Girlfriend Hands III


What was I thinking

Painting my nails

Of course the polish smeared and chipped

Within minutes

By the next day

They looked really bad

But I had no time to fix them

A busy week each day they looked

Worse and worse

Hunting through the linen closet

I finally found the almost empty bottle of nail polish remover

It wasn’t enough- UGH

They looked even worse

I wanted to hide my hands

Hoping no one would notice

Chipped pink sparklily nail polish

Stuck on from Valentine’s Day

Screamed- UGLY

Looks can be deceiving because in reality

These are writer’s hands

Penning poetry hands

These are amazing

Sending out healing hands

These are artist hands

Creating visions and sensations hands

These are nourishing hands

Preparing body and soul food hands

I scrap and scratch the last few flecks

Desperate to remove the traces of pink

“Out, out great spot”

However unlike he

I only wish to reveal

The true stain of these hands

Which conjour up such amazing things

Love is in the mix of all of these


Judy Angelheart

2/17/18 Copyright and all rights reserved

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my poetry with you for national poetry month.

Yes, these are my hands, dried and weatherworn. We need to remember that looks really can be deceiving; the person is always more important than the appearances.

We are finally experiencing spring-like temperatures here which makes me very happy! Sending out warm healing energy to all of you.


Soft, Falling…




Just as I was falling off to sleep, it began, softly falling upon the roof. Odd because usually there is wind sweeping in first to indicate the coming of the rain, yet not last night as the first drops fell to lull me off to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night to the same soft e3b19e10ef517c261f8a829d692649c8rain; it comforted me to know it was still raining gently. Its music led me back into my dreams. This morning the light rain sung to me to sleep in yet I woke up just to hear her song of spring. After I was dressed, I left my room and went to let the mewing cat out. When I opened the door, the first morning light was just beginning to illuminate the day and birds were loudly serenading the dawn. The rain had stopped. Overnight the light falling, dancing rain had turned the world green; the lovely green that only is visible right after a rain. When all of the plants have filled their veins and are showing their full colors brought on by the sustaining, life giving rain.


I love the rain, especially the soft gentle rain. I hoped it would last all day, as it is my last day of spring break and I wanted to spend it with a mug of something warm reading a book. I can still do that, if I choose, I don’t need the rain as an excuse or reason.


Looking out the window, I am so thankful for the rain, the green, the spring when everything is waking up from its long winter nap. I am so thankful that my hubby and I did yard work all day Saturday, everything looks so neat and clean revealing all of those growing, green things!


Happy Green Spring!




PS: The angels say that we need to look for signs of beauty and love and focus on those things at this time. Right now that is easy for all around me I see beauty and love, lovely green and birds singing, love, love, love.



Spring: YEAH!

Warmer Days

Three Days



Be Gone!

It sure has been nice to go outside and enjoy warmer days!



Ever Land

I refuse to grow up or grow old. I consider myself a conscious and responsible member of the world. However, that doesn’t mean I have to grow up and lose my childhood enthusiasm, and since old is an attitude I am never going to let myself be old. On the contrary, I am going to keep a young attitude and a sharp wit. I am going to play all my days. I am going to stay busy watching worms wiggle and flowers grow.

Speaking of flowers, spring is coming! That might come as a surprise today, since most of the United States is being hit by a nice wintry mix of snow and icy rain. Yet, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes the blooming of flowers, which means my yard will once again be filled with buttercups and dandelions; two of my favorite flowers. What, I heard that. You can call them weeds if you like, but in my book, they are flowers worthy of admiration and safekeeping. Each year, my husband has to do a lot of convincing to get me to let him cut the yard with all its beautiful yellow wildflowers. One year he let me have my carpet of yellow for weeks before he felt that the neighbors would complain. Then and only then did he cut the yard, however, he did keep a nice patch of buttercups off to the side. He sure does know how to make a girl happy.


Like calling Dandelions weeds, it is often true with other things in our lives, things we think are bothersome or unpleasant; yet often they are actually blessings in disguise. God often brings us some of our greatest blessing in unexpected shapes and forms.

Therefore, we must be mindful, as we are culling things in our lives to ask God what needs to remain. We must also be careful to not allow anyone to persuade or dissuade us with their helpful advice.

As winter winds blow and howl all around you think to the spring. Know that the father has his hands upon the time and flow of all things. Do not fret and worry for all will be well. There are many things ready to bloom and swell. Wait upon the time with wonderful anticipation. Yet, waste no time in worrisome contemplation.

The things that you see and hear are sometimes more than you can bear. Yet, know that like the spring there are blessings waiting to grow.

And even when things seem bleak there is love hidden for those who seek. And all of the ugliness of this time will one day be covered with beauty.

We never mean to be trite, only to remind you that no matter your blight God knows of it too and is always there for you.

We wish we could change all things now but we can’t. You are more mighty and powerful for many of this. You have within the weapons you need. You have the lion’s heart.

Carry forward and on and take hold of each other, to uplift all.

The Angels


I love when the angels wax poetic. It may seem redundant and trite at times, but no apologies from me or the angels fore we believe in the power of love. Many blessings are waiting to come alive in our lives. Just like the many buttercups waiting for spring.

Thinking warm spring thoughts ready to awaken your heart and soul,


Left-handed scribe