One Simple Thing

Angelic Message:

Dear ones, oh dear sweet ones. We reach out to you, to so many of you as you work to restore so much. The storms have rolled through. We want you to know that no matter how small or how large the loss, we are there with you. We do not measure values as you do, we see hurting hearts. We feel your sorrow and pain. Yet whenever you go through these times you are strengthened and conditioned to weather new storms. Also, it adds vision to your eyes to see the needs of others around you. Dear ones know we care and want to see all of your possessions restored- all abundantly. Seek out those who are hurting, who have lost more or who have lost something that can’t be replaced. Everyday those pains need healing. Find those~ reach out. One simple word or touch can mean so much. And be keenly aware that there are many in your midst that hurt; they have pains you will never know or see. Allow your heart to feel and be open. Oh dear ones, many, many are so close by- be gentle to each other for if you knew, if only you knew but you don’t need to know all of their story to feel the need nor do you need to fill all of it, just do your part to put something in and not tear anymore apart. Ah sweet like honey to the soul; soothing and healing like a balm.

Angel Signature

Blessings and prayers out to those who have been hit by the hurricane. In our area we had an earthquake, a huge forest fire, tornadoes and a hurricane in one week. What awesome power nature possess. I pray you and your family are safe. We are here.

The angels have been pushing me. My doubts and fears must be overcome to get these messages and the angelic artwork out there. If you want to learn more about the messages and/or the artwork please contact me. I would love to share and have you be blessed by what they have to offer.



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