They knew you were coming, whether it is a day, or a month, or a year, or even many years later, they knew and renew these messages.

In these times, in all times, we need to send love. Please help in spreading the riches of love to all people. We must band together to assist the angels in this sending out and receiving of love.

Sending out love,


Staying Power

I just finished a large project. Now that it is done and over with I wonder why did God send me to do that and what exactly did I accomplish. The answers elude me and yet I know that I was, not only, directed to this project, but when I felt that it was going nowhere I was told to stay and see it through to completion. Luckily, there was an end date to the project. I still found this to be a test of faith, to stay with something that didn’t feel right or seem worthwhile, than there had been no end in sight. So, how do we know, how can we be sure we are being led?

Dear angels speak to us:

Dear ones we know it is difficult to discern and be clear. We know you often struggle to see where you are to go and what you are to do~ this is true in large matters and in small matters. So how can you be sure you are being nudged~ drawn~ called~ carried? Pray and ask for discernment. Then be open to the guiding that comes. Look for confirmation~ you will see it, you will hear it.

Do not be discouraged or dissuaded from your knowing.

Sometimes you will stand alone~ stand apart from others~ that is okay. You don’t knead approval in order to rise. Take the ingredients you are given and make your own type of bread. There are many ways to make bread, so look at what you have been given and use those things. You will create a nourishing meal.

Angel Signature


Sometimes we do not know or understand why we are being asked to do something. The true reason may not come to light for a long time, if at all. Yet trust when and where you are being led. Moreover, know that you already have everything that you need to begin and whatever else you require along the way will be provided, as it is needed.

May you have trust for your journey.



Get Small

There will always be natural disasters and other large-scale tragedies that make us feel utterly helpless. In the midst of the swirling confusion and immense destruction of the recent events in Japan, I went to the angels to ask them to speak to us about what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling.

Dear sweet angels speak to us; it feels as though the world is falling apart. There is so much loss and destruction. Give us words of wisdom.

Dear one there are always those times of great chaos and confusion~ where forces of this natural world quell up and take over~ Oh many decry it as punishment; a type of cleansing of the Lord of the wicked~ But no~ why do so many try to blame God for their misfortunes~ when it is by God all blessings flow~ Many say there is no large-scale good that happens~ no building up and lifting high in such a short time~ why oh why if we can have one can we not have the other~ A natural of nature is a large force which cannot be stopped~ Large, BIG, oh so big and huge and so much suffering now~ All ask and seek answers.

Yet in the midst of large tragedies God gets small~

He is in the tiny miracles~ of those saved, of those who draw closer, of those who get down on their knees and pray, pray, pray~ This releases the powerful forces of God’s love and provision~ Do not look for where God is not, look for where God is!

Angel Signature


There really is nothing I can add. They say it so plainly and simply. From God all blessings flow; it is constant wellspring. God is in the details, the small minuscule details. We must always look for where God is; for what you seek for, you shall find.

I send my thoughts, prayers, and the angels to the people of Japan and other areas that have suffered great natural disasters.