Dry and Dusty


And their bright squadrons round about us plant;

And all for love and nothing for reward:

Edmund Spenser: The Ministry of Angels

From Angels a Joyous Celebration



Sometimes it feels like a slight case of the blahs, at other times it feels like a full-blown illness, however, most of the time it feels like walking across a long, hot desert with no watering hole in sight and no map to guide me.

This is not your average writer’s block, nor the muse having flown the coup, this is dried up, with nothing…

Yet, this is right where God and his holy angels find me.

Since I have been having such a long, dry spell; I decided that today I would challenge myself to get this blog put together and sent out in less than an hour. I am not a fan of rushing things but sometimes setting a time limit is a good way to get things done.

When my kids were little I used to set a timer and tell them that we were going to clean for ten minutes and challenge them to see how much they could get done in that limited time. They always loved racing to see who could get the most done.

A back-story:

On my birthday, a few weeks ago, I went to a used bookstore. I love books and I love bargains so a used bookstore is a great place; only a library beats it, because all their books are free (to read). I had not been in a used book store in quiet some time.

I found three fabulous books I gifted myself for my birthday and I spent less than ten dollars; SCORE!

The first one, Angels a Joyous Celebration, a compilation by Courage books, is a wonderful coffee table book with fabulous pictures and sayings about angels. After I got home, I realized I already own a copy, however, with a book this beautiful and about angels, having two is not a too much. The second book, Angels an Anthology of Verse and Prose, produced by Anness Publishing Limited, is a lovely book. The third book is, Seasons of Prayer in Word and Image by Kenneth Boa with photography by Carl Alan Smith.

Besides being wonderful books, my intention, since I have been in a desert wandering with no end in sight, was that I would use these books to jump start my writing or to at least share some of the verses, quotes and paintings. But that didn’t happen; until today (see beautiful picture and quote above.)

A little project:

I saw an article recently about a “Gratitude Jar” and thought that it was an awesome idea. Yet, since I like alliteration mine is called a “Joyful Jar.” I have being writing down things that I am thankful/joyful about every day. So far, I have done this each day and I have had more than one thing each day to write about. Such a small task is having a huge impact on how I view my blessings.

It feels good to have met my challenge:)

Love and angels,


PS: BIG NEWS Whisper of Angels is 5 years old today. I guess those angels wanted to make sure I got on here and saw this! Happy Anniversary to this blog!!!!!!

Postscript: My dry spell may have lingered, as far as writing my blog posts. However, I am happy to share that I faithfully kept my “Joyful Jar” going all year. Those little scraps of paper were a type of writing and they helped me to count my blessings every day. I highly recommend keeping one to lift you out of whatever type of dry spell or stressful time you might be going through.

Pain and Suffering

This post was written to give you some background information about me and to assist you in understanding the work I do.

Pain and Suffering:

I could write a book, and some say I should, because I live with pain every day of my life and I sure have known suffering. However, mine, as bad as it was or is at times, seems small in comparison to others pain and suffering.

Yet, I feel compelled to share with you a part of my story so that you can know me a little bit better.

I was abused as a child; primarily sexual abuse, although I also was emotionally abused. I don’t often share this, because in the past I have gotten one of two responses; either people have pitied me, “You poor thing.” or they have treated me like a leper; afraid that somehow I will contaminate them. Both of those reactions have left me feeling sad and sorry I ever opened up and said anything. Moreover, often these exchanges have then tainted and tarnished my relationships; like poison.

However, I know there are others who have suffered trauma and need healing. Therefore, the angels have compelled me to share my past in order to reach out and help you heal. They want you to feel safe to open up and allow healing to begin in your lives.

I want to share with you how God has worked in me and through me to assist me in forgiving the horrible things that were done to me throughout my childhood and beyond. Yes, I have forgiven every one of the people who did such horrible and mean things to me. I may never be able to forget them, although for many years the memories of my abuse were locked away in the deep recesses of my mind. It took some intense work to find those memories. You may be wondering, why I would want to unlock those memories and go back and relive them again. The answer lies in healing. Those locked away, hidden in the dark memories, needed to be brought out to the healing light of God. For that is how He works wonders and transforms lives from the inside out! Then with the assistance of the Holy Angels I was able to go back to the time and place of the trauma and rescue parts of my spirit that had been left behind. This is how we are made whole.

Besides doing the Angelic writings I have been tasked with doing this very emotionally wrenching work for others. I am privileged and humbled to do this work, to go back into someone’s past and bring a part of them home. I bring those lost parts of them to God, to be bathed in his light. Therefore, it is God and his Angels that do the real work of restoring the person. I asked why they need me to assist them in this work and I have been told because at those darkest times in someone’s life they will “see” and trust me because I am like them; we are the same; in our make-up and in our common suffering. I do this work under the guidance and extreme protection of God and his holy angels. This work is called Spirit Rescue.

I have had people ask me about this work and the Angelic writing; wanting to know if there are others that do the same type of work. I honestly don’t know but I am sure there are. Furthermore, there are probably some who have done it bolder and braver then I. And still others who are too afraid to do the work they are being asked to do. As for me, I have finally (I think) come to a time and a place in my life where I am doing this work openly and boldly to the Glory of God. To be honest some days I am so scared of the reactions and the rejection that I just want to say, nay yell, “NO!” Nevertheless, I won’t, not ever again, will I hide this work away. This is my ministry. A ministry filled with pain and suffering. Yet, also, a ministry filled with laughter and joy. So, no matter what, I will boldly stand and proclaim the love of God through the pain and suffering of his son Jesus, as he speaks to me (us) through the Angelic writings and I will go wherever I am led/sent to assist in healing people and making them whole.

I ask that you accept these writings as a gift. Please know that I am very human; I get overwhelmed, I get sad, I get afraid. However, I am called and I am here for you. I want to use this space to bring you messages from the angels and healing LOVE!


Angelic Scribe and Spirit Rescuer

The Sweet Aroma of Angels

I am sitting here eating kettle corn; a great combo of sweet and salty. It was made just right; not too sweet and not too salty.

Eating this treat reminded me of the angels and that I needed to do a writing. You might wonder, how does eating kettle corn remind her of angels. Well, it really is not the eating of kettle corm that reminded me but the smell of kettle corn. And the reason that would remind me of the angels is that they often come with a scent; and the scent is most often sweet. To me they often smell like sugar cookies. I’m sure this is why so many of us have a sweet tooth; because it conjures up memories of our times with and in the angelic realm. The angels know us so well.

I will let the smell of kettle corn take me there….

Dear ones we do come on gentle breezes and sweet aromas~ We come bidden and unbidden. We come to bring you love.

There is much cheering and celebrating, yet know there is great sadness too. Life is precious. It is always a gift to live, to breathe, to laugh, to cry. Most know this, so know that we cannot take the moments that we are given lightly. We may feel relieve, yet we should not rejoice in the suffering of others. We must be very careful to send love even to those who do us harm~ who hate us~ send love.

Now onto other matters~ higher matters. Great natural forces will always be at play. Raging storms that cannot be controlled but it is NOT a punishment. It is the natural order of all things. Not one precious one was lost without our God knowing~ not one. And as the earth and sky and water rocked again and winds blew, all seemed wrong yet know it was a natural thing. Let go the anger so the earth can heal.

So much, oh so so much going on in the world. How is one to know and how to go and to trust. Trust love and the leading and prompting of love.

Go children and give love, show love and live in love. So simple and yet so important. Yeah imperative at this time, at all times. 

For one right now they are really feeling lost and alone. Know we are with you. We see you and see the sea of green. You must know that we can touch you and comfort you. Allow us to begin the process of healing for you. You are not alone. We love you, God loves you and you have many others who you do not even know praying for you right now. Those who we have visited and put you upon their hearts. Some are even oceans away and yet they know your name. Many prayers.

There is one who feels there is no one to hold their hand. Reach it out and we will touch it. Yes, right now reach it out and feel a gentle touch upon your hand. With this know that you are not wrong about those other things. Hold fast and believe.

And to you quiet shy one. It is time for you to come out and shine. Let your little light become a beacon. Someone needs to see your light. You are much more important than you have given yourself credit for. Know this. And shine.

The Angels


The angels are with you, they are always with you. Please remember that if you are brought here, drawn here, that these messages are for you today. You are the one that they wrote this for. They knew you were coming, whether it is a day, or a month, or a year, or even many years later, they knew and renew these messages.

In these times, in all times, we need to send love. Please help in spreading the riches of love to all people. We must band together to assist the angels in this sending out and receiving of love.

Sending out love,


Live in Love

I love the title of this post. However, the idea of living in the realm of love may seem idealist and unobtainable, yet it is real and here all the time. The angels frequently speak about love and living in love. Therefore, you may find that when reading these messages they sound the same; they are similar. This is because a good message bears repeating and that we, as humans, need to hear things over and over for them to sink in. In addition, we need to hear them frequently so that we don’t forget. And since they are said in love about love we can only be thankful that the angels come to tell us about love over and over again.

Dear ones it does not matter how much you know or learn~ oh yes it is good~ and life enriching~ Yet dear ones it is important, yeah imperative that you live in love and thankfulness. In all things give thanks- at all times, for all things, for this is how to release the blessings of God and turn on the tap, the wellspring of God’s love that is waiting, is wanting to be poured out to you and for you. Yet not you alone but all in abundance, to all in abundance, for all in abundance. Oh loves, oh little loves we send to you, we bring to you all, there is No thing held back. All, all, all love and blessings to you. Rejoice in the love and joy of the Lord. Dance in the downpour of love. Sing praises. Shout. Sing and clap hands of joy and thanksgiving. Oh wondrous, wonderful love.

Angel Signature


Sending love and thankfulness to you and for you, and with you. May we join together in love and thankfulness for each other and all that we have. With this we can and will create great miracles upon this earth and throughout the universe; and live in the realm of love.



Get Small

There will always be natural disasters and other large-scale tragedies that make us feel utterly helpless. In the midst of the swirling confusion and immense destruction of the recent events in Japan, I went to the angels to ask them to speak to us about what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling.

Dear sweet angels speak to us; it feels as though the world is falling apart. There is so much loss and destruction. Give us words of wisdom.

Dear one there are always those times of great chaos and confusion~ where forces of this natural world quell up and take over~ Oh many decry it as punishment; a type of cleansing of the Lord of the wicked~ But no~ why do so many try to blame God for their misfortunes~ when it is by God all blessings flow~ Many say there is no large-scale good that happens~ no building up and lifting high in such a short time~ why oh why if we can have one can we not have the other~ A natural of nature is a large force which cannot be stopped~ Large, BIG, oh so big and huge and so much suffering now~ All ask and seek answers.

Yet in the midst of large tragedies God gets small~

He is in the tiny miracles~ of those saved, of those who draw closer, of those who get down on their knees and pray, pray, pray~ This releases the powerful forces of God’s love and provision~ Do not look for where God is not, look for where God is!

Angel Signature


There really is nothing I can add. They say it so plainly and simply. From God all blessings flow; it is constant wellspring. God is in the details, the small minuscule details. We must always look for where God is; for what you seek for, you shall find.

I send my thoughts, prayers, and the angels to the people of Japan and other areas that have suffered great natural disasters.


Dancing with the Angels

The angels are always near to us, wishing to minister to us with love and joy. Sometimes they wish to dance with us. Yes, dance with us~ they are ever wanting to bring us to higher realms filled with love and laughter. In the words of one of my favorite songs; I hope you dance!

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! We are here~ constantly here with you and around you. We come to bring you all that you need and more, fore the universe is an abundant place where nothing is lacking. We know sometimes you find it difficult to find what you need, it seems far away/out of grasp or it seems hidden or like a puzzle piece is missing.

Know that is an illusion~ it is there and all you need to do is ask for the revealing of it to SEE what it is you need to see~ THERE right there. Just like that~ look at that word and see how HERE is part of there. Please do not be troubled or dismayed, it is fun to find- looking can force one to move or to sit still~ to look~ to search~ to puzzle. Now that you do see how and where your blessings are and they are abundant enjoy~ Enjoy loves~ enjoy.

Yes, yes, yes, yes… we want to dance with you loves. Let go of your need to know and find and just come dance with us. The time is now for you to be light, be free, and dance. Take the time to dance. 

Angel Signature

This is a short, yet powerful message. It is awesome to think that we have what we need already here and available to us. May you find your blessings today.

I would also like to remind you that just because it is already possible, it doesn’t make it any less of a miracle. I take this space and this opportunity to thank God for the miracles in my life and in yours.

Dancing with the angels,


Come join us!