Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7


Have you ever been asked a question but didn’t know how to answer because you weren’t sure that you fully understood the meaning of the question?

These questions can often leave us feeling confused. However, once we have a better understanding of the question, we can better formulate an answer. 

Now that we understand the question, it is perfectly clear that there isn’t a wrong answer because there are only each of our individual answers. We no longer have to contemplate the riddle, dreaming up more elaborate and scholarly answers. Now that we know what is being asked of us, our answer has been and will always be ready; the answer having welled up to our hearts from a seed planted in our souls.

The Question: “What do you choose?”

Like in the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” where the contestants choose from several curtains, boxes, and doors.

However, for us, it is not a choice of a door, from many doors because there is only one door and it has each of our names on it. We must knock on this door and when we do, the one who answers is~ God.

When the door is opened what will we find?

We will find paradise. As each of us enters paradise we make it complete. For paradise has been waiting for each of us to arrive. As we enter, it becomes more complete; more whole.

The answer was there all along, we can never go wrong by choosing the door where God waits for us.


Dear angels speak to us on this so we may understand this in our souls:

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are here with you and are with you each day. You are not lost or confused so much as you are trying too hard. Like trying to fit in or make it fit. Neither will work for you. You were made for glory. And you glory in what you are. The one who made you outfitted you for what you are to do. And only you can do it. Do not worry or fret over someone else’s path. Your path is yours. Your ways are not God ways if you are not on your path.

How shall you find your path?

Oh dear ones, your path is right there in front of you. Come now, take a step. That’s it, just one step. It is the step you take, the first one, in faith and trust that puts you on the path that God has intended for you and wants to walk with you.

Allow your steps to follow this path. Trust it. Know it from your soul. It may not be easy, tame or carefree but it will delight your soul. Is your soul delighted? Is it tickled at the thought of this walk, this journey?

This is a puzzle that needs no solving. Here is your next piece…Take it and make your puzzle complete. Each new piece makes perfect. Shine dear ones, shine.

The Angels


Knock, Knock who’s there?

It’s you!

We have been waiting for you to arrive, welcome!

God and the holy angels welcome us.

With love,


Live in Love

I love the title of this post. However, the idea of living in the realm of love may seem idealist and unobtainable, yet it is real and here all the time. The angels frequently speak about love and living in love. Therefore, you may find that when reading these messages they sound the same; they are similar. This is because a good message bears repeating and that we, as humans, need to hear things over and over for them to sink in. In addition, we need to hear them frequently so that we don’t forget. And since they are said in love about love we can only be thankful that the angels come to tell us about love over and over again.

Dear ones it does not matter how much you know or learn~ oh yes it is good~ and life enriching~ Yet dear ones it is important, yeah imperative that you live in love and thankfulness. In all things give thanks- at all times, for all things, for this is how to release the blessings of God and turn on the tap, the wellspring of God’s love that is waiting, is wanting to be poured out to you and for you. Yet not you alone but all in abundance, to all in abundance, for all in abundance. Oh loves, oh little loves we send to you, we bring to you all, there is No thing held back. All, all, all love and blessings to you. Rejoice in the love and joy of the Lord. Dance in the downpour of love. Sing praises. Shout. Sing and clap hands of joy and thanksgiving. Oh wondrous, wonderful love.

Angel Signature


Sending love and thankfulness to you and for you, and with you. May we join together in love and thankfulness for each other and all that we have. With this we can and will create great miracles upon this earth and throughout the universe; and live in the realm of love.



Love vs Fear

Some people think that the opposite of love is hate but they are wrong; the opposite of love is fear. Fear can get the better of us, in any given situation and at any time. Fear blocks us from receiving the power of God.

The other night I came home and something had happened to my cat. He was a mess. I knew that he was hurt and it was very distressing that he could not tell me what had happened or where he was hurt. I didn’t know how seriously he was injured but it seemed serious due to his labored breathing. When I found him, fear flooded my brain.

I am usually really calm in stressful situations and emergencies. I didn’t want to be fearful but rather to trust God to take care of him and make him well, but it was difficult. Therefore, I did what I could… I prayed. I prayed that God would forgive me my fear and doubt and take it away. I prayed this because I did not want my fear to block the power that God has to heal. Next, I prayed that he would replace it with faith. I then prayed that he would send ministering angels to comfort my cat. Yes, I believe the angels come to the aid of our animal friends too. Moreover, I prayed that God would make my cat well and whole.

After my experience, I thought this would be a good topic to ask the angels to speak about:

Dear ones we are always near and ready to come to you. God is full of love and mercy which he gives to you always. This world that you live in is harsh and full of many things that make you doubt these truths and become fearful~ Oh little ones you are wise in your ways~ Setting up ways to be careful and survive, being watchful and mindful~ Yet there are many things and times you cannot guard~ In all things and ways you must acknowledge God~ This releases his power and his love~ Yes, Yes, Yes once again the opening of the floodgate and the flowing forth of love. If and when you learn to breath in his new way you will surely be able to sustain all. All, All, All in all your ways you will know and do this and be this.

Now for one little one a special message there will always be distractions to pull you away. Yet you must focus on the important thing of the day~ to really make a difference/an impact you must keep on course and not get pulled away~ This is much more important than you realize.

Ah, yes dear one~ No hard or harsh feelings when you do things out of kindness and out of obedience you shall be largely rewarded~ Yes, keep to your path~ One step by one step forward on.

You don’t need reassurance from anyone or even one special someone. You need to know this in your heart~ as you do~ trust~ and move~ go!

You are ready, you have been so ready and now~ now the timing is perfect, it is right. Move~ move~ move out into this new and better space being prepared for you

Angel Signature


After two trips to the emergency vet, the first time they could not find anything wrong with him, I brought my injured kitty home to heal. He had puncture wounds and broken bones. Yet, he was happy to be home, to have a safe place to lie down and go to sleep. After all he had been through that night, some larger animal obviously attacked him, he felt safe at home.

We, too, can be rest assured we are safe under the care and protection of God. He will always keep our soul safe.

I am so thankful for the love that God brings.


Postscript: We kept Malachi in the house for some time, to allow him heal. However he did not like being an indoor kitty and we eventually let him back outside.

Good Days

Today started out well. I mean I looked good, I felt good; everything was good!

However, by this afternoon that had all changed. I came home to dog poo on the floor, stubbed my little toe, realized my clothes didn’t fit right and my lunch had not agreed with me. To top it all off I got an email giving me negative feedback.

How does a good day go so wrong? And why? It may sound as if I’m complaining about small things or being trivial but I think it is important to look at the way our external circumstances affect our spirit.

Let’s look at this from two perspectives. 1) We cannot let our emotions or the opinions of others rule and 2) The enemy is always on the prowl waiting to steal our joy.

Good days~ good, good days of wonderful sunshine and warmth. Sing through these days, these beautiful days. We bring blessings your way.

Like magic these days are charmed as you begin to see~ to believe we are near~ to help and assist you~ we are here for you.

Each day a fresh new miracle.

At every turn there is a chance, the opportunity for such blessings to come your way~ Just like the gentle rain or puffs from the trees it comes steady and from all around~ in abundance.

You want to see miracles~ open your eyes~ you are surrounded by them



The Angels


We can all benefit from acknowledging that life is good and we are blessed, even if we are having a bad day. We can be on the lookout for those blessings and miracles that are always happening. In addition, we can trust that we are where we are supposed to be.

This reading assisted me in turning my attitude around and getting back to feeling like I am having a good day no matter the outside circumstances and more importantly, that miracles are all around. Furthermore, I know I am on the right path and I will have to continue even when the feedback is unfavorable or I have a bad day.

Sending you angels in abundance to bring you joy,