Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes, and comes back upon itself anew

The Angels Speak to us:

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer.

Prayer releases the power of God. Does He require this of you? No, you need to do this. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You must not let the things of this world or of the spirit world cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send love, to be love, for all those that need it.

All need love

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too mighty for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

This timeless message speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours. This simple, yet powerful message tells us that we are powerful. We affect the physical and the spiritual realms with our prayers. And through those prayers, we join with God and the holy angels to live in love.

Sending you infinite love,


BountiFULL Blessings


Dear ones this is our desire for you:

To know the blessing of God

Blessings are an interesting thing that oft goes unnoticed.

Therefore, dear ones we beseech you to take the time to ask for your blessings to be revealed to you. You have not because you ask not~ this is not the statement you think it to be. You have all and many blessings around you all the time; a constant well-spring. However, you may not know it because you have not asked for them to be unveiled and made seen. 

How often do you go through your day and at the end of it have nothing to be thankful for?

This dear ones is not because you are ungrateful. No, on the contrary. You are grateful and desire to have wonderful things in your life to be thankful for. This is the one true desire of your heart. 

The way to a thankful heart is to ask for the unveiling. To ask for the spiritual eyes to see. For the open heart to feel. And the wisdom to know these things.

With this you can be thankFULL and this fullness will give you the ability to be content and to feel secure in your blessings. So secure that you can share.

Ah, sharing the true beauty of a well-lived life.

May your cup runneth over!

With love,

Juju and the Angels


Infinitely Amazing

infinitystarsThe infinity symbol flows, changes and comes back upon itself anew.

How long will we be with you? How long must we remind you of our love?

These questions have only one answer: infinitely~ always~ time and time again.

We don’t show you or tell you “ugly” truths to scare you or cause you to fear but to propel you into action- the most powerful action there is: prayer. Prayer releases the power of God. Does he require this? No, you do. You are the one who shuts down or gets busy or hides- not remembering the assistance and power in you and all around you.

You are not compelled, nor told to share these “ugly” visions, yet you also can not let them cause you fear. Allow them to set your spirit in action to send, to be love, for the little ones that need it.

You are a mighty warrior. Your weapon is love. When fear comes spear it with love- literally harpoon it. It is not too big nor too far for the power of your love, the released power of God, to reach it and bring it under the direction of the love- flowing and flooding and changing those situations in ways unknown and unnamed- disarming them and morphing them- transmutating them into love.

Invite it in

Allow the flow

Allow the change

Send it out


The Angels

There is really nothing to add to this. It is beautiful and simple, like so many messages from the angels.

I want to thank all of you who read of this blog. You are amazing individuals full of love.

Sending you infinite love,


Buckle Up and Hang On!

Spirit doesn’t always come through with fluff. Today is one of those days where we must face a few realities and understand that this is not all about cute kittens and fluffy cotton candy. There are tough things to see and to know. Life can be very rough and throw you curves you never saw coming, things that will knock you for a loop and send you for a ride. So buckle up and hang on.

There are times when I am doing a reading for someone and something harsh and difficult comes through. It puts me in a bit of a tough spot, as I consider how to offer it in a way that they will hear it for what it is; helpful admonishing. Yet, too often, we do not want to be admonished, critiqued, or corrected in any way. We want to be assured and coddled.

It is time to open our eyes and our hearts to the realities that we need to face. There are things that need to be cleaned up and cleared out in our lives. This is not about eating right and exercising this is about thinking right and doing better. We have let things slip as we have focused on the expedient things but not the right things. We must shift focus and get our eyes on the prize.


You have been using the wrong raw materials, you need to get down to the core, the basics and begin again. Things have spoiled and rotted and are not good for what you are trying to build. They will not sustain the project you are working on. You must look through every piece of material and ingredient, inspect it for quality and get rid of anything that is not perfect or your entire project will fail. You have known this for some time and you must not let another day go by without taking the time to weed out what is not of the best quality. This goes for the people that you have on this project too. This will not be an easy task but you must not overlook or gloss over any part or piece. Everything must be inspected and look at very closely.


The Angels


Thank you for opening your hearts and your minds to the tough stuff that the angels had to share today.

Sending love!


Be Open

Today was spent working on art projects because I have had two invitations to show some of my art. I am very excited. This has challenged me to complete a large piece and to prepare to show my art in a gallery setting.

Challenges and goals are good for us, they put things before us to strive and work toward. They give us focus.

We all need focus to keep us moving toward our goals. Yet, if we are too focused on our goals and expectations we may miss the serendipitous occurrences along the way. I was reminded of this in my morning prayers. Being present and open to the wonderful things that God puts right in our path requires our full attention to both our internal and our external world. We must be attuned to the small quiet voice of spirit, and we must be focused on the world around us, at all times. This can be challenging. Yet, as I am finding I need this challenge.

So, for today… be aware of what is going on right now!

Dear ones we wish to give to you so many wonderful things. Yet, we need for you to be with us and allow us to come to you and give you these gifts. You must be open and wiling to receive. We bring you such tiny wonders and such large joys. We bring you the sun shining, laughter bubbling up from the belly, stars, good food, friends and finds. So much we bring to you. Are you ready? Can you bare this goodness? Can you handle more blessings?

Ah, yes you can. We know you can.

Be open the blessing and gifts are all around you.

The Angels

This post was written and was all set to be published, yet things were a bit off and no matter the time and effort put in, it just wouldn’t work. So, taking the angels cue I decided it was best to move away from forcing and go and see what needed my attention.

I got back to the present of spending time with my family; both the human ones and the fury ones. It turned into a very relaxing evening.

Blessings are often the simple pleasure of being with the ones we love.

Thank you for reading,


Let’s Get Excited!

I’m excited! I get excited easily. Then I take off in a hundred different directions all at once. Not that I always have the energy, the where with all, or the knowledge and understanding, yet, watch out, here I come!

Occasionally, my excitement and eagerness has been mistaken for rudeness, as I barrel full steam ahead. At other times it is dismissed as just another one of my passing fancies; here today and gone tomorrow. However, there are a few people in my life, and thank God for them, who are always supportive and never tire of my enthusiasm. Even if sometimes my follow through leaves something to be desired. That can sometimes be attributed to me finding out it wasn’t my cup of tea, or after prayer and counsel, not what God desires for me, or I am just off on a new adventure.

Some of you are probably like me, easily excited and ready to jump in with both feet.

However, with maturity, that of ourselves and of good counsel, along with time of prayer and reflection, we can more readily see the path set out before us. God doesn’t want to squelch our desires; on the contrary he wants to add fuel to our fires. Moreover, because he wants our fire to be strong he wants to offer to us only the best; the best for us. This one-on-one revealing and feeding between each of us and God is done for our benefit and for that of everyone else. Fore, as we are being who and what God planned for us, we are better able to share those gifts with others so that we (the collective we) can ALL benefit.

Our dear, dear scribe you are so wonderful to share your thoughts and your love, your heart.

And then you look up- you judge- your worth based on your surroundings or your circumstances. And yet you know God is bigger than that. You know and yet you cannot feel it or experience it. What blocks your heart right now from the flow of love? Where is the key to open the gates and let it flow free? What are you holding back? What qualities have you buried concerned of being judged? Like precious keepsakes packed away in boxes. Go, find them and unpack them. Let them delight you and decorate your life. Why do you always feel you have to be doing when you need to be being?

Angelic language

Do not seek the long complicated answer when the smallest one will do. Untwist and un-complicate.

The Angels 


Then a playful dog came along…

Literally, he just came happily into the room. This little dog is an answer to so many prayers. He was my engagement present. I was given him in lieu of a ring because I can’t wear rings. However, before we could welcome into the family, everyone had to approve of him. Although, he was enthusiastically approved, I believe we were also chosen by him and that an angel or two had their hand in the process.

He was not the breed of dog I was considering, but God knew his personality was exactly what I needed. He is highly social, not very bright, extremely friendly, and always wants to play.

He brought our other dog, Bear, back to his puppy-hood, as he learned to play with his new best friend. Bear also became the big brother protector; a role he had been waiting to fill his whole life.

My goofy boy, Pudge, reminds me that we are supposed to snuggle, get kisses, and PLAY! Things you would think would be easy things to remember, yet, obviously, they need repeating on a daily, yeah sometimes minute basis. It was he who went nuts just now and prompted me to tell you about his fun and playful ways. Whereas, he is easily amused, he is also easily distracted, as he is already off on another adventure. Each moment is new and fresh and ready to be explored. Let’s play! he says.

And with him in my life, there is plenty of play. This is just perfect because it is just one more reason to get excited. Let’s get excited! Let’s play!

Juju and Pudge

Postscript: Pudge is 12 years old this month (Feb. 2019) and still very playful. He loves his toys and will play and play and play! Bear crossed over the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago and we miss him dearly.


I say words such as, amazing, fascinating, wow, and cool beans all the time. Some might say I do this to the extreme. Actually, some have said that. However, I don’t let that change my words. They can think what they like. I truly am amazed, fascinated, wowed, and cool-beaned all the time.

Just yesterday, I had a client scheduled for energy work, but she was late. She arrived flustered. She came in carrying a laundry basket, which seemed odd, until she explained that she brought her cat because she was taking him for an acupuncture appointment later. I thought cool beans, an acupuncture appointment for a cat! Since she had him with her, I invited her to put him up on the table with her to share her energy session. So, that is what we did.

It was amazing, I was wowed, and so was she. When I started, the cat’s rear legs were stiff and out of place; they were stuck up over his head. Likewise, his tail was as stiff as a board. Shortly, after beginning the session, the cat started purring. My client was so excited but I didn’t understand why, because in my experience cats purr. She told me that he hadn’t purred in more than eight years due to how much pain he has been in. After a few more minutes his legs started to relax; they came back down to a normal position. Then his tail relaxed and curled. Next, I noticed that the pads of his rear paws were warm; they had been as cold as ice cubes. It is awesome when you can WOW a cat! My client was pleased with her session, yet, even more with the results I obtained for her cat.

Is it okay to be wowed and amazed by such things? Can we find God in the laying on of hands and producing healing energy? Can animals really benefit from such things? Yes and yes and yes!

Dear loves the love and the energy is here to share and to spread. To give and to take. Do not feel selfish because you take. Do not feel superior because you give. It is all keeping with the flow and power of love. Giving and taking, sharing and sharing, passing it on. Us angels are wowed! We are amazed! You are the ones who are gifted with such ways and means to give to one another. For this we sing God’s praise. We have been here to witness the ways and means of love. We are wowed!

The Angels


Cool beans, we wowed the angels! Hear them singing!

Sending out healing energy,


Start Counting

Oh me, I did it again the other day… I discounted myself. I did it in reply to the question, what do you do? I started mumbling and fumbling for an answer; I started listing all of my part-time JOBS. I felt and sounded boring and of no consequence.

For heaven’s sake why do I feel like I can only talk about what I do to earn money. After all, the most important work, the work I do for the Lord, I rarely to never make money doing. However, those didn’t even make it on the list, as I poorly attempted to tell my new friend what I “do”. After all, isn’t what we do for, and out of love, the most important aspects of our lives? I seriously need to rethink and restructure how I answer that question.

Therefore, from now on, whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living my first answer is going to be, “I breathe.” Simply put that is what we all do for a living. Take a look at the following definitions…

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines the following:

Breathe– to live; to make manifest; inspire

Inspire– to breathe or breathe on; to influence, guide or move by divine inspiration; to communicate to or with an agent supernaturally

Inspiration– a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify them to receive and communicate sacred revelation or insight

Insight– the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or seeing intuitively

In addition, as one who hears/listens to the angels, these two definitions seem appropriate to add:

Intermediary– a go-between

Interpreter– translates or explains

Therefore, instead of discounting all of the wonderful things I do out of and for love, because that’s what really counts, I am going to proudly proclaim that I am an Inspiration!

Angels speak to us on this:

Dear ones, little lambs of love, you are divinely set in your places and as such all that you are, is important and right. Every little one of you is here for a reason. Each one in their place to offer to all more. More love, more love, more love. Moreover, in your divine role you are to know and feel secure in the love of God.

Think on the lovely ways of love. Feel them and watch them grow in your life.

Do not fret those things that you cannot do or be. Focus on all that you can do and are. You are wonderfully made and as such, you can do all things. All things for which you alone were designed and ordained.

Does it make any difference at all if you earn money for your efforts? You are given so much more than mere money when you are doing the real work of love. Keep to this path and know that you do not walk it alone. Your angels are always with you; guiding you, protecting you and loving you.

You have much work to do every day. Stay to the ways of love.

There are little ones, little lambs that need love and protection. You can give this to them. We are with you as you give. We will bless you in all of your endeavors.

Carry the little ones. Lift from them their burdens for you are strong. Your faith is building and becoming stronger every day.

Little loves carry on

The Angels


Each of us was designed to do what only we can do and then we are ordained (blessed) to do it. This is a wonderful assurance that we are each important and needed.

So what do you do for a living?

Love and Angels,


Why Wrestle

I continue to struggle and battle with myself. After all, who better to battle with? Should I wrestle with an angel? Better not, fore I know I would lose. No, it is much easier to war with myself. I am so good at it, that I practice it almost daily. My stamina is amazing as I can go at myself for hours on end; questioning decisions I have made, things I have done, and so much more. I am so harsh and hard on myself that some days I wonder how I survive. Then today, when I finally took a break from beating myself up, the came Lord and revealed himself to me.


John 15:16 says in brief:

“I have chosen you and ordained you.”


I have to ask, if God has chosen me and ordained me how can I be so hard on myself? I am chosen. I am ordained. Therefore, I can be assured that I am good enough for God and ordained for the work he has called me to do. Enough already! I no longer need to be hard on myself for not being something else, because I am not asked to be something else. I am asked to be me in the love and service of the Lord, as you are asked to be you.

Speak to us who are struggling with these issues dear angels:


We do come to speak to you and capture your hearts to hear and know the love of the Lord. For you to know that you were and are chosen to be a child of god. You must know this in your heart every day. You must know it in the very depths of your souls. To hear it and to know it in your mind is not enough. You must carry it down to your heart and allow it to take root in your soul.

There is no great mystery as to your ministry. It is a clear and simple direction to take each day and all tasks with love. To carry this love forward to all. To tell with your actions that very love that is given to you. Bestowed upon you in grace and in favor. You are a child of God. Go and be this. You struggle because the world says you must be important, you must be famous, you must be educated, you must be smart. Nay children you need only be you and love. You need only to spend your days giving love to others. In small ways, in large ways, in small ways not able to be seen by the eyes of the world. In matters of the heart it doesn’t matter the cost or the time or what you get from it. It is all of the weight of air. It measures nothing here upon this dense place. Yet, it is immeasurable in the heart of God. You must know that the love that is given you gives you all you need to reach out and do the work you are called to do. You must know that nothing is hidden from you to know or to be what you are called to be. So, fear not little ones be kind and loving. Hold fast to all that your heart knows.

Ah, little ones you did not stumble and fall. No, the wings and prayers of many held you up. Look more carefully, those are not bruises. They are marks of courage and depth of love. Brush off your tools and get back to work. You will see great results soon.

Ah, dear ones. Little lambs. Counting days, fretting away. Allow time to be undefined. Allow your schedule time to unwind. Give yourself permission to let go. Count nothing. No days. No time. No illusions of this or that. If for you can try, no try, no try just let yourself go. Go.

Last little one, this is for you. You came and read and said not for me. You were getting ready to go and instead you stayed. Hoping, praying some tiny word for you. This is for you. Yes! Yes, we know you are there and are praying for a word. A kind and gentle word. One word that would make you know and believe that this is real. That it really is real. That angels are here. And angels are near. And angels are gently in your life. What would it take for you to believe. One word. One prayer. One small treasure found. So, just like a green leaf on a dead tree signifies life. Your smile tells us you still believe tonight. Bear this one small test and you will see. Look and find blessings. The blessings are right THERE!

The Angels


Thank you dear angels for reminding us that you are near and want to speak us. This time with you is so precious. Furthermore, I am very thankful for the reminder from scripture that we are chosen; handpicked each one of us.

You were chosen to be here. You were chosen in love.



Healing of the Heart

I am sitting here on this breezy summer afternoon. Life should be as wonderful and as perfect as this day but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment. On the contrary, I have been struggling with some issues lately and I need to turn to God and the angels for answers and direction. I need healing of the heart.

I get my feelings hurt easily. I can be think logical about a situation and know, intellectually, that I have no reason to get my feelings hurt but I cannot easily shut off those feelings. I also  ruminate on things long after I should have let them go. However, I am quick to forgive and I don’t hold grudges; except with myself. I am very hard on myself and often feel that I should never make mistakes. I figure that an intelligent person like me should be able to function on a daily basis without putting her foot in her mouth. Yet, I find that the opposite is too often true.

I have been praying about these things lately and I have yet to find any solace; except for the solace that I find in prayer. My time of fellowship with God and the holy angels are a balm to my weary soul. Maybe you are in this same boat. I am going to go to scripture and the angels and ask for some assistance.

I was led to the book of Psalms. It was not immediately evident which one of the three portions of Psalms I was being led to, yet after reading I know it is Psalms 91. It is about the care and security of God. The full Psalms is of importance and I encourage you to read it. However, my heart focused on these verses:

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.

Psalms 91:14-16

Kings James Version


With God’s love set upon me, I know that I can love myself and others through any situation. It sounds so simple, yet it is never easy to go beyond our feelings to reach in and out in love. The first step in love is to love ourselves; because how can we offer love that we are not willing to receive. When we can receive love, then we can give love to others. I must already have love in order to give love. How wonderful to know that God loves me and wants me to have that love indwelling inside me so that I can share it with others. This is why I must also forgive myself. Holding grudges creates a barrier to love. In addition, when I accept God’s forgiveness and allow it to assist me to forgive myself then I can offer that same forgiveness to others. We can only give what we have. The true source of all things is God. So, I call upon God to give me all that I need to heal my broken heart, forgive myself and others, love myself and others and offer that same love to everyone I meet. This is a tall order, yet God can equip us for all things.

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are with you always. We come to show you the loving ways of our heavenly father/mother. We come to show you the love that is there for you and available to you at all times in all ways. You are much too harsh on yourself/selves. The time has come for you to let go of all these things that are weighing you down and not allowing you to move forward. There are so many things that you need to be doing yet you can’t with all of this weight of unforgiveness.

Dear ones we offer to you a way to know that you are loved. Our presence to you every moment of every day we bring this love and pour it over your life. It may seem at times that we are absent or that love is absent but it is not. We are ever present and with you. Selah.

To you dear one you are questioning everything that is happening in your life. Then you fear that your questioning will anger God and that he has had it with you. That he will cast you away because you ask. Never fear asking. Your questions allow God to see your heart. It opens you to his love and guidance. Imagine if there were no questions. Without questions, there would be no answers. Everyone wants answers. What you really fear is/ are the answer/s you don’t want to hear. Yet, know that all of the answers are brought to you on wings of love. You can be assured that your answers are coming. Do not fear asking them. With great love, they are heard. You do not need to struggle any longer. So many answers are coming for you.

 To another dear one, timid little mouse you are. You are hiding away from everyone. You fear rejection so you do not venture out. This is not the way you were meant to be. You are meant for great things. You must trust the path you are on, step up, and step out with all boldness. Let your talents be known to all. You are not as hidden as you believe to be, so come out and be you.

To all of the little ones we are coming closer in the coming weeks. So much is happening in the world. And many have been wondering where we are. We are hear, we are hear, we are hear.

To all love, love, love

The Angels


Thank you for spending time with God, the angels and me.