Art for Angels Sake

Again I am being asked to define the angel writings in their artist form.

I have resisted it being called art because I resisted being called an artist. At one time I resisted being called a poet/writer. I resist because I am uncomfortable with the titles. If I am tagged as something, then I must reach a certain standard or fit a certain definition. I haven’t felt comfortable with those titles and still struggle with them. However, they call it art, so I am an artist. So speak on art dear angels.

Dear ones what is art but things expressed from the heart. True art reflects true love. A love imbedded in your soul and expressed through works. It is that simple. Why you feel that you need to defend yourself is beyond us. We called you and you followed the call. We asked and you answered. It is that simple. So, now the trick is to keep going. To keep expressing for us the ways and means of love. To take it to a larger and larger circle.

So dear ones we ask you to live in your art. To express which you love in a colorful and expressive way. To not be afraid of the love that you feel and to share it. Share love. Give love. Bring love. Build love. Dear ones this is such an important component of your everyday existence. To be artistic. Everything around you is art. Everything around you is love. Go and be expressive. Go and share.

Angelic Signature

Thank you dear angels for your short and simple message about art. I am growing more comfortable with the tittle of artist. I still struggle. I hope that one day I may not feel so uncomfortable in these clothes. That one day the fabric will soften and become as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. In the meantime, I continue doing the writings, the art, all done for love, for the angels and our Lord. And to be shared with you 🙂


Angel Scribe



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